Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PHOTO | Chroma-saturated demon look-alike caught on surveillance video

What was so scary the morning I caught the curious eye of a chroma-saturated demon on my cellphone videocamera, which was transmitting images through my router and to my laptop from outside, is that the demon looked like me.
Screen capture taken on March 28th, 2012, at 5.08 AM
Aside from giant irises and a huge scar running down its forehead, this demon is pretty much a look alike (see lower left corner). If I hadn't been sitting at my computer at the time (see right side of screen), I might have thought it was.

This photo isn't the only evidence of demons (somewhat) duplicating people. For example, there are:
  • Mirror demons, one of which guessed wrong as to how many fingers I was going to throw out in a game not dissimilar to the game Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman played in, "Almighty Bruce."
My thumb is up and my hand is straight in the dress mirror, but there is no thumb showing in the bathroom mirror, and the hand is angled differently; the heads are in two totally different positions
  • Döppelgängers, as shown in Two of Me, in which I appear to morph into two slightly different versions of me.
Although only slightly different, my face morphs twice, each at the same rate,
both within minutes of each other (and never again in any other video)
It is not unheard of for a demon to look like a man, such as the law library attacker, who is shown in both the attack video and in a photo it accidentally took of itself:
From Demons Attack at Law LibraryA photo accidentally made by this demon as he
perused my cellphone in January, 2012
Just describing the two key differences between a demon who looks like a man and an actual man, won't seem to add up to much; but, those two things make all the difference in the world when seen in person. They include the skin (its color) and the eyes (much larger than human eyes, tend to glow a bit, and have giant irises)