Monday, July 21, 2014

Demon people fail at attempt to use powers on their own

News flash for the stupid and blind and those just returning to planet Earth: As it turns out, my high enables both good and evil to come together in apocalyptic ways. It's as if the two sides can't properly war with each other unless I'm tweaking. I (finally) admitted this to someone many, many miles away, whose demon problems (and resultant insanity) only surface when I've shot up crystal meth, as is evidenced by two years of following her online:

The seemingly decapitated woman goes by Haarp Ti on Google+ [see other demonic limb amputations]

Here's a portion of the conversation I had with her, unfortunately, during one of her less-than-coherent phases (which only occur during a demonic attack):

As she clearly was not understanding what I was saying, I attempt to clarify once she's exhausted her theories and what-not:

The demon people know this, too, and that's why, today, and for the past three days, they are all around me, getting high on crystal meth, attempting to conjure their demons and powers [see the place and people I'm referring to in AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker; see what powers I'm referring to in PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs].

Because I'm sober (and, possibly, because the moon is in the third quarter vs. first), it won't work for them; they have a dependency on me they haven't yet found an alternative for, and I'm not providing that dependency at the moment.
NOTE | I believe that is the point of this exercise, to find a way to circumvent that dependency. Clearly, they think they can do it or they wouldn't try. What they don't know are things I do know, and they'll regret the attempt, to be sure. For example: none of their powers makes them bullet-proof, and many a people are fed up with their retarded crap.
Anyway, while these dingbats do their ridiculous little hand dances in vain, let's review past blog posts about the connection between demonic terror and tweaking [see one such demon-conjuring hand maneuver in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon]:
So, the truth comes out, in a way: although I didn't make bad people do bad things, I certainly gave them the opportunity to make that choice.

This irks the sh*t out of demons and their people alike. No one, and I mean no one, wants to be dependent on me for the ability to use their powers; but, it would seem that's the way it is, and, as a result, has recently become the focus of the best demonic problem-solvers.

Different drug combinations used to recreate, amplify demon powers
Although my personal experience with using any other drug besides crystal meth is absolutely, positively nil, I am privy to the different drug combination demon people have used (and are using) to amplify their abilities, and, to a lesser extent, recreate them without my "assistance."

With crystal meth as the common drug among all of them, they have been (and are now) adding PCP and heroin to the mix. This is having the effect of diversifying their powers, or, rather, creating new ones for them to use (on me). They have also tried using other drugs with crystal, but these are the only two that have produced measurable results for them.

On my end, combining testosterone with crystal has amplified my ability to literally knock the demon right out of people. You can see them coming out of the tops of their idiot demon heads.
NOTE | Oh, and before you start making the wrong inferences, I'm not describing exorcism. What I do is piss off someone's demon enough for it to launch out of them and come for me. Big difference.