Thursday, February 25, 2016

How your questions to demoniacs about demons reflect your character

This post recounts a conversation with a reader from England; however, it is an in-progress one. I've still formatting to do, and pictures to add. I also intend to add links to past conversations with other readers that were also posted to this blog, and, eventually, to post reader conversations that have yet to be.

An 'aside' before you read it, though: As I was writing this, I asked a few Voices Demons what side they thought a person like the reader below would choose if given the choice. They said:

The side that doesn't make us angry.

Tubules aimed for my neck

People in shock to find themselves victims of demonic activity, having once thought themselves invulnerable or at least immune to a dirty person's problem, nearly always introduce their incredulity with a rapid-fire litany of the most useless questions one could ask, many of which are looking to accuse someone or something, or to elicit an answer that confirms their wish that the problem is rather small, and can be easily dealt with. Such pointed and hopeless questions are always lodged with anyone they deem knowledgeable on the subject—complete and utter strangers, included—with decorum, privacy and discretion being thrown to the window, due likely to a pent-up sense of failure for not announcing the problem to others sooner, and for ignoring it for so long by themselves.
The characteristics of the questions posed by a newly self-realized demoniac
A demoniac in peril could never really ask the wrong question per se, but, as a collective whole, they should comprise the questions one would expect of a survivor; but, as I just wrote above, most of the questions are way off base, and, at worst, reflect selfishness (they're never concerned about anyone else) and lazy (they don't want to do anything to help themselves) and stupid and proud.

Most of the questions asked are already answered on my blog; but, that's not the most annoying part. An outright refusal to adopt any proposed plan of action—or to take any at all—follows even the best and most informative of answers. Granted, most of these do entail inconvenience and require sacrifice. They also follow a common track throughout the course of the questioning. At first, the questioner acknowledges the severity of the problem with all the sincerity they can muster, but that to impose their demand of free use of your time; when it comes down to their responsibilities in the handling of the matter, their sincerity wanes to a half-heartedness and slight disinterest, albeit feigned. Eventually, they suggest that the problem is a product of your imagination or insanity, right when they begin to see a commonality forming between themselves and persons they feel more deserving of it (i.e., you), right before speckling hints of blame on others for their perceived failure to provide a remedy beforehand, let alone to provide one afterwards.

That's what the questions do wrongly, and that's what they say about the interrogator. So, what are questions posed rightly, you may ask? Those borne of prudence and foresight, and asked before the problem became their problem (after all, its expansive nature is clear). What questions speak of impeccable nobility? Those that express a willingness to be any part of a solution (the needs of those who suffer it are equally clear).

Following are questions that speak to the former, in that they were asked too late, and by the typical someone who expects to be served by others, and who, like the others, not once expressed any concern whatsoever for anyone who may literally be tormented by demons around-the-clock (which, for me, is a fact undeniable, a fact that is chief of all facts). As you read them, keep all of what I've said in mind:

[Reader] is in your contacts
Lives in Leicester, United Kingdom

FEB 14TH, 7:47AM[insert photos and videos from reader]I see it
Who is She does She really Work at the Medical Centre?
I thought You would have found out If she did
I have looked at All of your Pictures on your Facebook Page
I do not know 100% What I am seeing but I do know that Demons do exist
It is all down to How the Human Eyes interpret Vision and what is seen
And why did the Nurse look at your Camera? How did she know it was there?
She looks Sinister for some reason
I will not be looking at the Photos again as I find them Scary in a way but also I do not want to get Paranoid
You should try using a Camera that is at 1080P HD I wonder if the Anomalies would show up then
Also if you Zoom in on an Area or Object it Can make the Image go Grainy in Area's sometimes
You should look up Ramstein Air Show Flugtag 1988 apparently the cause of that Air Show Crash was Demons Aliens and Shapeshifting Reptilians
The thing Is it's very difficult for me to Judge what is and is not Real just by seeing Videos or a Photograph
What are all these Demons doing why are they Constantly around? I know they are Harmful but why do they have to be here? How Violent are they?
It also depends on how Much Lighting is in your Room if you had the Light on all the time and took Photos would they still show up?
The Pillow Demon just looks like the Design and Pattern on that Cushion behind you

[insert photos and videos from reader]

[insert photos and videos from reader]
No Demons here I checked the Walls the Towel the stuff in the bottom left corner and right

[insert photos and videos from reader]
I wish there was 100% Solid Evidence that This is True
Please Reply Back To Me
I would not want to be Around You (No Disrespect) But I fear that the Demons would find a new Target
SAT 7:15AM
At least have the Respect to Reply to me James Bush
[insert photos and videos from reader]
[insert photos and videos from reader]
SAT 9:38AM
Images Cropped and made Clearer
[insert photos and videos from reader]
The person on the TV note her Right Eye facing Towards the Arm that Appeared going Upwards
MON 7:51AM
Is there a Reason why you have not Replied to any of my Messages?
WED 5:15AM
You accepted [reader]'s request.[Reader] accepted your request.
What's up, [reader]?
Do you still see Demons?
Only when they are where I am, and I look.
One of your Videos scared me when it shows the Demons at night
Would you like to see one of this morning's?
A close-up of demon, having possessed a man's jacket, springing up from his kitchen sink as he tries to retrieve itAn enhanced (brightened) version of the original still frame taken from a video made at someone's houseThe original still frame that, clearly, without enhancements, shows nothing untoward
Coming in through the Window?
What were they?
They haven't escaped night, that's for sure.
What about the Nurse with the Water bottle?
Let's see
[insert photos and videos from reader]
That is really Strange
Could they have been Homeless People?
They could be the culprits, I don't know; but, demons still have the right to choose their own actions.
What about this one?
If demons want to blame some of it on guilty, homeless people, that's on them.
[insert photos and videos from reader]
Is that the Pattern of the Cushion?
[insert photos and videos from reader]
Where should I be looking?
There are no eyeballs or teeth in just one place in the pattern, or it wouldn't be called a pattern.
A green face, half-exposed by the light.
Are Demons everywhere?
Everywhere they want to be, I'm sure.
Very few are omnipresent.
[insert photos and videos from reader]
I can see it
See what?
The Demon on that Picture
Oh, the green demon.
Was the Nurse with the Water Bottle a Demon also?
I assumed human, and still do.
[insert photos and videos from reader]
That scared me abit
It does look like a Claw
Who the Hell are these People?
There are only two kinds of people in this world; which of those is your guess?
Bad People?
Sons of disobedience; sons of God.“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience— among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind.”Ephesians 2:1-3 ESV[insert photos and videos from reader]
Why was she looking at you like that?
Can you answer this Question? Could Life itself be an Illusion?
Part of conveying a message mentally to another involves visualizing the subject of the message; it always applies when targeting them.
Did she really work at the Medical Center?
No, life is not an illusion.
Does, as far as I know.
Name? I will look it up on Facebook
I don't know her name.
[insert photos and videos from reader]
What's wrong with him?
And, it would be unwise to approach anyone who can fire demons at you from a plastic sack.
I have seen Faces like that before
Her, with a him in her.
I have noticed strange things that People do especially when I go Shopping or into Town
I've never seen them without a digital camera.
What happens if a Demon gets pissed off
Demons are not strange; people aren't either.
They can act strangely, but that's purely intentional.
Are Shapeshifter's real?
That's not an official name or kind of species.
What are they then?
Many species can alter their shape, but no two do it in the same way.
Can they harm Humans?
A sucker demon can fold into itself to escape a grasp (using its outer wall to erect and fortify a tunnel, which they then pour into the tunnel opening; the length of the tunnel shortens as it comes through the bottom, eventually disappearing altogether when the sucker demon has completely escaped.
There must be a way to actually see a Demon without a Digital Camera?
A tree person can deflate like a balloon.
Not if they are cloaked.
Can they see us and we don't know that they are around?
Yes, they can see you just fine. You're not cloaked.
Sometimes I think at Night I can see Strange Patterns on my Bedroom Curtains
If I look for long enough Strange things appear
I am sure I saw like a Face
But it could just be the Dark and the Patterns
Will the Demons ever leave you alone? What do they want?
My House is not Haunted or anything
You mean the ones I am bothered by? No.
Some of them have been at it since I was at least 5.
I am a lifelong investment of some kind.
Would a Forward Looking Infra-Red Camera show Demons?
What is this one?
[insert photos and videos from reader]
Your house is most certainly occupied by any number of cloaked entities. Demons' restrictions on reproduction are lesser than humans. They fill every corner they can.
Should I be scared?
They won't hurt me will they?
What about my Neighbours? And the Whole Street?
Cat fur. It must be considered in the context of the other images in the gallery.
You can feel afraid, but do not act afraid.
Yes, they will (and are) hurting you, but part of it is not their fault, and...
What about the other Houses in my Street? And my Neighbours do all of the other Houses have Demons in them?
...the part that is not their fault may be all they are doing to hurt you.
Can't we just Summon them all and tell them to Piss Off? Or would that be bad
Cloaked matter degrades non-cloaked matter.
I am Autistic and I have Asperger's Syndrome by the way
You also have good questions...
You know that I am from the United Kingdom, don't worry about what you have so far.
What about Trapping Demons?
I've been to London. Very interesting.
You cannot trap a demon very easily.
Out of 100 what's the possibility of my House having any Demon in it? Or are you saying they are everywhere?
I've never heard of anyone or anything that traps demons.
What everywhere?
But not everywhere?
How do Spirit Mediums rid Demons?
Maybe everywhere.
Demons seem very Strong
What do they actually look like?
They [mediums] don't without the help of other demons, I guarantee you.
Can Demons show themselves?
If there is a medium out there with an army of demons at her beck-and-call, I'd be surprised. It could happen, though.I think I have got abit Paranoid about Demons since you just told me all that
It could also be that a real, successful medium lives in a part of the world here demons are relatively weak.Then, she could just have a demon posse, or just one really powerful demon.
Can Baby's and Dogs see Demons?
I can fix your paranoia, if you'd like.
They see what we see, but very little of what we don't.
What about a Full Spectrum Camera?
There must be some kind of Device that can spot them
By simply pointing out a few facts to consider, which should bring the ability to cope.
A CCD camera sensor spots them just fine. You simply have to narrow its output in two ways.
My House itself has never been Haunted the only noise I hear is after the Central Heating has gone off and the creaking of the Floorboards
Intensity, in a limited band of the spectrum.
Demons don't always walk quietly; and, cloaked matter is less susceptible to gravity. Most don't walk around. Some never use the floor.
Am I right to think if I keep thinking about Demons I will never move forward with my Life?
No, I think if you ignore them, you're suicidal, and a danger to others.
If some of them are dangerous, and you ignore that, you are not taking care of yourself or the other people (and demons) the bad ones could hurt.I would gladly take Demons on I am not really Scared of anything anyway the Fact is Demons are not Man enough to show themselves for what they are that's what I think James
The responsible thing to do is to handle the danger in the best way you can.
The thing is it would be impossible to get rid of every Demon
If I found out that you knew there were demons, and did not tell me...that would be bad.
Somebody needs to make a Device that gets rid of them Permanently and that Sanitises the area
You would not want to get rid of all demons.Why?
They are not dirty, and they are not all evil.
You're thinking of Satan's Angels.
Somebody mentioned your Facebook Group to me the other day they told me that you are Banned from entering the United Kingdom? Is that True?
That describes A LOT of demons, but not even close to a third of them.
Can Demons get pissed off?
Or Angry
The United Kingdom would be very smart to ban me; it hasn't, though, to my knowledge.
But, [their may be truth to it, as] there are other authorities in this world that define their territory the same as we do.
When I told my Dad about your Facebook Page and the Demons he said (The Mans chatting Shit) then my Dad said (Look if there's any Demon I'm the only one around here)
These authorities, always demon in nature, can apply bans, as well.
Can you say with 100% Evidence that Demons exist?
But my House seems normal the Walls Objects etc seem fine
It's unfortunate that your dad could not be honest. It means they are hiding from you, and your dad has agreed to help them.
Yes, I can.
I'm sure they are fine[, comparitively].
I have known my Dad since 1992 when I was Born he is Human of course
James in 1992 were you still thinking about Demons?
I have had over 20 people say to me that I need to move on and forget that Crap
A demon doesn't have to misbehave; and, if you're not useful to them, they may not make themselves aware [or the opposite, depending].
You made a Mistake further up
I never thought about demons until I met some. And, I never thought about them a lot until I started getting hurt a lot.I think you fell for it 😀
Okay, maybe.
Anyway, if you did believe in them, what next with regards to me?
You're very difficult to work out as a person
What Next?
I am simple[—not difficult]. I see a demon, I take its picture.
Can we just have a Life where we forget about Demons?
Then, I write notes, and publish both.
Not if they are hurting you, of course.
But, that's not the point.
I saved this Conversation just for my Records I have to keep track of everybody
You may choose to forget about demons, if you are not bothered by them.
[insert photos and videos from reader]
But, you should be bothered when they are hurting your own people.
(Your Own People) Yes I am Black

I am one of your own people, and they are hurting me.
No, human.
But, that's still not the point.
James you are making it difficult for me What to believe
No, I'm making it very simple. What you think about reflects your character.Can Demons hide in Fresh Air?
First, you should already believe in demons.
Who invented the Word Demon
It's even in the English Dictionary
Not any differently than they otherwise hide. Hiding for them means not reflecting visible light.
What about that Video where they enter your Apartment?
Did they go through the Window?
When that happened where the Hell were you
You could even hear the Noise
Demons is a term for an entity or species whose molecules are naturally cloaked, and whose minds [are equipped to] function in more than one time flow rate [organize non-linear memories, and process and convey them in linear fashion, succinctly and coherently].
[Those are] the two biggest [defining qualities].
In my apartment.
Where they came from or how they got in depends on the species, and then down to that particular demon.
Why didn't you turn the Light on?
You can clearly see an Elbow in the Video and an Arm
So it would be harder for them to see me.
Can't you turn the Contrast up?
I'm going to sleep; let's chat later.
What time is it?
See even you get Tired That proves your Human
You did Scare me at first
If there are any videos or images you would like to process, let me know which ones, and I'll send you the originals. If there are any you'd like me to improve, I will.[Reader] missed a call from you.
I only like Text Messenger
Good night

By the way my Dad is an alright Man

(I didn't mean to call; my bad)
I just heard a noise upstairs
Probably the Floorboards
It's alright
Then, ask him again. If he lies, find out why. I doubt he likes them, so it may be coercion.
Do you Work?
That means you're in danger (the lied to always are), and so is your dad, quite frankly.
How can you say that?
About somebody you have never met?
Because it's the truth.
Because I know demons [and people].
They don't hide from people they don't intend to hurt.
Have you ever had a Fight?
Is it true Americans hate the British?
If you grew up ignorant of demons, that's because they have, are and will hurt you. That's true for anyone who doesn't believe.
Does that go for anybody?
Even President Obama?
No, Americans hate no one, believe it or not.
We literally have no hate at all for anyone. [Why bother? Who's hurting us?]
If they say they don't believe, they are either a victim or a liar.
When you were 1 Months old did you think about Demons?
I gotta sleep. TTYL
Hmm alright
Ah gotcha
That was a Great excuse and avoiding my Question

Chat Conversation End