Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#392 - Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession

Following are my observations on telepathic communication with Voices Demons and its direct relationship to demonic possession:

Demons can establish a two-way telepathic link with people
Demons can train humans to hear and speak telepathically, either with their cooperation or by force; but, in either case, sleep deprivation is a factor, as is the use of chemicals that lower inhibitions and induce somnambulance through extended periods of sleeplessness.

The most commonly used chemicals include prodigious amounts of alcohol and, of course, those found in crystal methamphetamine, which is far more effective than alcohol at creating an open mindset while maintaining coherence.

Drug-induced receptivity of a mind that can still follow instructions is ripe for exploitation by demons, who need a certain degree of cooperation from their target in order to develop their telepathic abilities to a level sufficient for two-way telepathic communication with that demon.

Initially, the work to enable a human to receive telepathic communication rests solely on the demon, and, in part, is accomplished by speaking out loud to the target in order to create an intimate familiarity with the demon's voice; however, prior to that, it is the total recall of the sound of the target's voice when speaking that allows for a demon to establish telepathic communication. So, to start, the demon must observe the human for a long period of time before it can create the telepathic link.

In the state of mind only obtainable by sleep deprivation, and under specific emotional circumstances described later in this post, humans are then led to discover the portion of their unconscious minds providing telepathic function as they gradually recognize the voice of the demon being projected telepathically, at first, subconsciously, then with ready awareness.

Once the duplex nature of the intended telepathic link has been realized, the demon will maintain constant communication with the target every time they use any of the aforementioned controlled substances in order to strengthen its telepathic link with the target and, eventually, to acquire the requisite familiarity with the dynamics of that link to maintain it in the absence of intoxication. The target will also learn to use their telepathic abilities consciously without the presence of drugs or alcohol; eventually, the target will learn to initiate telepathic communication with that demon, specifically, by imagining the telepathic voice of the already familiar demon speaking, and then listening to the memory of that sound until the demon responds.

Demonic telepathy opens the door to possession
Telepathic communication with demons is a precursor to demonic possession, whether the target is willing to communicate with demons or not, so long as the topic of the conversation is directed by fear and guilt. Voices Demons heighten and exacerbate fear in their target to traumatic proportions by surreptitiously adding PCP to the chemical brew, and then by spinning horror stories intended to create an anticipation of misfortune. To give their stories life, the arrange for the production of the frightening scenarios they describe by surrounding the target with other demons that, for example, can make any car look like a police car from a distance (see Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay) while the target is under the influence of the controlled substance—a substance to which they were probably made addicted, and to which the cravings can be directly attributed to demons specializing in causing them.
COMING UP | Look for an upcoming post about demons that induce bouts of drug and alcohol cravings.
Physical control of target acquired by continued exposure to telepathy-enabling chemicals
Continued use of the substances known to assist demons in expanding the human mind to consciously use its telepathic ability will eventually and inevitably lead to a gradually increasing exposure to use by demons in sinister and powerful ways by and through demonic possession, which can include sudden and unexpected control over a target, resulting in the unwitting and unwilling wielding of demonic abilities over which the target has no control (and, sometimes, of which they have no memory.
NOTE | To see video examples of such abilities expressed in a human, see VIDEOS | Six videos show my face and body morphing, undergoing supernatural changes.
Depending on the person and their amount of exposure to demonic activity, a target of demonic possession may learn to expand their telepathic abilities on their own, and may even develop defenses against demonic attack. This may severely complicate efforts and adversely impact resources, depending on the time-table established for possession of that person, as demons and human collaborates will have to share the responsibility of maintaining a constant, vigilant and watchful eye on the target to ensure that, for example, communication is not established with other demons, which can result in claim-jumping.

Targets can also learn to make fools of Voices Demons by traversing the telepathic pathway from the demon mind to their mind, and thereby taking control of speech in progress or even to initiate speech. This is specifically accomplished by listening carefully to the demon speak telepathically, and then "mocking" the demon in your mind (i.e., repeating what the demon says, as the demon says it). Then, after mocking for a few words, telepathically project a substitute word, such as "diarrhea," with the same force used to "talk over" a demon telepathically (persons who speak telepathically know that there is a volume to telepathic speech that is defined by the degree of mental effort required to affect it).

Sometimes, the body parts of the demon that are associated with speech are controlled in this way; however, results may vary. The signal from the brain that controls movement can be stopped just short of moving a given body part if it is expected.

Voices Demons are extremely vulnerable to this method of humiliation, particularly, because they are the most able telepaths (a Voices Demon is usually just a channel between you and another, remotely located demon). In their anger, they will quickly lose concentration, and will also "move back" to prevent further embarrassment from having their targets take control of the speech centers of their minds.

They will also try to dodge your control by obfuscating the telepathic path leading to them with an identically sounding Voices Demon. To explain: one Voices Demons will start a sentence, and, when you attempt to traverse the path, the first demon will stop talking, while another Voices Demon will pick up where the first left off. This, and other techniques, are used to fool the target into thinking that they have overcome their weakness.

Possessing humans is essential for demons working in this realm
Among many other uses, every person prepped for possession serves as a safe harbor in which a demon can safely recuperate from having exerted itself in a realm in which it is not designed for prolonged exposure.

Although there are plenty of targets to choose from among the many drug and alcohol addicts, there are still more demons than people. Further complicating the shortage is the fact that the ability to possess multiple people is necessary to extend the range in which a demon can exert certain kinds of its influence in the world. By only possessing one person, a demon limit its range of mobility to a relatively short circumference around the places most frequently visited by that person. In order to expand this range, a demon will possess other additional, the most likely candidates being a co-worker that lives in the opposite direction or one that telecommutes part-time from far away, or one that lives within range of the original host; the objective is to ensure that the two people sharing possession of the demon are frequently, if not constantly, in range of each other.

Even more important is mitigating the consequences of losing a host to death or, worse, vacation, which can only be accomplished by accelerating the preparation of available hosts.

Demons employ people to create ideal hosts for possession
Realizing that a joint effort among not only demons, but people, was required in order to meet their need for more hosts than they could create on their own, some demons have acquired human following, which they employ to addict other humans to one or both of these controlled substances, and to engage in activities that pave the way for reasonably guaranteed, long-term demonic possession.

Comments from participants in a demon-solicited series of crimes committed against a target of possession, i.e., me
One such horde is the Voices Demons, who, with their human followers, are collectively known as "Tuzzo." The Voices Demons provide many "other services to the community," but, primarily, they create drug addicts out of otherwise sober people, and then cultivate those addicts into ameniable hosts for demonic possession, and then ensure long-term availability by limiting a host's mobility, usually through long periods of confinement to jails, prisons and mental institutions; barring that, they will physically disable the host by causing accidents that results in turning the host into a paraplegic.

The lengths that the Tuzzo horde of demons goes to ensure long-term use of the hosts it produces (long-term incarceration), combined with the speed at which they produce hosts (through their crippingly aggressive, around-the-clock torment) is why the Voices Demon often say, "We're #1 in the Tuzzo business"—a boast made all the time, which leaves most people confused, except for the demons and persons in-the-know.

The "other services" are also geared for the demonic community, and for humans having skills that assist (or humans in a position to assist) demons with their aforestated agenda, and those that perform tasks that only a human could perform in the preparation of a demoniac (i.e., cover-up, stooges, etc.). These services vary, and are derived out of a rather unique goal among all hordes: to find as many evil ways as possible to use a host for the entertainment of demons and people, while deceiving as many of the people helping them as possible, all for generating revenue necessary to maintain their millennia-old, world-wide influence the governing of the world.

Ideal targets are generally members of an isolated or ostracized class of persons
Gay men and any other class of persons generally isolated from or ostracized by society, who typically spend significant amounts of time alone, are the most susceptible to demonic possession due to the amount of physical interaction to cause fear and injury involved to prepare the target.

In the Bay Area of Northern California, demons are less discriminate, having overrun cities like San Jose, choosing instead to threaten and physically assault anyone that does not comply with their demands for assistance in preparing an individual for demonic possession (a fate, the Voices Demons say, intended for "people we don't like").

The Voices Demons, who claim to own the town of San Jose, state quite frequently that, "Whether they like us or not, people don't have any options but the ones we put in front of them."

Children ignored by incompetent or otherwise parents uneducated on signs of a demon's attempt to possess are also common targets; however, this is easily preempted by frequent and constant communication with the child, specifically, when a child hears the voice of their parents more than any other voice, and any gap in communication is filled with their voice being received by the parents' attentive ears.

More about drugs and their effects on preparing hosts for possession
Although their are demons that induce cravings, addiction must be present, however slight. Because it is known that acetone is responsible for the development of an addiction to and a dependency on alcohol, crystal methamphetamine is "washed" in paint thinner before it is distributed to persons targeted by demons; in addition, highly addictive opiates, such as oxycontin, are also added to a demon's blend of crystal methamphetamine.
NOTE | Because the cost of lacing crystal methamphetamine with Oxycontin exceeds the price typically paid for it, one can reasonably deduce that a drug test indicating the presence of any such opiate in the absence of knowingly ingesting an opiate points to a drug dealer with a nefarious agenda, to say the least.
A substitute for the use of illicit substances if sleep deprivation, which, like demons specializing in the inducement of drug cravings, is also accomplished by breath-stealer demons, which specialize in holding a person's breath long enough to disturb restful sleep, without waking the sleeper, and dreamweaver demons, which telepathically cause and direct a victim's nightmares.
NOTE | This is why Voices Demons are dead-set against sleep aids--especially, Trazadone--and why some persons taking them experience what they assume are side effects, but which are, in fact, demon-induced injuries, perpetrated and sustained at the time of ingestion in order to create the false perception of an intolerance to a particular medication. By knowing how to detect injuries caused by demons intended to mimic side effects, one can determine which symptoms are side effects and which are not.
Voices Demons make claim regarding schizophrenia
The Voices Demons have repeatedly said over the years that, "No one hears voices that aren't there," by which they obviously meant that people suffering from apparent auditory hallucinations are, in fact, hearing real voices—likely, demons just like them.