Saturday, December 27, 2014

METHOD #3 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Aberrating image positives and negatives

I've been busy staring at my screen day-and-night, playing with GIMP scripting to automate the process of applying the scientific imaging methodologies discussed in this post and elsewhere for finding hidden demons in digital media. Of course, the problem of constant violence on the part of demons notwithstanding, there's the problem of making discoveries so fascinating, that I can't part my eyes from them long enough to post much.

Because of the three methods introduced on this blog so far, even I, as one who has seen much, am enraptured; you would be, too, if you could sit behind me and watch. I hope to pass that experience on to readers as soon as I can—that is, if I, my equipment, and the digital media sources survive.

Tonight, after a tip-off by the Voices Demons—the very same who claim responsibility for deafening Scratchen—I overlapped two blended still frames in Photoshop randomly selected from a video made during this latest period of high demonic activity, and then slid the top frame up, down, left and right, finding demons hiding everywhere and in everything.

What's even more interesting, is that as you slide the frame past the point you first saw a given demon, it often morphs into a new one:

The white-bearded elf-like demon on the bottom left evolves into a little-old-lady type as the top copy of the video frame is shifted upwards (shown in the video, below)
The following video shows my very first discovery using a still frame of that very kind, as I slide one copy over the second:

The video shows how it was done in Photoshop, albeit not very thoroughly; eventually, it will be updated to show more sliding overlapped frames pairs, highlighting of demons found, and detailed instructions for doing this yourself.

Watch the circled locations as the video plays
While well on my way to developing a similar technique, which would have consisted of blending two overlapping, stretched still frames—the same used to create chroma-masked video, minus the stretching—a Voices Demon suggested that I hold the arrow key I was only nudging a still frame layers; half-knowing what she was going to say, I was already holding the down-arrow, watching once-scattered chroma melt into the shape of the demon emitting it. The result is what you see above.
NOTE | The face of the entity on the left side of the above-demonstrated still frame changes drastically, multiple times as the top frame moves upward, similarly to the face of the scarf demon shown in VIDEO | Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly, whose face can be seen changing at least once every 30th of a second as the scarf he possessed flapped in the wind.
Results reproducible in every frame showing demonic activity
Chroma must be all demon bodies—not just some kind of irradiated snow. If you see a cloud of red, green and blue snow in the air, that's likely thousands upon thousands of different demonic entities, overlaying and intertwining with each other. That is the only explanation for finding a demon in every frame of every video made during a period of high demonic activity—and in which chroma is present. Here's a second video showing a single frame from the same video; like the first, it was chosen at random, yet even the thumbnail shows two entities very clearly: one wearing a green-pointy hat (left),and a giant-redheaded one (right):

Follow-up e-mail to paranormal investigators, researchers
A follow-up e-mail was sent to the same paranormal investigators and researchers who, a few weeks ago, were contacted about another discovery related to the application of scientific imaging to digital media, introducing them to this latest:
A few weeks ago, I e-mailed you about ways to find hidden demonic and other entities in your digital media, and sent you a link to my blog, showing a real-world scenario in which the principles of scientific imaging were used to uncover a little three-foot tall, blue-scaled demon, standing in my bedroom doorway. The original footage showed nothing but a dark, empty doorway until I screened the blue channel of the RGB video in the way described in the related blog post:
A blue-scaled demon, hiding in the doorway
You may not specialize in (or prefer) anything related to the demonic—who would? But, the fact of the matter is, it's a reality that's all around you, and pervades much, much more of your life than you can possibly know; and, when it comes to demons, what you don't know can and will and does hurt you.
So be in-the-know—or, least be prepared to be in-the-know; it's only prudent to acknowledge what you see in front of your face, and take whatever action makes sense.
To that end, I've continued working on ways anyone and everyone can find demons in their home or elsewhere, and have come up with three decent methods which employ nothing more than an iPhone 5s and GIMP (or Photoshop); now, no one has any excuse—especially persons who purport to be employed as or skilled in a vocation and field parallel to the demonic socio-exobiological sciences.