Monday, August 13, 2012

VIDEO | Blended hobgoblin demon sneaking up behind me (or false alarm?)

Yet another attack, coming from behind, I thought, as I rested my head wearily on a dining room table. But, instead of waiting for my instincts to tell me when and where to grab, squeeze, twist, and throw, I just pointed my cellphone camera behind me and waited.

Then, nothing.

Maybe I'm getting paranoid, I worried. But, after checking out the video, I decided, Maybe not, because it showed the masked visage of a hobgoblin demon, creeping up behind me:
Or, so it looked at first glance; but, after taking a second look, it's just the back of the chair, catching the light, and kind of looking like one of their masks.

Demons of all kinds, when facing a camera with nowhere to run, will turn into whatever they are approaching from. In fact, most don't approach unless something that looks like them is in your line of site to them (search for 'blending' and camouflage' on this blog for more information).

But, usually, not like this, and not to this fine of a degree; rather, it usually looks something like the Spectre of Death, its head blended with window coverings, and its body submerged in shadow (see VIDEO TIMELINE | Spectre of Death, Camouflaged). What I'm wondering now is whether my instinct is really mine, or if the sense of a demon presence is affected by them. Unlike the type of blending (or camouflage) I just described, that would not be unusual.

For example, "Aunt Bee," the childhood monster of my nightmares, and who was shown by the Voices Demons to be the real thing earlier this year, carries a rod-like device that, when activated, generates overwhelming fear. It would then be feasible that other demons can generate other sensations, and do so just to give you the creepy crawlies when they are around.

And, here I thought I had Spidey-sense.

But, also, if it wasn't a camouflaged or blended hobgoblin demon, this video would be quite a coincidence, considering that a demon from my childhood, which is shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare, also showed up as a dresser drawer knob in a video made on the same day as this one.

Like a hobgoblin demon and the back of the chair, the childhood demon in the related video and dresser door knob match exactly.

PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable

The Voices Demons once said, "Stupid people make us angry." Of course, this was less of a threat at the time, and more of a taunt made to a victim who had no chance of making them happy. Besides, the only thing that makes them angry is when their victim isn't getting hurt.
A censored picture was placed first in this post to prevent accidental exposure to those who do not consent to viewing such material or to those who are not otherwise permitted to do so when visiting the home page
On the day they did this, then, I'm betting that they weren't angry. In addition to scores of other injuries at the hands of demons, which continue to mount, they irreparably damaged my penis while I was, apparently, sedated. There is a dark ring around the circumference, located in the middle, which appears constricted when in a semi-flaccid state, but is otherwise not evident in a total erection or when flaccid.
A dark ring is situated in the middle of otherwise healthy tissue (full photo available upon request)
When lying down and held by the base, the portion above the ring falls to the side. The tissue under the ring is tough and less spongy than the rest above and below it.

Also, nerve damage is extensive; sensation on the entire right side of the penis has been diminished by more than half.

This is similar to the damage done to my fingertips, particularly, yesterday, the same day needles were inserted into several major internal organs and head. This damage was achieved by burning my fingertips with an instrument that either applied heat from the inside out or so quickly that the surface of the skin was left relatively unmarred.
NOTE | To see some of the instruments used by demons to cause injury, see Spiked instrument used repeatedly on my neck and back to inflict pain. To learn about one facet of the demon and human collaborator propensity to inflict physical injury in psychotic fashion, read Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, to punish and control.
The Voices Demons have constantly eluded to this in their non-sensical ramblings, specifically, by substituting the word "emasculating" or "emasculate" where it might fit, if you were in-the-know. Of course, I wasn't; but, now, I am. This was mentioned on this blog as far back as April 11th in Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons threats, rambling, in which I wrote that one of the strange things they were repeatedly saying was, "Dude, don't emasculate us like that," and that they "trying to arrange a forced castration and use this term to elude to that future event, hence the term; the meaning here, however, is that they don't want me telling others what they're doing and saying."

This was done as "punishment" for having removed sucker demons that were placed on my skin, and is typical of the demons who constantly monitor every movement, who exact immediate retribution for a given "offense," which can include sliding entire walls into moving hands, as shown in Demons Move Wall to Injure Hand (see also VIDEO | Sliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them).
NOTE | Obviously, they mean to inflict psychological harm at the same time, which is touched on in various posts throughout the blog, but most extensively in Mad as Hell: Demon-induced trauma likely to blame for PTSD.
Evidence of handling by demons while sedated can actually be seen in Demonic Intruders Attack, which is a video made by the intruders themselves using my cellphone, and in which my unconscious form is lifted up by at least one demon, right after one clearly whispers, "Pick him up." Clearly, this camera was being held by someone else; at one point, I was dangled in the air by both arms as the camera was panned around my torso:
Both arms are clearly raised in the air in the close-up of my neck and shoulders, indicating that I was not alone
Besides both arms clearly being raised in the air, I am shown falling back into the arms of the needle-fingered demon shortly thereafter, indicating that I was not alone. You can also see the demons laying me back on my bed after a brief period of darkness.
NOTE | In the original video—before it was removed—you could see me being carried away in the arms of a demon, who was running into a point in mid-air, even though it looked as if he was running into the horizon (think Back to the Future). That's what hyperdimensional transport looks like when a human-looking entity uses it: they simply shrink to a dot, and then extinguish like an ash from a fire.
Aside from these four indicators of the presence of others in my apartment, the video is mostly a jumble of images to most.

There are two other videos in which demons appear out of nowhere, and in which I am subsequently rendered unconscious, namely, VIDEO TIMELINE | Demons Attack at Law Library and Another Demon Assault Caught on Video.

Modifications to the human body—especially, bone tissue—can be made very quickly by demons, as is made evident in Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull and Skull disfigured in just two days by sucker demon attacks; and, it can be done without pain, as sucker demons can render an area of the body both immobile and insensate, as described in Sucker demons use 'acupuncture' to immobilize victims.

Injuries at the hands of demons (and others) were the primary motivator for starting the blog, and were first described in these posts: