Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VIDEO | A Tree Demon

A new video clip shows a tree demon materializing within the tree it possesses. About 8 seconds into the video, it appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Although partially hollow—just like the a tree—it still looks like a muscle-bound robot. When it appears, it looks to the right, then the left, and then right again before the camera pans away from it.

In the following preview of the video, you can barely see the tree demon:
For better viewing, download the original video, which is enlarged by a factor of two.

Gang-stalkers' ties to demons now definitive

Update on August 14th, 2012
I just transcribed the account of a man who stole my car, only to have it taken from him by demons. Basically, demons scared him to death, and told him not to worry about the money he and his gang stole from me earlier, and that they were going to take care of that problem for him.

At the time, I didn't know demons and their people were involved; but, six years later, I found out for myself that, when he eluded to the fact that a whole town of possessed people were involved in crimes like theft, he wasn't just whistling Dixie.

San Jose is owned and operated by demons.
SEE ALSO | The remainder of the recordings, and an explanation of the auto theft and the way it was handled by the police, can be found in The Sunnyvale Knock web site, which is downloadable at The web site that launched the demonic war.

The proof that the gang-stalkers that attacked in 2006 were tied to demons was scant until two days ago, when the man known as David, who left the voicemail heard at the end of Night of the Gun Chase, was heard on video talking to a demon that wanted him to lend his mouse to use with the laptop the hobgoblin demon-possessed woman borrowed from me.

Previously on this blog, I posted recordings in which some gang-stalkers merely eluded to demonic involvement, and which was only evident if you already know that demons were involved.

One recording that hasn't been yet posted is of one of the gang-stalkers, who had just been introduced to Tuzzo people—or people who are affiliated with demons. In it, he describes the way they come up on people, which is by scaring them by repeating things their demons have seen and/or told to them to say:
NOTE | My end of the conversation is not recorded; as a result, there are significant gaps in the conversation. Be patient; the relevant portions are worth the wait.
Following is a transcript of the part where Jon tries to describe his encounter with people possessed and empowered by demons. He is one of the gang-stalkers who stole everything, and I am on the phone trying to get my stolen car back, which he and Josh had taken the night before. Although I didn't know it at the time, Josh must have took off with the car, leaving Jon high-and-dry. When Jon went looking for him, the demon people called Tuzzo must have intercepted Jon's attempts, and warned him off in a way that I am all too familiar with—through the sheer terror that only demons can bring.

At the time, I thought he was stalling while my car was being chopped up somewhere. Now I realize he was absolutely terrified, and that he had just learned that his good friend, Josh, was associated with demons, and that their friendship had come to an end.

I was so frustrated during this call, as I thought it to be just a routine auto theft by a bunch of nuts; but, as Jon eludes to at the end, they knew everything about my stolen money, and intended to play a role in that, plus other things, in the future (which they did). They also knew stuff about him, and used that information to intimidate him, as he intimates in his recounting.

This recording is invaluable in proving that a horde of demons and their followers were at work in my life, and the lives of others in the Bay Area in 2006. It explains everything that has happened since then. Now, in 2012, the problem is so pervasive, I can easily say that 90% of the people I see at any given moment have ties to demons when in San Jose.

Here's the transcript:
Like, he has more pull than I thought, I don't know. I guess... I gotta talk to him. I don't know!
I can't explain it, bro. Like, the only way I can explain it is, like... It's like going to church and, like, feeling like you're safe and everything and, like, knowing your pastor and knowing everybody else, right? And, then, never, ever being scared in those situations; but, yesterday, I just had a twinge of, like,  these people don't hurt people, ever; but, they're... Huh?
They're... They were just... I don't know. Like... I just got a strange feeling from people who don't, like, have anything to do with anything in my life other than, like, normal contact in the community. They don't anything about my life, like, personally; I don't spend time with them solo. You know, I acknowledge them [in passing]—you know, not because of, like, organized crime or anything—because it was like, "Hm! There's the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker!" You know, folks about town. And, um, I'm trying to figure that out myself. I know that, like, um, sometimes, you know, judges and lawyers have, like, fraternal societies when they're in, like, college and stuff; but, I'm, like, Phi Si, bro. I'm Phi Si. I mean, like, when we're in Cabo San Lucas, having our little gathering-togethers—our little fraternity shit, you know, it felt like the movie, "The Skulls," once or twice; but, this was, like, way different than that—like, not on a Mason level. I don't know. I felt like I was being talked to by a brother. I was, like, you've checked my pulse before [and] taken my blood pressure. Why are you telling me what to do? Um, they left me kind of shaken about it; and, so I was just supposed to... I'm actually not supposed to make this call; but, I mean, until Josh is done with whatever he's supposed to be doing as far as, um, his...his lifestyle. I mean, I don't know if Josh is, like, a part of that whole thing with them, or if he's just protected by them, and he's doing his own thing and he doesn't want this to wash up on me or to wash up on him or something. Because, I mean, I wasn't cowering in the corner, but, you know, like, I left with the feeling, um...um, alright, I won't fuck with that, and let him fuck it up himself; or, I won't fuck with that. I'm sorry, I'll let you guys handle the clean-up yourselves. Meaning like, from even meeting us. Like, maybe that was what it was. Like, [they said], "Don't worry about fixing James' bank accounts, ever, um, and, like, helping him out with other stuff he lost. Like, it'll be taken care of quicker, and, just let it get cleaned up, and let this man get on with his life." Well, then, why would you let Josh run amok. And, that's none of my business. So, I'm supposed to... They played a message that was, like, uh, in Josh's voice, and it was, like, "Frankly, I don't even give a fuck about Jon. Blah, blah...whoop-ti-do!" And, it was some bullshit. And, that's okay. Um, 'cuz, you know, he's young, and we're just friends. But, I didn't know there was, like...
You're what?
Who approached me?
Like I said, it wasn't a group; it was people from the community.
In a way, the same can be said of this latest "proof," that it might show demonic involvement now, but that doesn't say anything about back then. But, even still, more of the same brings us closer to the truth, which would allow gang-stalkers to be designated as victims, instead of as perpetrators.

Not only would that be accurate, but it would give them another option besides being stuck between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to deciding whether to continue working within the demon crime syndicate, and whether said syndicate remains a safety net for those evading prosecution.

PHOTO | Fast-panning camera reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings

Is it a woman or a hobgoblin demon or both?

Maybe she just had one in her. After all, centurion demons as a matter of course inhabit people all over town, riding along inside them all day and all night. And, Spectre of Death-type demons recharge in their hosts by returning to them (or, rather, the inside of them) after a night of doing who-knows-what, too.

So, maybe she just had one in her, and I happened to catch it on video. That's more likely, I think, because I don't think most demons can touch electronic equipment without interfering with it, anyway (at least not touch screens, as I've said before in Sucker Demons Interfere with Electronics on Contact, Spark when crushed and Electrical conductivity of electronic device affects cloaked demon's ability to maintain contact with human skin).

I am talking about the woman shown using my computer two days ago, as described in SECRET VIDEO | Two humans—and who-knows-how-many demons—work me over for payment as a job.

Following is a still frame taken from another video of her doing exactly that:
A still frame from the video in which a woman borrows my laptop, in which the camera is not in motion
Next, is another still frame from that video while it was in motion:
A still frame of the same woman, taken while the video is in motion
Here is the same still frame with corrected color, and with the proportions adjusted to compensate for the skewed perspective the motion caused:
Skewed back into proportion and color-corrected to re-create the mask as it would appear when not in motion (note the top of the woman's forehead peering from behind the mask)

You can clearly see the white mask of a female hobgoblin demon, looking as if it were falling off; the top of the forehead can be seen peering from behind it, and is slightly flesh-colored, whereas the mask is pure white.

Female hobgoblin demon masks can be highly stylized in comparison to their male counterparts, as is shown in PHOTO GALLERY | What a hobgoblin demon looks like, and which is shown below:
Another 'female' hobgoblin demon mask
It is known that video in motion reveals a morphing demon's true self—or at least part of it—and enough of it to reveal a morph veneer. This is useful when you've been duped...literally.
NOTE | That is, the technique is useful when you've been duplicated by a demon, and it is inadvertently or purposefully catch it on video
My theory on how a moving video camera reveals a morphed demon is still in development; but, is similar to my theory on how a moving demon is revealed in front of a stationary camera. Well, I gave up trying to explain it a couple of days ago, but ended up with this disgraceful collection of blurbs, instead:

A video camera that captures video at a rate of about 12 to 15 frames per second can reveal a demon who is morphed into someone or something else whenever the morphed demon moves, so long as the demon is close to the lens of a stationary camera, and is not moving too fast. Of course, all other elements of good videography, such as sufficient lighting, must also be present. 
Still frames from any portion of a video in which a morphed demon is moving a complex body part, especially the mouth and the face, are most likely to expose the underlying demon, ...

This is because the malleable veneer of a morphing demon is a separate layer of the demon, and moves independently of the body it covers. Projecting a morph veneer that adequately disguises the demon or imitates a subject requires constant effort by the demon in order to compensate for changes in gravity and motion

The blurriness of an object in motion in a video made on a low-end video camera and that of the veneer cast by a demon's morph moving into place appear to extend in different directions when viewed in a still frame of the movement.

, and must be adjusted Due to the complexity of a given simulated body part, such as a mouth, the morphing layer must move (or shift) faster than the underlying body part. , and because thought controls both, the shifting of the morphing layer begins before the body part begins to move, thus exposing 
Normally, the blur trailing an object in motion will extend in the opposite direction of its motion. In other words, when a person moves their head down, the blur will trail upwards; however, if a demon projecting a morphing veneer moves its head down, the blur will appear to move downward (or in the same direction) in advance of the head. The motion blur from the head movement will still extend upwards; but, the movement of the veneer will overshadow it, luring the motion blur away from attention.
The tell-tale contrast between the two blurs, by the way, is the key to identifying a morphing demon. To maintain that all-important contrast, the camera itself should not be in motion, as the distinction between the motion blur and the blur from the compensatory motion of the morph veneer will be diminished by overlap. An overlap of the two types of blurs will not even allow you to see the actual face of the demon, which is revealed in bits and pieces while the morph veneer moves into place. 
veneer moving in advance of the demon's head when the blurriness is the morph veneer catching up to the head as it moves down, then the blur will also point down. Of course, there will be the motion blur from the head's movement; but, unless the motion is extremely fast, the motion blur will be overshadowed by the blur of the morph veneer in compensatory motion.
A recent example came from a video made early this morning by demons to replace a similar one I had made just last night, but, with—shall we say—some tweaks. In several places, the morphing demon is unable to adjust its morphing veneer in time to compensate for the speed of its movement. This is always most prevalent in the mouth, which is why videos in which the subject to be reproduced spoke closely to the camera are the hardest to re-create, particularly, because morphing demons have fanged mouths—and, generally, not perfect Dracula teeth, like the uniformed centurion demons, who apparently have good dental benefits as a part of the enlistment package.
Other characteristics that are indicative of a morphing demon, which should only be evaluated in the presence of the primary indicator of such, include slow body movements, including the rate of speech and blinking; the absence of habitual movements of the head or arms or legs; the way the eyes look in mid-blink; the faces they make (you can put someone's mask on, but you may not mimic the smile correctly and so forth, which demons may do on purpose, depending....
Morphing demons have trouble bridging the gap between the two upper prominent fangs; so, a morphed demon will often appear to have bucked teeth, even though the subject does not. When the demon is moving its head is when that is most noticeable; the bucked teeth will still be visible for a couple of frames even when the head stop moving, which you can then watch move together after the head comes to a stop.
As you can see, I was going somewhere, then back, then somewhere else, then back again, and so on. It's a tough topic, and once you think you've figured one thing out, you realize there's about 20 other things you've got to figure out, as well. Plus, being a polymath would help, I think.