Sunday, April 10, 2016

Apple approves use of proprietary News format

The Life of a Demoniac blog may soon be available via the News app on iPhone, as Apple has tentatively approved the use of its Apple News format for blog posts:
This is a far cry from making the blog available on every iPhone in the world, but it's a start
The next step is to submit my first article for content approval, a step not likely to succeed given the subject matter. Nevertheless, that attempt was made yesterday:
The final step—content approval—is one not likely to succeed, given the subject matter of the blog
Here's the article I submitted for review, sans the formatting mentioned above:

Directed Acyclic Graphs and the Demoniac
It's not just my rudimentary understanding of graph theory that's keeping me from manifesting that which is secret, nor is it the intermittent interruptions by the $50-massage service keeping me afloat these days that prevents things being kept hidden from coming abroad and otherwise being made known. That is to say, its not my relative ignorance or pursuit of things material that's the freakin' hold-up on the release of Chroma, my upcoming demon-finding iPhone app—the same app I think Jesus would really appreciate, as would anyone so also beleagured by demons.
There's no easy or little aspect to software development; every detail requires pain-staking attention
I've found the app a bit more complicated than I thought it would be—surprisingly so, now that I've delved in earnest into its development—even with things seemingly as simple as what Photoshop users call the Layers palette, which, to duplicate for real-time video editing, has turned out to be a monumental undertaking to re-create. Believe it or not, a set of filtering instructions must meet the definition of an arborescence; if it doesn't, not only will the instructions fail to produce the expected results—if they produce any results at all—but they cannot be optimized for live or real-time video.
The app will be structured for distributed development of its components; for example, the player controls and the display controls can be localized for different languages and (dis)abilities without having to provide third-party developers with access to and familiarity with the entire app itself
The primary benefit of the app is to scan for invisible entities using your iPhone, even as they come upon you. In order to do that, the instructions for processing a live video feed or during real-time video playback must be as succinctly specified and applied as possible or the instructions may slow the video to a crawl. Since the app is intended for everyone, it's crucial that applying instruction sets is a seemless and carefree process. Like me, I figure that most users are not likely to know their directed acyclic graphs from a hole in the ground, and may inadvertently stack unnecessary duplicative instructions one on top of the other, which is a problem only good software and math can overcome. Both are a lot of work.

But, marrying hard math with complicated software hasn't been the only challenge: day-to-day living has, and generally making ends meet. I pray for a better way, but until that prayer gets an answer that puts food on the table, I occasionally resort to providing for myself in a less-than-idea way. That has led to another round of this:
Cogent arguments against such means of money-making belie the deadly conspiracy in which the sender participates
Like the long-ago stalker I once handily disposed of, this guy will soon be dealt with; but, until then, he threatens to choke off my only means to remain housed, clothed and fed, even while I write an app to save human lives, and even while I, myself, try to survive the same onslaught of violence also threatening them:
A photo from a man who is attacked by demons as nearly as often as I am, made during an attack by the snarling beast seen over his left shoulder
His argument is not incorrect in and of itself, especially were the situation he describes applicable to me; regardless, it's a moot point. He's not motivated by any of what he wrote. When asked, "who's we," he wrote back:
If I had to "guess," I'd say the same people in league with demons, who have been perpetrating violence upon me and others, long before any of us had to resort to creative means to survive (and because of it)
My guess, by the way, is the perpetrators of the around-the-clock violence at the hands of demons, which he and "we" are no doubt a part—the same perpetrators that led to the life I now lead, the same that put me (and keeps me) in a such a dire position.
I'm not the only one who is suffering; traffic to the blog, even though it has sat mostly dormant nearly the entire year so far, is staggering due to persons in similar straits
It's hard, then, to watch people you love suffer as tremendously as they do while you could be helping, were it not for the absence of God's sanctioning due to your less-than-holy ways (i.e., whereby one of the persons you love happens to be someone you shouldn't), and your ever-failing struggle with engrained sin, particularly, when letting it go means to trade-off with starvation and homelessness.
Some of my blog posts earned over 21,000 impressions per the last 28-day period on Twitter
If you think that sounds like a tough break, one wouldn't blame you; but, I've decided it is anything but, and I'm working out a way to see it like that all the time and to otherwise use it as a motivation to change (like it should be, and was intended to be). I figure that, on that Day, I'm going to want as many things going for me as possible—being the Apostle Paul's replacement as Chief of Sinners and all [1 Timothy 1:15]—and having gave up everything I needed to survive comfortably [Ephesians 6:10-18] to save the lives of others wouldn't be a bad thing going for me at all.
Nearly 3 million persons world-wide have gawked at the train-wreck of a life that is The Life of a Demoniac
Pray for me, if you're in the right-standing to do so [James 5:16]; and, pray in gratitude for those who are doing their part to supplant the need for the life I have felt I must lead by helping out where they can by providing for some of my material needs (mainly, my grandma and mother):
My first new and only pair of shoes in over six months arrived yesterday
So, that's the latest on Chroma, and on The Life of a Demoniac. That, and the fact that the blog should soon be available via the News app on iPhone.
My first purchase of undergarments and jeans in over a year