Thursday, September 20, 2012

#407 - VIDEO | Second "Demon in the Dark" video proves demonic possession

Most times—if not always—I post to this blog while being screamed at by half-a-dozen voices demons, burned in (not on) the fingertips by sucker demons and in the eyeballs by a centurion-like demon, as well as on the scalp by same. Apparently, the pay-off is substantial enough for them to make this effort (or, so they say); and, for my efforts, I believe the same (even though I would opt for a safer, less painful venue, if one were available).

Nevertheless, under these circumstances, my posts are continually updated after the intial posting to correct the many mistakes that creep in them, including missing explanations, bad video or photos, and the like. Consequently, you should return often in the event that something that wasn't explained well the first time around in a post was clarified later in a subsequent revision.

In a video clip made early this morning, the red face of a fanged demon superimposes itself over my face, an effect similar to that shown in the original Demon in the Dark video, in which my face appears to turn green before morphing into something demonic:
The red face of a fanged demon superimposes its face over mine early this morning, which is shown in a new video clip, below A green-faced demon with dentures(?) appears to overtake my person long enough to communicate with another, apparently invisible demon also inside the room
Although this latest video clip is virtually the same as the original, it does offer two new pieces of information that sheds more light on this phenomenon; specifically:
  1. The level of lighting determines whether the subject's face or the demon's face appears most prominently; and,
  2. A demon's face becomes more visible and attains more detail if close enough to a surface reflecting light (the reason for how this really works is provided in SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained).
These facts, when combined with things I know and have seen throughout this ordeal, all mean one thing: I'm possessed.

For improve the clarity of the demon face, the still frame shown above was adjusted for color and sharpened per the instructions provided in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like); however, the source video is being provided in advance of similar enhancements, now pending, for authenticity purposes, and to demonstrate and prove the two aforementioned facts:

[post-processing is still underway; check back later today or early tomorrow]

In one portion of the video, you can see the demon talking to another demon, just like Demon in the Dark; however, just like in Demon in the Dark, you cannot see the other demon. Having seen two demons performing the same act in both videos, I am drawing the conclusion that a demon possessing a human must poke its' head out of said human first in order to talk to another demon.

The demon has to do the same to speak to a human; and, as for the human it possesses, a mirror in very dim lighting, surrounded by chroma-filled air, projects the demons face onto the mirror in the place of the human's face.
NOTE | Today, I spoke to the demon shown in the video, albeit only briefly (after all, one just wouldn't make casual conversation with the guy throwing the switch on one's electric chair).
The Tuzzo (demonic possession) business targets victims in their childhood years
Now that it's clear that I've got demons, it's now equally clear that demonic possession was nothing more than an eventuality from the start of my life. Since at least the age of 5, I have been "a customer of the Tuzzo business," lingo for possession targets.

The Tuzzo business, it would seem, is the ancient art of preparing a human for an ideal demonic possession—no frothing at the mouth, head-spinning, and so on—which is different than what a demon would experience if it found a human on its own and possessed it by itself [for more on Tuzzo and the industry of preparing humans for ideal demonic possession, read Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession].

This is very important to a demon, in that, not only are some of the most common problems solved as they stem from demonic possession of humans, but, according to the Tuzzo Voices Demons, allows the demon to more fully experience life as an incarnate being of the third-dimension.

Of course, what the demon gains, the human loses; and, what the human loses, he pays for upfront and afterwards. That's because the methods the Voices Demons employ for prepping a human for possession, or their "program of recalcitrance to the lord god Tuzzo," amounts to nothing but torture, psychological conditioning, constant emotional blackmail and stalking and harassment [see AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment], forced surgeries, including on the brain itself, and physical assaults [see, for example, Sucker demon sent to punish caught on video].

Even worse, is that this "program" is started in children as early as age 5, and is done right under the nose of parents (see Demons exploit children's fear of the dark and monsters and physical abuse by parents). For example, some childhood nightmares are not nightmares at all, as is described of my personal experience with demons as a child in VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark; they even induce some parents to physically abuse their children, which causes the requisite susceptibility to a specific kind of behavior modification employed by the Voices Demons to prepare a human for possession).
NOTE | To this day, the Voices Demons precipitate acts of violence against me by first announcing their intentions using the description of the type of abusive punishment I received as a child (for more, read Demons mock childhood abuse prior to committing acts of violence); moreover, at least two of their "staff" I recognize from my childhood, including one demon that orchestrates and/or participates in acts of terror to this day [related videos and more information are available in VIDEO TIMELINE | Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and VIDEO | 'Spectre Illuminated by Glare from Lamp' resurfaces as matching drawer handles.
The Voices Demons have made the following statements, on average, at least 10 times a day:
  • There's no business like the Tuzzo business.
  • We're #1 in the Tuzzo business.
  • Customer satisfaction is #1 [in that, when we're done with you, we are going to kill you].