Saturday, April 13, 2013

#569 - VIDEOS | Orange flyer stalks from behind, green orbs light the way during nighttime walk

A note about this post
Unless you're looking specifically to complain about being "unable to see what [I'm] talking about," view the videos in this post in HD mode only; and, for the sake of Heaven, play them at full screen.

In a video made last night during one of my all-too-frequent nighttime walks among the unholy, an orangish-white flyer—a catch-all term for a flying demonic entity of the variety first shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Two Demonic Entities Fly Into My Apartment—follows me from behind, trying to keep up with me and to stay on my path while performing various acrobatics, and while evading the camera as best as possible (the flyer is first seen bouncing on the pavement before launching into the air):

NOTE | The flyer is hard to see for about the first 16 seconds; so, be patient: it's really hard to miss at around the 50-second mark or so; at that point, it will look as if it were right in front of the camera lens.
The flight pattern of the flyer closely mimics that of the first entity in the above-referenced video, which looks like a dust bunny on the end of a wire, and flies like a dragonfly:
The flight patterns of the orangish-white flyer in the new video and the one circled on the left in the image above are similar enough to suggest a relationship, species-wise
It eventually dives to the ground, staying there until I encounter a green orb flying just ahead of me; in that video, the flyer tries to mimic the movements of the green orb, but gives up when another green orb joins the first:

These videos were slowed down by a factor of 4, in order to demonstrate that they aren't lens flares. At the normal playback speed, the green orbs flit around so quickly, those without a trained eye wouldn't be able to tell the difference without someone else pointing it out.

By the way, most demonic entities, either by merit of their cloak or make-up, either are free from the law of gravity and/or weigh nothing, hence the instantaneous starts and stops, and 90° turns and the like. When you have neither mass nor momentum, there is no force inhibiting your movements.

Toss-away clips
Following are three slow-motion clips made from the same video, which may, in some parts, duplicate the footage shown above, but were provided for completeness' sake:

The original video
The original, full-length video, playing at normal speed, follows: