Saturday, January 21, 2017

MEDIA | Online radio show host invites guest appearance

A recent invitation to be a radio show guest by independent broadcaster, Rodney Shortridge, co-host of BlogTalkRadio's Within the Chaos, suggests that I just might make a "difference in my day" (that's demonic idiom for improving your life while under dire circumstances) without imposing a crippling blockade (pardon the pun) on the rest of the world just to spite the handful of misfits hellbent on "making a point."
NOTE | What blockade? Who are these misfits? See Desperate demons make desperate maneuvers; Desperate demon people make desperate maneuvers; AIDS | Hospitalized by demonic retaliatory strike for power blockade; BIBLE | Christians, victims reeling from demonic activity aftershockAIDS | Demons/people rail against power blockade; see also blockade.
The invitation came via LinkedIn, where a substantial portion of my 660 connections are full-time paranormal investigators and the like:

An invitation for a guest appearance on a radio show by independent broadcaster, Rodney Shortridge, co-host of BlogTalkRadio's Within the Chaos
Preparations for the show have been underway on both ends since the invite. Recently, Mr. Shortridge sent copies of the ads that will introduce my guest appearance:
These will be posted to the Within the Chaos site sometime prior to the show airing live on February 2nd at 10:15 PDT.

Although I presented a multitude of what I consider highly interesting topics for the show to choose as talking points, I look forward to the possibility of advancing one of the show's primary topics, namely, cryptozoology, most of all. For any given fabled creature, I may have images or videos, or have met one of its kind (although I'm sure that won't rest the issue as to whether a fairy tale is true or not based on anything I say or show).

Following is the list of proposed topics so far, as relayed to Mr. Shortridge via LinkedIn messaging:
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