Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PICS | Dark-variety demons at San Jose Diridon VTA Light Rail station

Before reading this post, see SCIENCE | Dark-variety demons rely on discharge of excess electrons into humans for possession, which contains the first photos of a dark-variety demon posted to this blog, and familiarize yourself with the general shape of the head of this demon, as well as the style of hat they wear. For convenience, here are two pics from that post:

Dark-variety demons appear as dark imprints in digital media, like the one shown on the far rightA long, pointy nose, and equally pointy hat, apparently, are characteristic of a particular family of dark-variety demons
Following are still frames from a video made two nights ago at the San Jose Diridon VTA Light Rail station, which, like the above, also show dark-variety demons, apparently of the same affiliation, as is suggested by the identical style of their hats:

Dark-variety demon (shown center-left)Dark-variety demon (shown center-right)
Dark-variety demon (shown middle-right)Dark-variety demon (shown center-right)
They are visible in the video only due to the camera/subject in-motion effect, that it is to say, when either the camera pans across the hidden subject or the subject moves past the camera at a specific rate of speed and distance which enables the capture the type of light reflecting from a cloaked demon, which, obviously, is different from light reflected from objects you can see with the naked eye.
NOTE | Cloaks work by scattering light reflecting (or emanating) from the source they obfuscate (i.e., a cloaked demon or object) so that its rays do not combine to produce an image in the eyes of the beholder. That's a new fact that I learned recently, but I still don't know how that enables a digital camera to capture an image of cloaked demon, just by panning it across an area in which demons are cloaked.
One of the still frames in the series of still frames showing the assortment of dark-variety demons

Other dark-variety demons shown on this blog can be seen in Demonic associate of Spectre of Death revealed in new video.

Dark-variety demon present, attack smell absent
Other kinds of dark-variety demons I've encountered (since childhood, actually), about which I have not posted, are dark versions of cherubs, without wings (or, maybe only one pair), and with fangs. The smell associated with an attack by these particular dark-variety of demons is similar to an over-heated hair-dryer, which, when you smell, alarms you, and calls you to take action immediately. Their smell does the same thing, and the first few times you smell it—especially the first—that kind of startle you feel when you think the hair-dryer is about to catch something on fire stays with you for the duration of their visit.

Because the latest attack was accompanied by a smell associated with another demon, I did not expect to encounter dark-variety demons.

VIDEO/PICS | Possessed utility pole strikes, tree demons (or sucker demon hive) attack during nighttime walk

A note about this post (August 23rd, 2016)
A utility pole, following me?! When I originally posted that a utility pole followed me on my walk, I wasn't satisfied by the "evidence" that is the video below. It's not enough, and even if it were, it wouldn't remove much of the claim's incredulity; but, at the time, I felt it was important enough to note, even if I weren't believed by everyone who read it. The persons who get the most out of this blog, and who read it the most, knew about walking light posts before I did, anyway.

Now, I'd like to supplement this post with one that came much later in the future, Peeping Light Post, which contains videos that pretty much cinch the matter as to whether light posts can be possessed, and whether they can be moved when possessed.

On the same night a utility pole followed me from behind during an early morning walk [see VIDEO | Utility pole follows me on walk], another utility pole, seen only by insulators installed on the wires on either side in the video clip below, reached down and struck me from behind.

The following clip is from a video made during a walk in the San Jose early morning hours, which showed numerous attacks by demonic "bombs," or weapons cloaked and/or disguised as common objects, and which are triggered by demons and their people when the target is in proximity of the bomb:

Similar to the paneling on walls and partitions, or headphone cords and the like [see VIDEO/PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas], its wires also were converted as demonic weapons, which can be seen in several still frames piercing me in the head and face. For example:

Without viewing other pictures of demonic bomb deployment, the only utility pole you'll see in the still frames above is the one carrying the laptop bag. When I skimmed through the video containing these still frames, I knew right away that it was no coincidence that those wires—no matter how they hang on the pole—would never line up to one of the exact spots on the back of my neck where countless other still frames from a myriad of other videos show objects striking the exact same places—and, most of those show residual holes in those same locations several still frames afterwards, even  after the object that struck me is no longer in the frame [see VIDEO | Demon pierces side with metal spikes]. The indication that the wires are penetrating the back of my neck in the same spots make it obvious to me and to anyone who has looked at just even the relatively few images and videos posted showing this type of attack.
NOTE | This type of attack is murder by creeping-normality. 
Objects touching the same contact points on my body, though, are not the only indicators, though; it's also the fact that the video was made during demonic attack, and in other still frames taken from the video, there are clearly indentures (or holes) on the top of my head and side of my face from other still frames showing a similar strike with utility wires. The following are four different still frames from a video made during the same walk as shown in the above video clip that show indentations and holes in the scalp, face and neck by wires:

The point of including these still frames was to illustrate one of several indicators of demonic weapons deployment, specifically, the holes created by an object as it strikes (or intersects) the body, which are never present under any other circumstance but demonic weapons deployment. A further indicator along this line is the presence of those same holes in subsequent frames in which the object is not in the frame. In other words, if this same video was made absent high demonic activity, and at the same place, on a night like this one, using the same camera, there'd be no gooey holes and indentations in my flesh whatsoever.

Perfect wire-to-weapon overlap no coincidence
Although the use of demonic weapons is a years-long problem, I have hesitated to post on it any considerable degree until I was able to find a way to capture it in media, and to explain it reasonably. Until then, I wasn't confident that readers could be convinced of the issue they also face.

I believe that I have gathered a substantial amount of media evidence of demonic weapons use and a reliable way of capturing some of it in digital media; and, my explanation of how it works isn't complete, but is supported by human science (in other words, my explanations don't contradict any known, scientific theories).
NOTE | By the way, explanations can be useful when you have them; but, when someone proves to you that citizens are armed with demonic weapons and are deploying them against other citizens, don't wait for an explanation before you take action, if action is among your options. That is called common sense, and, in some circles, patriotism.
[having said that, introduce coincidence as demonic synchronization; it's a fact that demonic activity is hidden behind what humans perceive as coincidence with what demons know to be synchronicity; that explains the wires in front of the wires (post links to videos to demonstrate synchronicity here]

Other types of images created by demonic radiation
Once you've read all the posts in this blog about the effects of demonic radiation on digital image sensors, and how such radiation allows for capture of otherwise ultra-fast moving and nearly invisible demonic weapons, you will appreciate the following still frames. They show other forms of demonic activity—which emit the same type of radiation as demonic weapons—but which appear differently due to the activity shown in the image.

More about capturing demonic weapons use in media
There is a specific method for capturing use of demonic weapons on video and in images, as well as methods for enhancing them with media-processing software, which are described in these posts:
Tree demons rain sucker demon-like tendrils (or, sucker demon hive attacks?)
On the same night the utility pole clubbed me from behind, either tree demons rained sucker demon-like tendrils on my head, neck and back as I walked under them, or sucker demons fell from their hive, which is the tree, to attack, as shown in these still frames from the video made during the same early morning walk:

It could be the latter, in that tree demons form their faces with the help of sucker demons, who bend and twist branches and leaves to form the giant face seen in a demon-possessed tree, and, in a couple clips from this video and others, sucker demons can be seen snaking out of those same trees and attacking—but not like rain, as shown in these additional two still frames:

It could also be the former, in that the last two still frames (plus others not shown) show the entire tree bending into my head at to specific point. If the whole tree moved—and not just things off of it—it's probably one demon, possessing and mutating the entire tree; moreover, it's not as if the tendrils are all aligned perfectly parallel, as they might be if the tree moved all its parts at once, indicating that it's probably not just one mind controlling movement of individual parts, but individual sucker demons, choosing the most appropriate flight path with variances here-and-there, as expected.