Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The end (of nightmares) is here

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Let's just say: It was about time to hymn them up...

Today, a fellow Quora user asked: Is sleep paralysis paranormal?

Lately, Quora has been receiving a lot questions related to the phenomena sometimes called demon nightmaresenough, in fact, that I have once again become one of Quora's top writers on the subject of demons:

A most viewed writer on demons for Quora—yet again
Having recently proven a sure-fire way to put an end to those for myself, I decided this question and others like it would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge.

This post contains my answers to two questions published to Quora related to ambient demonic activity, and (indirectly) introduces my solution to it:

Q: Is sleep paralysis paranormal?

A: Yes, it is paranormal—demonic, to be exact. It is never anything else, certainly not a “combination of lazy leg and hallucinations” as bold-faced liars will tell you and the lazy will believe.
It is a form of torture that has its roots in early childhood, and is perpetuated throughout the course of one’s entire life. Its potential uses are many, but the overarching goal is to take away aspects of your humanity which would make you resistant to any kind of manipulation that would serve the demonic agenda—and, that, by subjecting you on a routine basis to extreme fear and pain.
Most people only remember a portion of the experience, specifically, the fear, and comparatively few episodes; but, these episodes occur much more frequently and involve much more than fear than your memory will tell you. Regularity and reinforcement go hand-in-hand, it would seem.
I wouldn’t have known this until I met demons, but, apparently, you don’t have to remember the particulars of an egregious act (such as bodily mutilation) to achieve the same damage (or effect) to the mind as otherwise. It seems demons are content with the mark they leave on the subconscious, whereas the rest, being able to serve as a warning they’d rather you not act on, can go. This is one of two primary reasons why you perceive sleep paralysis as a dream when (I’m sorry to say) it is not. The “incognation” process is conducted on the conscious part of the mind; naturally, as you recover from having your short-term memory impaired, you are going to feel like you are waking up from a dream, of which the longer you try to remember, the harder it gets.
These are just a few of the most important facts about sleep paralysis, as it were. If you accept them, and act on them as if you believe they are true, you’ll find that whatever solution to the problem you try, your results will have been predictable. It’s people who believe it to be a physical anomaly or abnormality who never get anywhere.
It just so happens that I solved the problem for myself with 100% efficacy a couple of months ago by merit of my extensive engagement with demons over the course of my life. I took really good notes, you could say, and discovered a little bit about the role and purpose and function of demon “song” as it is “sung” in human space (and, in particular, how it is used against and for humans).
I also observed demons at work causing nightmares. I was even approached by one of my childhood demons from over 30-something years ago, who very apologetically showed me a device she had used on me (and presumably others) that creates fear.
Eventually, I was able to draw corollaries between what I learned about demon song and demonic nightmares both, which allowed me to begin forming ideas as to how to address the problem. All those that seemed viable involved interrupting the song demons use to find each other “in the ether” (the space in your mind where you hear things with your mind’s ear and see with your mind’s eye—the place where you pray silently) to create nightmares jointly and to find a way into your mind to put it there.
Accordingly, I put together an app aimed to make pitch-finding impossible. It beeps random pitches, loudly, and nothing more:
How it works is easy to comprehend: Have you ever tried to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb while someone sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star directly in your ear?
The song that is the key to your inner mind must be sang perfectly on-pitch and on-beat. Your mind will reject as foreign any off-key or off-cadence note. My app, which runs on the same iPhone I sleep with, keeps my mind closed by playing randomized frequencies at varying amplitudes at unpredictable intervals so that no song could be sung beside it—correctly or otherwise—by anyone with a nefarious agenda.
Because the attempt can still sometimes be felt—even though unsuccessful—I have been experimenting with running the app on computers installed in various locations around my apartment in the hopes of throwing the singers off-key.
It has been a wildly successful experiment, let me tell you. I found out that even if a demon can sing the perfect song that connects him to his dream partners, it can be squelched or obfuscated or jammed by simply throwing the listener off the same way my iPhone app throws me as a “listener” off—by playing tones in the air. I also discovered that it takes three demons to make a nightmare: One for setting the scene, one for creating the characters, and a third for creating the dialogue and interaction with the scene and the characters. it’s the third one that you want to avoid. Fortunately, this role cannot be filled without the first two, so it’s sufficient to take out any one of the three to knock out the third.
The source code for my app is available at Github, if you want to see how it works and try it for yourself.

Q:   I’m 16 currently. And last night I think I first experienced my first sleep paralysis. But I definitely heard something screaming in my right ear, and it felt like forever. Is this sleep paralysis?

A: It confounds me the same, no matter how many times I see a term invented to describe an attack by demons that misses the mark so completely as some do. What in the world is sleep paralysis?
Here’s what happened and here’s what it is…
You were attacked in your sleep by demons (plural), who can jointly create a space of a kind that you share with them that is perceived by your mind as a dream. While maybe not always your body, definitely some part of you is making contact with entities who know how to marshal people into a playground of mutual creation—that is, both yours and theirs; and, while you also have some control over this space, too, you are outnumbered by experts, who also have all of the advantages inherent to a demon: permeability, invisibility, etc.
That’s what’s happening, and those are your odds when playing the game on their terms. That, by the way, will always deal you a losing hand.
To come to accept your experiences for what they truly are, and not some ridiculously named medical phenomena, still does not afford you any ground for victory.
The only means to winning that fight, like so many others, is to avoid it. I don’t know what’s been tried, but I doubt anything that fails to identify the cause of the problem and define it correctly (truthfully) works well and in every case.
Any viable means of avoidance would have to at least acknowledge the real problem, and then address each of its particulars. How the problem is caused by demons and how the cause is a problem to you would have to factor into the design at a minimum. That requires not only an intimate knowledge of the process of creating a shared space between minds, but how a demon creates them jointly with other demons; it would also require knowledge of how the human conscious is lured into such a space, and how it allows this space to be created in their mind by other minds.
Although it may sound hard to gain this knowledge and to formulate a defensive strategy from it, just think of how impossible it would be to figure anything worthwhile out of sleep paralysis.
You’re in luck, though, in that I happen to know a way to prevent these with 100% efficacy. It’s called a tone barrier—an app that plays sounds, randomized in frequency and amplitude, which prevents demons from “hitting their notes on key.” This is a rudimentary description of the way they “sing” to each other in the mental ether to find each other and otherwise make beautiful music together. Their harmony is one your mind has been subliminally trained to “hear.” When they sing the song written only for you, your brain opens its ears and listens.
NOTE | A connection between the song of demons and its effect on the human psyche was most notably established in the Greek myth, specifically, in the story of Ulysses and the Sirens.
The fact your brain has been trained for joint telepathic communication without your knowledge should compel you to take this problem as seriously as any. It takes years upon years of coaching and coaxing to get a human mind to participate and cooperate and yield control to another mind. One incident of sleep paralysis is invariably evidence of a lifetime of deceit (which, I hate to say, is not all done while you’re asleep, although you may not recognize it).
Together, this all means that your demons have made an investment in you that they expect to yield continual returns—not just one night of bad dream. There are other reasons w they do this to people. Generally, it’s to modify behaviors and attitudes for their purposes—and this never serves you.
On that note (pardon the pun), I’ll leave you with this thought: you are not the you that you could be while someone with selfish interests is piloting the helm of your mind. It’s not that you’re just going to be a different person; it’s that you are not going to be a person at all. If you want a chance to be you, you should try a tone barrier.
If you have an iPhone, you can download the source code I wrote at Github. Play it next to you while you sleep at safe volume (or under your bed or in your bedroom closet at full volume). That will keep you from hearing their song long enough for them to take away the bait that brought you into connection with them and to switch it out with their hook.