Thursday, March 15, 2012

Demons vow seven-year incarceration over cellphone mods

For learning how to upgrade a cellphone that the manufacturer has deemed not upgradeable, the Voices Demons, who call themselves, "Tuzzo," claim that they will incarcerate me for seven years, and that I "will get a little beleaguered by his Adam's Apple"—a recurring, but nonsensical phrase.

Demons threaten deception by others over task-list maintenance, attempt to find safe-housing

"James, you are going to be arrestable, but not arrested," the Voices Demons said, in response to downloading Google Tasks management software and my declared intent to find new housing.

The latter is essential, in that the City of San Jose Code Enforcement Unit has declared the apartment building in which I live

Demonic entities made of flesh-and-blood, vulnerable

Light, heat, force and pressure—and even emotion—effect demons in this world; but, this vulnerability is not news.

In the Old Testament, we read that Abraham wrestled an angel, which is a demon by another name (and is not to be confused with a holy angel of the Lord), and that Abraham won. We read further that, out of spite and resentment, the angel (or demon) maimed Abraham's hip, so that he walked with a staff for the rest of his life.

Similarly, I find that some demons can be handled by conventional means (and, that they can be very spiteful for being handled).

We also read in the Book of Tobit (Catholic Bible) that the Angel Raphael instructed Tobias on the use of fish guts in making anti-demon smoke. This implies that demons, or at least Asmodeus, breathe air, and can smell.

This correlates to my personal experience, as well, as members of the Red Horde blow their signature scent from their mouths in order to announce their arrival. So, not only do they possess a sense of smell, but they actually emanate smell, too.

As to their sensitivity to smell: the Bible rings true, as the smell they emanate can cause paralyzing fear in humans (I speak from experience). It stands to reason, then, that some smells can do the same. This now-confirmed fact could be why the Voices Demons have long insisted that I have no incense ("people won't believe this," they just said).

More to come...

Demons pull plug on communication

This morning, the Voices Demons stated that they would prevent me from finishing today's legal tasks, which included a, "Statement of Disqualification of Judge," and then proceeded to distract me at every turn.

Still, I finished my work.

The last act of their attempt, though, points to complicity by my landlord, Khoa Nguyen, who controls the Internet connection.

Just as I was about to post my legal filing and blog updates–one of which reveals a limitation of the Voices Demons that allows for their victims (i.e., anyone they talk to)—this error message appeared on my laptop:

Demonic Qualities Exhibited in Non-Demons

Qualities of demon possession, whether temporary or otherwise, are exhibited in persons so affected in the following ways:
  • the face of a demon will be superimposed over that of the victim, as shown in Demon in the Dark
  • the ability to alter one's appearance manifests itself after long-term exposure to demonic activity, called morphing, as shown in Two of Me, albeit inadvertently and unknowingly to the victim; 
  • supernatural abilities are imparted on the victim, even though they are temporary and are often used without the victim even realizing they used it, as shown in Thing, in which my hand flies off my arm in order to pick up a cellphone on the floor; 
  • demonic creatures will spring from their targets, as is the case with my cat, who is possessed by a small, shrouded and cloaked demon, who can conjure other demonic entities and pass them through her, as shown in Scratchen Channels Fanged Creature; and, 
  • the face of the victim can be altered completely, as shown in Judge Pennypacker or Look-alike in my Apartment?, in which my reflection in a mirror shows the face of a local judge—and not my own. 
Temporary possession is usually called channeling; however, neither channeling or possession are acceptable, in that coming into physical contact with a demonic entity can be dizzying at best, and nauseating and incapacitating at worst.

Knowing this, a demonic entity can physically incapacitate you with just the touch of its hand; oftentimes, however, they simply confuse or distract you, and this can be accomplished by simply walking through you.

Where does the Spectre of Death sleep in the day?

Believe it or not, some demonic entities reside (and restore themselves) in people when they're not out and about, doing their thing. I just happen to know where one of them sleeps.

The Spectre of Death's, well, specter, lunged out of this man's body, making a play for my cellphone; the man seemed totally unaware, as the Spectre of Death came out of his back while it was turned
The Spectre of Death, an El Muerte-like demon that once flew into my apartment in order to thwart my attempt to capture him and his cohorts on video, is hosted in the above-pictured human. Whether he is aware of it or not, I do not know. He probably is, but can also probably do little about it.

Following is my first-ever video of the Spectre of Death:

Sucker Demons Fly, Ride in Backpacks

Older footage of a sucker demon flying into my apartment:

Sucker Demon flys into my apartment

More recent footage of a sucker demon preparing to be transported by a human collaborator:

Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon

Voices Demons' increase geographical range slowly, arduously

For all the wondrous and magical power they purport to possess, expanding their geographic area of operations still requires a substantial amount of time and effort by Voices Demons. This allows those afflicted by them the option of fleeing by putting some distance between themselves and this insidious demonic scourge.

At first, I thought a human possessed by these had to first travel to an area they had never been before, and then remain there long enough for the Voices Demons to establish a presence. I surmised this based on their gradual increase in range, which, as of March 2006, went no further than my front door at 1220 Tasman Drive SPC 379, in Sunnyvale, California, but, by May, had extended to a convenience store five-minutes away, before reaching to nearly everywhere else in the Bay Area of Northern California, including St. Helena, by August; then, it seemed that I was the determinative factor in how far they could go.

But that assumption burst when I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in September 2006; while there, I could hear one of the Voices Demons, albeit barely. Her usually vibrant and young voice sounded old and frail; and, it sounded muffled (as if my hearing were failing) and quiet (as if distant). Moreover, she had a hard time holding a conversation or making sense in one, but spoke constantly, taking no breaks between words and sentences, which is characteristic of their speech when establishing telepathic communication with new subjects. It may also require intense concentration to maintain long-distance telepathic communication at first.

The same observations were made in December 2008 at San Gregorio Beach; however, this time, two Voices Demons were able to reach that far, suggesting that it is not just a matter of laying a foundation for telepathic communication in a new area for others, but individual ability and skill that allows for the breaking of new ground.

As I write this blog, the Voices Demons that berate me day and night claim to have extended their range to approximately 100 miles from San Jose; however, I believe that they now extend even further.

Regardless of the distance, for those who encounter them, it is essential that they relocate to as far away—and as soon as possible—from these ilk. The longer you are exposed to a horde of demons that can take the fight directly to your mind, the worse off you'll be.

Personally, I am lobbying my family for train fare to Indiana (where I am originally from), in order to achieve my first quiet moments in nearly six years. In response to this initiative, the demonic attacks, which include physical assaults while sleeping, as well as equipment sabotage (see below)...
...and a blockade on communication, on a 24-hour basis:

Sucker Demons Join Attack with Red Horde

A closer look at footage from last weekend's demon attack reveals the extensive use of sucker demons, who pulled and pushed at the lighter and can of hairspray, even as they dodged the flames.

Although the completed video is not yet ready, here is a preview:

The sucker demons, who come in any variety of lengths, widths and colors, are the hardest to see and catch on camera, although they are the strongest and most versatile—and most plentiful—of all demonic entities.

The source video can be downloaded from