Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Green orb examines, but does not attack

Once you've seen one green orb video, you've seen them all, really; but, there's still a point to posting more than one when such a video shows behavior far different from that shown in all the others. Of all the videos on this blog showing a green orb, only this one shows an orb examining, but not attacking:

At least not the rider, anyway. How a green orb makes a distinction between friend and foe (me, not a friend; the other guy, not a foe) obviously requires a close-up look. What it sees that defines a person one way or the other, however, remains unknown.

For more videos showing green orbs, search this blog for orbs.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Second Prison Letter Response: Prayers borne of true faith never go unanswered

I got another one today [see Prison Letter Response: The why and how of loving God as a murderer], this time from the youngest—incarcerated at age 15, although now 27—whereas the first letter was from an over 35-years-old (although also incarcerated young, specifically, at age 17). The other difference between the two is the writer of this latest letter goes home soon; the first writer is imprisoned for life [see also The Prison Letters of a Demoniac].
NOTE | Or, so they say. God-willing (and He is), more on that later. For now, let's just say l have plans, and So does He [read Isaiah 42:7; Isaiah 51:14; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18]. We'll see what's up in the future...
Anyway, I haven't finished reading this one yet; each letter I write and receive are like treasures to me—treasures that require the greatest of care and handling. Both my body and mind and soul need to be in the right place, and it needs to be the right time before I introduce someone's eternal future into the custody and care of my heart, which is essentially what you're doing whenever you make contact with someone who desires Christ as much as is purported (so far) by the first letter of Timothy Ross, Jr.:
As I was posting this letter, a Voices Demons said to me, From now on, anytime you make someone a special person in your life, we are going to 'make a drama' for you. I'm not exactly clear on what that means; lately, they have been trying to wrest back control over their lives using the same silly talk they employ on and for other people, which conceals sinister threats and name-calling and other forms of abuse in packages that may sound innocent enough to, but to the experienced listener are known to be anything but.
What eats at a Voices Demon—or any other demon, for that matter—is the fact that it is only with my express granting of their ability to carry out any such threat that adds anything more than hot air to them.
And, while I admit my past attempts to permanently revoke the granting of such were short-lived, my latest has so far gone unchallenged by the lure irresistablé of the past. A small part of the reason is simply because, as I say when I'm dead serious about wanting something, "I want what I want."
NOTE | The latter (rare) statement is always followed by a brief silence [on Earth], with my eyes deadlocked on the eyes of the hearer. Following that is the getting of what I want.
And, in the case of those incarcerated, I want something better. I need God for that—especially considering the Voices Demons have attempted to thwart every effort to write even a letter to them, a sentiment alluded to in this recent e-mail:

An e-mail to the prison ministry that connected me to inmates such as Timothy Ross

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Prison Letter Response: The why and how of loving God as a murderer

If you think about it, it shouldn't be surprising that the first responder out of the five men with which I recently began corresponding on all things righteous and otherwise holy [see The Prison Letters of a Demoniac] is the oldest, and is facing the most time—a life sentence, without parole—having committed the gravest of crimes: murder.

A pervasive and strong feeling of guilt is the number one hindrance to one's salvation (next to the sin it springs from, of course)—I can never forgive myself—and, if you let it, can block you from hearing, accepting and believing that God loves you—how can God love such a bad person like me?

Not even an overwhelming sense of guilt borne of murder negates that need Everyone need and desire for God's love
I would imagine that the occasional good feeling Jose Jorge Andrade may derive from the Word on God and His love for him is soon quashed by, if not the recurring nightmares that wake him up every night, then a glance at the insides of his cell in Unit B-12 of Pelican Bay State Prison in which he wakes up.

Forgiveness may be a free gift, but it takes faith to appropriate it. I can only imagine how hard that must be for Jorge, seeing as I myself—so far, a non-murderer—haven't moved any mountains yet with mine [read Mark 11:23]. Faith, then, must be that much harder to come by with the incessant reminder afforded by a life behind bars, the estrangement from family, friends—from intimacy—and all the horrors most people dare not think about facing you every waking minute of every day.

Even those who agonize for God's love recognize the necessity of clearing the path to Him, freeing it from any concerns that may hinder or dampen the relationship down the line
I'm sure I have more than a pat answer to Jose's concerns along the line of faith in all things considered. My situation is not better than his in some respects, but my hope for a better future suffers a far lesser challenge than his.
A peruse skimming of video still frames revealed the means by which demons disfigure and age faces prematurely; the "X" over each eye is a network of cloaked stitching, which, like braces that straighten teeth, gently and slowly reshape one's face
Even still, before writing, I'm going to ponder the matter until I can form realistic parallels between his situation and mine, and then offer any support I can muster. While answering this letter is by far not my biggest challenge in life right now, it is certainly my most important one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

VID | Green troll, hiding in utensil holder

Following is a video clip showing a green troll(?), hiding in a utensil holder in the kitchen; it shows only his head (lower-left):

Thursday, April 14, 2016

PHOTO | Close-up of tendril from hidden demonic weapon, lashing out

April 29, 2015 (updates follow original post)
Demons use (and, perhaps, need) energy originating from non-cloaked sources to make their maneuver on non-cloaked sources. It's something to do with the cloaked state of their molecules, which are the same as ours in all respects when you consider what we generally think of as properties of molecules, but are completely different in all the properties we don't—namely, gravity, tangibility, permeability, and (believe it or not), time flow. In their natural state, they have little natural influence over matter that is like ours: non-cloaked; the same goes in reverse. They can't touch (much) and won't stick to anything—not even the ground—without adhering to something with a tangible energy emanating from non-cloaked sources.

That energy can be kinetic (motion)—which is why some strike only when you move—and it come from light, particularly, wherever it is refracted or reflected—which is why you find them most often in the twilight and moving with and between shadows [see Demonic Feng-Shui; see also Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow]; it can also come from magnetic fields—which is how they keep from drifting away from the person or thing they possess. Friction is a big one—which is why you find them in and on every body part and in every article of clothing [see Repeated strikes to the neck by metal-spiked, mechanical tentacle]. Textile products are prime real estate, in fact; you get to move more as a shirt than, say, a shadow under the bed.
NOTE | Intense heat also bridges the gap; but, it's not used for obvious reasons.
Today, I moved my cellphone camera from its perch on top of the computer desk. That somehow provided the energy a demonic weapon needed to fire its tendrils so that I could feel them, both being in a cloaked (and intangible) state otherwise. The camera was still on as I pulled it down, and, while I got struck for the umpteenth time today by a demonic weapon for having done so, I also inadvertently captured a tendril firing from the weapon in mid-lash:

Two intertwined tendrils, lashing out from a hidden demonic weapon, were inadvertently captured
Over two years ago, I posted a couple of still frames ago showing the lashing whip of a demon as it struck me in the head that looked very similar to this [see SCIENCE | Dark-variety demons rely on discharge of excess electrons into humans for possession]; and, more recently, I posted several still frames that were modified by one of my imaging filters in order to highlight the demonic-weapons fire in them [see Clandestine surgical mutilation, hidden demonic "bomb" uncovered via demonic-activity video filter]. But, this latest pic is far different than those—and I'm not just talking in terms of clarity or realism; the newer photo shows a tendril launched from a mass-produced, mass-deployed, mass-fired weapon, which can be found anywhere and everywhere (well, not literally found, as they are invisible and intangible until fired). That's a far greater threat than that from the occasional lashing from a demon's whip; not only that, but I think this unedited, as-it-looks-in-real-life shot does the problem more justice than the unnatural appearance of those processed by image filters like the ones I use.

If you agree, you may want to review these key facts about demonic weapons, in general:
In the video clip from which the still frame was taken, you cannot see the tendril until it is processed by one of my new Photo Editing Extensions [see Demonic maggots erode face, neck (iPhone Photo Editing Extension)], which lightens dark video—albeit with some slight quantizing (color noise that isn't chroma)—and only then by skimming the video frame-by-frame (due, of course, to its lightning-fast speed). I posted the brightened version only, and slowed the video down just before the tendril is shown; also, I froze the tendril frame:

NOTE | See the black elongated streak that arcs over the window sill right after the tendril is launched; it looks like a black version of the very first white flying sucker demon shown on this blog four years ago [see Sucker Demon Flys into Apartment; see also Flying red sucker demon].
More reading
Search for cloakdemonic weaponslight, and technology to find many of the numerous posts to this blog pertaining to energy and demons and how that facilitates interaction between cloaked and non-cloaked (natural) matter (some of them herald from all the way back to the blog's 2011 beginnings).

Collectively, these posts include more than enough data to verify that cloaked matter exists and how it exists; and, not only that, but some actually include working product that enables visual detection of cloaked matter using an iPhone, no less.
NOTE | Much more "product" is available than what is published to this blog. Just ask, if you have a need.
UPDATE | April 14th, 2016
Following are images made of the same or similar hidden weapon shown in the images above, which were made around this same date last year: