Friday, September 14, 2012

#403 - VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains)

Within the past few months, dragons have become more and more the theme of demonic art, especially over the past several days, when the new moon brought its usual hobgoblin demons, known for their blanket demons and tree art and the like:
A dragon's head made out of tree branches A flying dragon made from twisted curtainsA perched dragon made from a tree trunk
Two days ago, hobgoblin demon-generated dragon imagery appeared in two videos made during the period of high demonic activity at that time. First, in a video made while on an early morning walk, a dragon's head was created using tree branches; then, in a video made at another Santa Clara residence, a flying dragon created from a pair of twisted curtains:
A dragon's head made out of tree branches A flying dragon made from twisted curtains
The culprit behind the flying dragon-curtains
In one of the still frames, the culprit—an angry, skull-faced demon of miniature proportions—was revealed:
A skull-faced demon, wearing a black cloak, arranged curtains into the shape of a flying dragon
Symbols synonymous with hobgoblin demon attacks
I would not have made the connection, per se, but, victims of hobgoblin demon attacks are inundated with symbols that are few in number, but found in a multitude of things (more on symbols at Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts; see also Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences).

Dragon theme began earlier this year
This is not the first time a dragon has been found in a video clip made during a demonic attack, as was first discussed in SCIENCE | Peering into the fourth dimension of overlapping space, and is seen in this still frame:
The original still frame, showing a dragon with outspread wings, made from a tree trunk (neck and torso), shrubbery (wings), and light passing through the branches (head) A copy of the same still frame, color-enhanced and sharpened to increase the distinction between the natural elements in the scene and the representation of the dragon
The elements that make up the image of the dragon, when the camera is not in motion or in sepia color mode
The address of the house in which this dragon appeared is 666 South First Street, in San Jose, which was first mentioned in Neighbor's house number is 666—the Mark of the Beast.

Dream of dragon preceded its use in demonic art
The only other time I've seen a dragon in relation to the demons I now face was in one dream. In that dream, I was back home again in Indiana, accompanying a man who was clearly in a hurry, as he shouted for me to get in his truck. I just stood there for a second, trying to get my bearings, as I had just suddenly appeared at the passenger door a few seconds earlier, not knowing how I got there or where I was. Right after he said this, I heard an explosion and saw a flash of light.

So, I jumped in his truck, and off we went down a street I am familiar with from my childhood to a natural gas company known for a giant, round blue tank that sits near the road. It's the only structure on that southeast side of Indianapolis that stands over six stories tall:
The battle with the dragon happened at Beech Grove Natural Gas Company; Refined Metals Corporation, a neighboring company, was cited by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 for polluting the area
On the way, a conversation with the man revealed that the demons had finally launched their long-planned attacked, and people were fighting them. There was no army or law enforcement of any kind in the scene. (I was encouraged to find that gas and working automobiles were still available, though.)

Before I was able to get anymore information or make further observations, the truck had swerved onto a dirt road leading to the tank, and skidded to a halt right before a locked gate. We jumped out after he unsuccessfully trying to pry the gate open. He grabbed a long rifle from behind the seat, before looking up at the sky in wide-eyed terror.

A hot flame jetting across the sky made me do the same, where I saw a large, very slow-moving, very quiet dragon gliding smoothly through the air. Like a water snake in a pond, it slithered to the right when it turned, and in a very unaffected, non-chalant way. Occasionally, anger would creep over its face right before it'd open its mouth to throw fire. Otherwise, it seemed very unaware of the mayhem it caused the people beneath him.

Then, that was it for that night, and was the end of dreams with dragons (even though that story does pick up in other dreams).

Demonic tree art responsible for destroying the unique beauty of San Jose
When I first moved to the Bay Area, I couldn't shut up about how beautiful it was to people back in Indiana; and, I'd say that the only thing I mentioned the most was how well-landscaped everything was. The greenery was lush, and classy.

It stayed that way until sometime recently, when I noticed that the trees don't look full and healthy, and that the well-selected type of shrubbery that once had graced every street and sidewalk (like rosemary and lavender) had been replaced with odd, ugly flower plants that bloom once a year, and only for a week or two at a time.

In short, what made the Bay Area beautiful was taken from it, even though I couldn't explain it. Well, at least not until I made the connection between the sickly trees and what is being done to them by demons.

Examples of local tree art by demons
In Demons sculpt tree into skull, use street lamps for eyes, the branches of a tree were manipulated into the shape of a skull, that you could see from a vantage point on the train platform; it even used two streetlights for a pair of glowing eyes:
A tree was sculpted into the shape of a skull near the San Fernando VTA Light Rail station
Other demonic works of tree art (and the culprits behind them) are shown in the following posts:
One culprit behind at least some tree art is shown in a video in VIDEO | A Tree Demon, and appears to be made out of a kind of metallic body armor that glistens in the sun like the broadside of a leaf.

Other demonic artwork
Other demonic artwork is discussed and shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Face of the Spectre of Death; the culprit behind that is shown in Demonic 'art' passé de mode.