Friday, January 11, 2019

Lunar phase calculator supplements planetary hour app

Screenshots of a SceneKit demo app that displays the current phase of the moon using a 3D sphere with a mercator map of the moon projected on its surface

Because the phase of the moon has been associated with specific types of demonic activity [see Is there a correlation between demonic activity and astrology? and Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases], I created a view that displays the moon's current phase, which I'll (eventually) include in my planetary hour calculator app:

The source code repository is available at GitHub.

The two make a natural pair, as planetary hours have also been associated with specific kinds of demonic activity [see  'Planetary hour' determines strength of demonic weaponry]:

The graphic circular and graphic corner templates, displaying the previous, current and upcoming planetary hours on the Apple Watch Series 4
NOTE | These posts are a little outdated, but the observations noted in them are, of course, valid, and they still lead to a generalized conclusion that specific variations of demonic activity occur at specific times based on the planetary hour and moon phase, and can therefore be predicted. Since that time, not only are the derivates more accurate and complete, but have been supplemented by other observations correlating specific kinds of demonic activity to the physical position of planetary bodies during a given astronomical event—not just the date and time of their occurrence.