Thursday, August 30, 2012

#382 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Tiny hand-of-mischief demon resting behind my head

A video made two days ago during a period of high demonic activity shows a tiny, four-fingered hand, otherwise called a hand-of-mischief demon, that is, apparently, resting behind my head, and where my actual hand should have been:
My ears do not span four fingers high
A hand-of-mischief demon moves so fast that it's rarely seen, except in the occasional video still frame, as shown in [link]; and, they can appear, it seems, at any point in the air around you—not just through the floor or wall like all other demons I've seen so far (with the exception of the ones that run really fast for a few strides and then vanish into a glowing ash of a dot). What they do is grab at towels, dishes, cellphones, feet, arms, elbows, knees, heads or anything other thing that, when in certain kinds of motion, must be controlled carefully, and then redirect things moving in a hazardous direction, or set them moving in same.

These demons are probably not just a hand and an arm, even though that's all you can see, when you see them. They are likely the dwarfish-imp variety of demon, which basically looks like a cartoonish midget. These used to make very frequent appearances at my old apartment on Julian Street, uninvited, and only at a specific and inappropriate time.

This is likely the same kind of demon described (and shown) in VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time.
In one video, a tiny, misshapen hand appears out of nowhere and deflects the path of my hand, which I had to just used to scratch my leg, and was then pulling it back to my side (download from MediaFire [516.32 KB]).
Also, this is not the first video related to the supernatural and my hand. In a video made last year, my hand flies off my arm in order to grab my cellphone as it rested on the floor, right before a demon gets to it (see VIDEO TIMELINE | "Thing").