Friday, December 4, 2015

PICS | Orlock features resurface sans moving camera

As demonstrated dozens of times on this blog, most demonic activity that can't be seen by human eyes unaided can be captured by shooting digital video of a possessed subject (usually a person) during a period of high demonic activity while the camera and/or the subject is moving (even though this causes blurriness), and then skimming the video frame-by-frame, examining each one for demons and the like.

Images acquired using this technique were posted most recently to GALLERY | New demon faces, weapons. Although the non-demonic elements in the frame are blurred by the motion of either the camera or the subject, the demonic elements are quite clear. The reason has to do with the differences between the light reflected from non-cloaked and cloaked matter. The light from non-cloaked (or visible-to-the-naked-eye) matter is dense, and, when a camera or subject is in-motion, a higher concentration of light is swept across the camera sensor, which causes smearing (or a motion blur) and a brighter and more saturated than normal rendering of the in-motion subject. Because so little light is reflected from cloaked (invisible) matter, the higher concentration of light garnered by motion simply makes the otherwise invisible subject visible—at least to the camera—yet not so much as to cause smearing, etc.

Another method is to filter light from any non-cloaked matter (turning the lights down, for example), so that it doesn't overwhelm the light from cloaked matter. Again, you must use a digital camera equipped with a CCD or CMOS camera sensor to render the light from the cloaked matter visible; however, no motion is required. This is due to the type of light reflected from non-cloaked and cloaked matter; light rays typically reflect from non-cloaked matter, while light from cloaked matter is emanated by polarization [see SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained; see also Nature of the Demon Cloak Revealed]. Although polarized light may look weak at first, in that it will not be visible in digital media without special processing, its unique properties enable it to register with camera sensors, albeit outside of the human-visible range. The relatively simple task of bringing polarized light into visible range is easily accomplished using most off-the-shelf image-processing apps, including Photoshop and GIMP, a task that cannot be accomplished with reflected (or natural) light too dim to register with the sensor. Images processed by this technique are shown Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything:
Using this technique, a little blue demon standing in complete darkness—unseen in the original video—was made visible in GIMP
VIDEO | Human hands and forearms disappear, reappear as demonic demonstrates that, if conditions are just right, that not only is no special processing is required, but elements of both techniques can be used in the same media. In that post, a video shows my forearms and hands temporarily and briefly disappearing, then replaced by a demonic derivative before returning to normal again. It is the polarized light emanated by the cloaked body parts that enabled detection by the camera sensor, and it was the naturally low-light conditions at night that prevented natural light from overwhelming it; the concentrating effect of light passing through the holes in the window screen between me and the camera brought that light into the human-visible spectrum:
The coincidental, naturally occurring combination of conditions, usually required by either of the two techniques described in this post. inadvertently revealed a brief transformation of my forearms and hands from human to demon and back again without any post-processing
Surprisingly, this new video reveals demonic activity sans either of the above techniques, showing what I call my orlock ears up-close, in full light, and without any blurring to any of the other elements in the frame—very much unlike past videos showing them. For whatever reason, my pointy, half-ear replacements appear in nearly all 14-minutes of its duration, having required neither dim lighting nor motion by either the camera or subject (i.e., me) to be seen:

Four still frames showing my orlock ear at different angles (top, second rows); two still frames showing my ear in mid-transformation between my orlock and human ears (third row); an image of my human ear for comparison 
Although seeing this transformation with my own eyes is a rare occurrence, I don't think it is as rare for people in San Jose, where I live. I'm not sure how it's done or exactly by whom or which feature is transformed or what kind of demonic activity surrounds me per the will of the Voices Demons and related ilk, which is done for the purposes of tagging, the means by which targets are identified to persons who may be unfamiliar with them and, regardless, also the means by which they are solicited to perpetrate acts of violence against the target, perhaps by using the demonic weapons supplied to them [see VIDEO/PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areassee also Sucker demon-possessed shoestrings attack legs on verbal command].