Saturday, December 12, 2015

PREVIEW | Demon sends Long, unconscious, to Underworld

Even as the walls and floor of my bathroom swayed, swelled, shrunk, bulged, twisted, leaned and otherwise did everything they could to keep me from witnessing what I knew were strange going-ons in the kitchen, I still somehow managed to stick my arm out of the window, iPhone in hand, pointing at the kitchen from the outside. Just inside it, I watched (among other things) a hooded and robed render Long unconscious right before he dropped into a portal right underneath his feet, with demons riding shotgun on his back, and one having emerged from the back of his hand just seconds before.

That much I got on video, which is still in post-processing to remove the chroma caused by demonic radiation and the darkness caused by demon-meddling with my equipment. While that completes, a couple of stills will be posted [see below] showing some of the other demonic activity seen in the video, such as the emergence of a fat-faced female demon from the back of Long's hand, inflating into view like a balloon:

A fat-faced demon looks through the kitchen window at my camera, wide-eyed in fear of being caughtIn the video, the demon's face inflates like a balloon from the back of Long's handThe original still frame, prior to color enhancements made with GIMP (
The effects on digital media made while demons warp and bend walls and floors or open portals nearby was first shown in the following video, which demonstrates the unique appearance of smearing objects due to higher-than-normal emissions of demonic radiation:

This phenomenon is also shown in images made of the bathroom just prior to making the video. As I entered the bathroom with the intent of surreptitiously capturing demonic activity in the kitchen, I captured these images by mistake, having gripped my iPhone harder than usual in order to keep it in my hand as I attempted to stabilize my balance and dodge walls and doorframes, which kept taking potshots at my head and elbows, and having triggered the camera via the volume buttons on its side:

A certain kind of smearing appears in images made while demons move or otherwise alter large objects (best shown in first image), when higher-than-normal levels of demonic radiation are emitted
In the video, the demon appears to reach for something Long intends to hand him, right before plunging his hand into the swollen face of the demon on Long's hand instead; at that point, Long's head sinks downward, right before he plunges nearly straight down into the floor beneath him, as shown in this low-quality clip from the original video:

On his back, ride at least three glee-filled demons, who are undoubtedly not only hitching a ride, but are probably keeping Long's back straight so he doesn't collide with the kitchen sink in front of him.
NOTE | Set the playback quality to 1080p60 HD when viewing the video.
When Long suddenly springs back into view only a few seconds later, he acts as if nothing has happened, and says nothing of the fact that the demon in the black robe is long gone.

The original, unedited video can be downloaded from MediaFire. Use Quicktime Player to view it, examining it by skimming frame-by-frame using the left and right arrow keys.

Underworld kidnappings not unusual, preferred
Because time moves at a different rate in the Underworld, and because demons are more powerful there than here (for now), and because humans cannot perceive or recall events that transpire therein, demons can do whatever they wish to humans they transport inside, the person's disappearance seeming to last only a few of seconds, with no recollection or awareness of what actually happened.

This isn't the first video showing an Underworld kidnapping, the first shown at the beginnings of this blog in VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Intruders Attack.

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