Monday, August 11, 2014

VID | Sucker Demon Flys Through Rafters

Yesterday evening, in the laundry room of the Little Orchard Homeless Shelter, I captured on video another white sucker demon (as I call them on this blog), flying overhead just above the ceiling rafters; it can be seen in the upper left corner of this still frame:

A white sucker demon flys above the rafters of the laundry room's ceiling (at Little Orchard Homeless Shelter)
In the video, the sucker demon is only visible for a split-second; but, there's enough shown to establish its path, which is, of course, right for me:

The sucker demon is nearly identical to the video clip showing this same variety of demon exiting a light rail car, which was made about three years ago, as seen in VIDEO | Sucker Demon Boards VTA Light Rail Car.

This particular variety of sucker demon is fairly uncommon these days, the last one having been seen (by me) over almost a year ago or more. The first white sucker demon was introduced in a blog post over two years ago, in which I described what happens when you drop a refrigerator on one [see Sucker Demon].

It was shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demon Flys into Apartment, in which the sucker demon arcs through the air, just behind my back, as I turn away from the camera to leave the room.

Since that time, white sucker demons have been a part of a firefight between me and demons [see Sucker Demon Slinks Over Lamp During Fight; see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Flying Sucker Demon Slinks Over Lamp] and have invaded The Watergarden [see VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video].