Sunday, April 8, 2012

Demons block money-saving/making, job-search efforts

When I accrue a little extra cash—it's gone. Taken by the demons, even while I watch them. A sucker demon once yanked a $20 bill from my wallet as I opened it, and then slid under my door with it. Another time, I placed my wallet on a shelf in my apartment—the farther from the front (and only) door. A $100 bill was taken from it as soon as I turned my back.

It's that easy for them, and there's proof. There are now three videos that show demons popping up out of nowhere and then rendering me unconscious within seconds, which include:
However, not only do they steal money, they prevent me from finding employment. If my mind even goes in that direction, they will harass me even more than they already do, and sometimes will be physically violent.
NOTE | This is usually accomplished by casting some kind of 'bad mojo' on me. When they do this, the first movement I make afterwards will result in doing something extremely clumsy, like dropping my cellphone, or doing something that causes pain, such as banging my knee on a table as I stand to get up.
COMING UP | A video of me poking myself in my own eye after having been sent 'bad mojo' by the Voices demons. They did this while I was recording spider bugs in my eyes, nose, mouth and ears; they simply did not want just anyone to know specifically what they were doing to me, and I refused to stop.
In the past, when I've looked for a job, my e-mails don't go where I send them (nor do they reach me), my resumes do not go to the sites I post them to, and, somehow, they always ensure that their human collaborators answer the calls I make, and that I interview only at companies at which these collaborators work.
COMING UP | An audio file of a job interview I had with a human collaborator, working for the demons. It is very bizarre.

Another Demon Assault Caught on Video

The assault lasts only seconds, and is very difficult to see on video.

You can see a few frames of a red-colored demon charging me, and you can hear a demon roar, which sound ferocious, but are really quiet (demons rarely talk; they whisper).

This is the third such video I've posted so far showing an assault by demons. The other two are:
UPDATE | The demons are preventing the successful upload of these two videos; however, I'm still trying. I'll update this blog once the links are working.

Spectre of Death blends with shadow and window shade, phases out in walkway

In this video, the Spectre of Death camouflages (or blends) with a shadow and a window shade, which is common occurrence with demons (I don't yet know why, although I know its benefits in certain scenarios):
Related videos:
  • Devil on His Shoulder shows a demon who blends with the glare from a lamp.
  • In Camouflage Terror, another giant demon head blends with wall hangings and shadow and light
    in order, and the Spectre of Death performs a blend similar to the Spectre of Death Phased Out, but in a different part of my apartment.
  • See the first video made of the "Spectre of Death" at
  • Another video, Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Lamp Glare, shows what is not technically called blending; but, it does appear to be similar, in that it shows that the sometimes transparent nature of a demon, while demonstrating that there are differences in the type of transparency.
Another blog entry will be posted on demons using their invisibility or cloak ability; I call this phasing out because it is a combination of being invisible and being able to pass through walls, floors, people, etc. (but not so much, electronics). In the meantime, you can read an older blog entry on blending, which is on this site.

Also in another video, the first frame shows a demon blends its head with a wall:

A demon blends his head with a wall
It also shows the Spectre of Death, phased out. He is standing in the entryway of my apartment: