Thursday, December 7, 2017

TRADING FACES | One demon's face morphs into another

The following video is intended to satisfy the curiosity of those who have ever wondered how multiple demons in possession of a single human exert individual control (or take turns driving the car, per modern demonic idiom), or at least what it looks like when they trade places.

In it, a human possessed by at least two demons rifles through a stack of objects, his own face replaced by a horned, sharp-featured face of one of the possessing demons; in mid-task, that demon's face is replaced by the face of another demon, who shares possession with the first:

Although the demons share the same size heads, the difference between their skin tone and facial features are vast:

This phenomenon could be mistakenly labeled morphing; however, it is actually two demons swapping positions. The human face is not replaced or altered in any way; the demon face overlaps it.

NOTE | Only the human face can be seen with the naked eye; a digital camera and special circumstances related to lighting and the occurrence of a period of high demonic activity are required to see the demon face.

There are many videos posted to this blog showing demonic morphing of some kind; however, this is the first one showing demon-to-demon morphing.

NOTE | Seeing one demon taking over for another in mid-task without skipping a beat is no surprise, even though this is the first time. Demons that possess must establish that deep of a mental connection with their hosts to facilitate effectual possession as a matter of course; it stands to reason that two demons that possess could do the same with each other.