Thursday, July 6, 2017

Criminal complaint for sexual battery filed against soul-stealing groper, civil complaint also filed

A criminal complaint for sexual battery was filed today against Charles Langley, the man who I accused of groping me repeatedly at his L.A. apartment in May in VIDEO | What it takes to win a soul back from the Devil:

A complaint for sexual battery was filed with the San Jose Police Department on July 6th, 2017, against L.A. resident and former Hoosier native, Charles Langley
Although the incident occurred in Los Angeles County, the complaint was filed at the San Jose Police Department:

Because the complaint must be filed in person—and the battery took place in L.A.—it was taken as a courtesy by SJPD on behalf of the LASO
Once the reporting officer completes his report, he will then forward it to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, who will then take over any handling of the complaint, which could (and likely will) result in the arrest of the suspect, Charles Langley:

Charles Langley is accused of five separate incidences of unwanted touching of a sexual nature
Jennifer Brock Marien was identified as a witness to the unwanted touching (battery) and the assaults (apprehension by threat of unwanted touching) preceding them.

A civil case was filed on July 19th in the Superior Court of California: