Sunday, October 23, 2016

"I think I'm finally getting to him," Part Two

Demon-people drama: "I think I'm finally getting to him" recounts just one episode out of many, many occurrences of stalking over the years, describing how a man at the behest of demons engaged in a months-long campaign to stress me out, mostly, by following me to every group in which I posted blog-related data to my Facebook audience, harassing, criticizing and mocking me relentlessly so as to discredit me. While the post focuses primarily on the singular acts of just one stalker, it uses the evidence of those acts to bring to light a much larger agenda at work than that of most stalkers, namely, a plan to induce trauma by stress [see Demons announce specifics of plan to cause insanity] using whatever means at the disposal of countless participants and their demonic counterparts, and that for as long it takes to achieve their goal [see Demons prefer suicide to murder].

Comments left on YouTube capped a weekend of ranting demon people, unhappy with the unwelcome air that never anticipated, and that now surrounds them due, in part, to the blog
NOTE | In no rush to achieve their ultimate goal, the persons involved keep the deadline flexible to make room for smaller successes, specifically, the occassional protracting or prolonging of the stress campaign by creatively or intelligently meting out stress measured and formulated to compact more of it withinin the same time frame as the deadline.
There was plenty of evidence of this plan before that post, and there's been plenty more since—after all, it's been ongoing for nearly 10 years; but, what compelled me to introduce it to readers so late in spite of having known of the plan since the beginning, was the mistake he made in accidentally posting publicly what was obviously intended to be a private message to one his cohorts, which bragged of his progress in "finally getting to me." Although the plan was not explicitly spelled out in the message, it inferred and implied that one existed, a fact evident not only by its wording, but by the plethora of evidence found in other posts to the blog—posts that didn't make a connection between any particular event and the plan at the time they were written, but which could then be linked in succession by that latter post.

The post finishes with my publicizing of the evidence, which caused not only stress in reverse to the stalker (via embarrassment), but which resulted in a complete backfire of the intention to preclude me from developing a following of blog readers. It afforded me a complete turnaround, actually; for example, of the 15 groups to which I was then only a member, six of them I now administer, thanks in part to the mistake made by the stalker, which raised eyebrows everywhere when revealed. As to the impact it had to my overall credibility, I couldn't say; but, I can say this, it made me interesting to people, and made me look like a had a bigger problem than the one most readers suspected I had before.

Et tu, Long?
This video of Long giving his due to the plan promises to do the same, except that it brings the problem to my day-to-day living situation, which I so summarized in my answer to a reader's question, Did your demons follow you to Indiana?, saying:
Also, daily posts would be mundane to readers, who are probably looking for something new; and, like everyday for the past eight years or so, day-in and day-out consists of the same, routine physical abuse dolled out by the Voices Demons and their ilk.
After a recent rant by woman who decided to overlook what is tantamount to murder-in-progress and deride my "lifestyle" instead—one which I may have affected from time-to-time, but am otherwise not afforded by the particulars of my situation—and who lambasted me for purposefully engaging demons and their people and foregoing the much better choice of just ignoring them—also not an option—I've been thinking of ways to negate any notion of the life and person she described in our conversation.

The video below provides fertile ground for achieving just that, as does the bevy of links about daily life with Long, listed after the second video, below this one:

As an added benefit, the theme of his rant therein is reminiscent of one of the same kind described in numerous posts to this blog, and can be linked (eventually) to the same plan described above. Such posts include:
Long grandma, too
And, to think, they used to be so close [see Grandma, Long assign blame for others' demonic behavior].

In a second clip made from the same video as the first (above), Long calls my 87-year-old, recently widowed grandmother and wife of over 50 years, calls her the usual litany of the two curses in his vocabulary, "motherfucker," and, "son of a bitch," but, unlike his usual call (no, this is not his first), this one is fairly short-lived (they have lasted up to a minute or more in the past):

All of this, and on top of what I've documented in the past in posts such as:

My iPhone wasn't the only witness, nor were our neighbors for a mile around; we (apparently) had hidden company in the form of a shirt demon:
A witness to the rant the video shows, which he had to have heard, being in the t-shirt I was wearing at the time
To see more demons possessing shirts, search for shirt demon on this blog and/or read these posts:
Woman's rant part of overall campaign package
The woman's rant, which was delivered after near non-stop phone calls and text message for two straight days, at the end of which she revealed that she never had a sincere interest in her or my situation, and was merely wasting my time, and stressfully at that:

For two days, a woman posed as a victim in desperation, having been beleaguered by demons and related activity, but who, as shown by her texts, above, revealed it as part of an ongoing campaign of harassment on their behalf
Revisiting the intent (and extent) of demonic activity in my life
The point of this post is not to tell a sad story so much as to reiterate the goal of demons and their people, which, by the way, is put most succinctly by Long in this third video excerpt:

Supplementing the video is this e-mail from my grandmother about an e-mail sent to her by Long:
An e-mail sent by Long to my grandmaA subsequent e-mail sent by my grandma to me
Planted demonic weapons, entities supplement hourly, hour-long tirades
Long supplements his stress-inducing tirades with demonic weapons, demons and demonic entities, which he plants in my bedding, clothing and towels; insult to injury, and all that [see also VID | How demons attack your heart; see also PICS | Demons slowly degrade vision with new (and usual) entity]. In the next video, he attempts to do just that on-the-sly, his complaint of untidiness merely a pretext for making hand-contact with towels, sheets and my clothes either to possess them with a demon for whom Long is its entourage [defined in Factoids #7; see more possession pics in Send in the (demon) clowns] or install demonic weapons in them and the room (I'm sure he'd prefer to do this when I'm not in the room; but, I'm almost always in that room during periods of high demonic activity, which is the only time Long and demons have the chance to move around and acquire, install and deploy weapons). Even still, the process is usually all-but-transparent to the human eye without knowing what to look for or recording it with a digital camera, and then skimming the video frame-by-frame for demons and the like. The only other time it might be apparent is if an entity decides to launch ahead of schedule, as did a white orb-shaped demonic entity at the time the video was made [see similar demonic entities in Close-up of sucker demon, in flight]:

On top of that, he also takes every opportunity to fire the demonic weapons installed in and/or activated or deployed by his hands [see GALLERY | New demon faces, weapons; see also PICS | More hand-based demonic weapons].
NOTE | Sometimes, demonic entities turn tail [see VIDS | Sucker demons (finally) crawl on someone else.
Shame on me...
I got fooled twice [see SECRET AUDIO | Demons recruit Long to taunt about homelessness they caused; see also Voices Demons' mistake exposes Long's lie], so I have no one to blame but myself. Actually, you could say thrice, if you count my failure to take heed to warnings about Long by others [see Bail bondsman warned of Long's betrayal and subsequent "demise"].

If you're wondering about the what and why the hell of my living situation, read Demon people steal secretly made recordings.