Saturday, August 9, 2014

VIDEOS | Cloaked (or semi-invisible) demon people

Just like my old apartment on Julian Street, where I started this blog, Little Orchard Homeless Shelter can also be described as a nexus of hyperdimensional portal activity. Essentially, that means a lot of foot traffic between the shelter and points in space that are not actually adjacent as far as the human eye can tell (in other words, millions of miles apart).

During periods of high demonic activity at the shelter, residents can be seen walking in and out of hallways or in and out of rooms, either never returning from that way again or having come out after never having been seen going in.

Not a motion blur (see the wooden top of the wall partition showing through), but, rather, a woman appearing out of thin air as she exits a hyperdimensional portal [from the video shown below]
Last night, I inadvertently captured on video a woman exiting a portal—I think. I say I think because she may also have been what demons call, "in cognito," which means what I call on this blog, "cloaking." It shows her in a  semi-transparent state just as she exits, and then solidifying as she walks further away from the exit point:

Another clip made at the same location shows a man entering a room de-cloaked, then cloaking, and then de-cloaking again.

A man enters the computer lab behind me, de-cloaked; then, he cloaks and de-cloaks for the camera

This video clip is different than the one above, in that you can see that the man is solid when  he walks into the room before you see him cloak to a semi-transparent state; it allows you to compare three states of cloaking, specifically, pre-cloak, cloak, and post-cloak:

In this clip, two men pass behind me in the hallway outside the computer lab: the first man is uncloaked; the second man is clearly passing out of (or into) a state of cloak, which is indicated, primarily, by the long, semi-transparent blurry motion trail that follows him (but does not follow the first man):

Because both men pass by at exactly the same speed and exactly the same distance, the second one clearly is irradiated demonically, a tell-tale sign of some kind of demonic activity related to cloaking:

The first man exhibits no signs of demonic irradiation on video; however, the second man does, as indicated by the ghost-like motion blur trailing behind him as he passes
No smudging......smudging

There are a few other videos on this blog showing transit through these portals, showing people walking out of floors and disappearing into walls:
Although the videos in these posts are not as clear as the one above, they do show people actually going through floors and walls—not just a person walking out of a hallway.