Sunday, August 2, 2015

BIBLE | Christians, victims reeling from demonic activity aftershock

It looks like I've neglected to mention that, even after the cessation of the hellraising drug, crystal methamphetamine—which only works by and through me as such—I tend to produce aftershocks (if you will) or waves of heightened periods of demonic activity for a time. Although they come and go in spurts, they can be somewhat regular, lasting only a few days, but recurring over a period of several months. It can be quite awhile, then, before that door from which demons come closes to a degree sufficient enough to preclude the heinous acts many of them have made an industry out of committing.

Most demons involved in things Nazi-esque usually run out my clock, so to speak (or, wait me out), whenever I make a declaration of sobriety (most recently called a power blockade by yours truly), knowing that, even if I do somehow get dry, they'll still enjoy multiple, continued opportunities to conduct business as usual; and, they also know that, even though those opportunities will eventually cease, I'll probably relapse before then, thereby opening the door anew.

For the past ten years, they've been right; but, in spite of that consistency, demons have always erred on the side of caution, investing only so much time and devoting so many resources with the expectation of a one-shot chance and possibility of a return no larger out of the time they've been granted greater power.

That is until recently. Perhaps A.A.'s mantra that one is "powerless over their addiction" sank into the heads of demons, or perhaps it's just that I appear to them to be without self-control and prudence, but demons have clearly anticipated continued power and access as provided through me, based on evidence of an ever-growing, demon-borne societal infrastructure that takes more than one shot to build and maintain and use.

That means it's time to get serious, and time to pull the plug for real. So, hopefully, this post is one of the very last ones that will ever describe a "period of high demonic activity," except for the occasional aftershock—the topic of this post.

Speaking of which, this post describes some of the activity that occurred during this most recent aftershock, which has lasted for about three days, and which is now at its peak right as the moon is in perigee. It's a small one, and was preceded by near-total powerlessness on the part of demons for a couple of weeks.
NOTE | That's not an indication of how things are going to go; it's just what happened, and what I observed.
That brief period of quietness led me to hope for a quick end to demonic mayhem—a hope that was recently dashed by yet another spate of picture-posting by the plastic-wrap wearing lady I've mentioned on this blog before [see UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals], and by other outward signs in my neighborhood, which are also indicators of demonic activity (in that they happen altogether, and only when demons are afoot):

This man has one thing right: he's a victim of something......but, his facts are a mixed up; it's a demon problem—nothing more, nothing less
You'll note that I've implied that these aftershocks are usual, and so are the reactions by persons afflicted by them; so, why mention them at all?

Well, my dad might be having some problems with it, and that's unusual (not so much the having of problems, but the fact that they were mentioned to me). Before I talk about that, though, let me explain the particulars of my family dynamics that are relevant for your consideration.

My dad's side of the family and my mom's side of the family are completely separate. Anything that I've mentioned about my family on this blog so far has only been about my mother's side of the family. So, any opinion you've formed from things you've read here about my family should be discarded completely when reading about my dad or his side of the family. Dad is a new topic, and should be treated as such, entirely.

That having been said, here's the exchange between us text message-wise as I walked to church this morning:

Out of the blue text messages cause worry in a seasoned demoniacNonetheless, I'm surprised at how schooled I am in the problem......particularly on a spiritual (and practical) level
I think he might be masking some trouble he's been turning this into a religious Q & A......which is fine—this is a terrifying problem to admit to

This part is about ghosts, which I know so little about, and have had so little contact with
You should read these texts thoroughly; they probably answer questions you have yourself, and they undoubtedly pose and answer questions you should have yourself.