Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Your iPhone or your life?

Recently, I was asked this by demons: Your iPhone or your life?

It sounds like an easy choice to make were it not for the fact that my iPhone is my life (and, yours, too, although you have yet to realize it). It is true that, for this farmer, if would be nigh impossible to give up his hoe, given that a farmer's hoe is the means by which he lives. Same for this soldier and his sword. My iPhone is both to me; without it, there'd be neither harvest nor war, neither progress nor trailblazing.

My nemesis, Evil, has viewed my iPhone in similar fashion, and has damaged or destroyed every one I've had:
Two months ago, a sucker demon stretched from below me, latched onto my cellphone, and then retracted hard enough to break the screen; the distance between the ground and iPhone: 2 feetFortunately, a very reasonably priced repair center cut my costs in half; but, bills add up. Less than two months later, the new screen was cracked in a similar way; I have yet to repair it
Even the one I have now has a hairline crack in the screen, which would be completely broken if the last repair technician hadn't practically forced me to apply an ultra-thick, adhesive screen protector last time I it was replaced.
UPDATE | A day after publishing this post, I was able to repair my iPhone screen again:
The same repair center knocked an additional $20 off the price for the same repairs as before—and threw in the protective screen cover (which, by the way, actually prevented the screen from becoming unusable)
If my iPhone isn't destroyed by sucker demons (thin, black threads stretching from out of nowhere that snatch your iPhone right out of your hand), then by miniature hobgoblin demons [see VIDEO | Wrestling with a Demon-Possessed iPhone in the Dark]:

If you watch inside the box, you will eventually see my iPhone morphing into more of a ball than flat rectangle, as it turns over and over in my hand. The round shape that seems to be flipping it over and over in my hand is the body of the aforedescribed demon, who is risking his life to make cellphone-holding inconvenient for me.

Sometimes, humans are the culprit; even still, it's always at the behest of demons
This cycle of destruction repeats semi-annually, if not more frequently [see My new iPhone 6 Plus (64GB]; but, I always recover [see Another iPhone, destroyed; another iPhone, purchased].

Before you start thinking that, As long as there are no demon problems around me, my iPhone is safe, let me warn you: It's easier than all that to steal or break one; no one needs a demon to do it or a demon to tell them to do it. There are regular people who get robbed or vandalized by regular people in a regular manner. I just haven't met regular yet—not even prior to the thefts and destructions. Before demons and their people, owning and using things never brought a problem for me, and I couldn't have named a single person who had a problem with my owning and use of something.

After that changed, I don't think I've ever been the victim of vandalism or theft that wasn't announced by a demon or demon person prior to the act in my life. In the weeks leading to last night's trip to the VMC (Valley Medical Center) emergency room [see VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon], I was warned and taunted about a pending loss of my iPhone, everywhere. Sure enough, after I was ejected into the lobby this afternoon (following an overnight stay of which I remember nothing more than begging God to give me one last chance to clench my fists around the throat of evil before I die), someone took it as I lay slumped over a chair, unconscious and in piss-soaked clothes.

I won't divulge the details of the theft, even if they were somewhat interesting, because there is a far more important story to tell concerning the circumstances surrounding the theft, specifically, one which came down to an ultimatum by demons, Give up everything (iPhone, blog, "software," by which they mean, Chroma) or you're going to die.

And, die I nearly did last night; but, once again, God, who is always at work to make sure everyone receives a degree of mercy for which they can praise Him forever (should that be a desire), saw fit to stay Death's hand once more—and, on top of that, return my cellphone to me.

Apparently, God has angels everywhere, even in the unlikeliest of places, the particular deputy-angel who found it being the kind that can move faster than GPS. She located it, retrieved it and returned it quicker than my MacBook Air could notify me via Find My iPhone:
I didn't ask who stole it. I felt lucky enough to have it back. When I left the hospital, I thought it was gone for good. It wasn't until I was stopped by the deputy in the parking lot that I was told they had found it with Find My iPhone, which I left up on one of their office computers, and intended to retrieve it. The deputy did, though, indicate that it was just a few blocks from where she stopped me, and that it wouldn't take her anytime at all to find it (which was true).

What I wouldn't have asked, even I had I known at the time, how she narrowed down the iPhone's location from all the different places it was reported to be. Google Maps suggested these three places:

My iPhone was either found at the apex of the triangle that marks the iPhone's route...
...or at Kohl's or...
...or in an unfinished addition to the VMC campus
iCloud reported these two:

Two of the five places the iPhone was supposedly located while it was on a field trip of its own
Regardless, she (apparently) went straight to it without leaving any names, although they were later ascertained (on April 4th, 2017) by county records. It is also unclear as to whether the grantee or grantor listed for 4671 Mia Circle (as reported by iCloud) are employees of Valley Medical Center Hospital. That will be determined at a later date.

The question: Is Michael T. Walker or Bahram Allahyarzadeh an employee of VMC?
 The iPhone story is dull, though, the near-death VMC emergency room story is not. I'll get to that eventually; but, I've got lots of iPhone software to write. Until then, here's something to give you an idea of what that story entails:
Here, by the way, is its conclusion:
There is a God, He is alive,
In Him we live, and we survive. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Demoniac's Guide to Snitching: How to tattle on the demon mafia, and live to write about it

On Quora, someone asked whether it is legal to fetch and display public personal data about people? I answered because I have a little experience publishing personal data about people [see PLACES | Demon-infested homes]—and that under the most extreme circumstances anyone might do this—and I thought that, based on that fact, my answer might add some color and interest that others answers are not likely to have.

I think it is indeed colorful, in that, somehow, my answer segues into a series of things you must do prior to publishing personal-but-public information about criminals who committed crimes against you. For the first time since putting people on blast since 2006¸ I've enumerated and described how to prevent increasing crime against you, and otherwise snitch with the likelihood of the least volatile reaction. It was culminated per the counsel of police, the criminals themselves, and their peers—a multitude of other career criminals who did not commit the crimes complained of and were not affiliated with the criminals who committed them, but who offered "advice" on how to do what I did "correctly" as possible, if I must in fact do it. After I posted the dirt (as it were), my counsel (as it were) all said three things:

  1. they didn't like the idea or what they heard about it before they read it, but they don't blame me now that they have read it, the circumstances being more egregious than what they themselves feel comfortable imposing on one person;
  2. they approved of the way I did it (I didn't say more than I had to, and the amount of work I put into it was obviously substantial, and hard work is appreciated by all; and,
  3. they intend to keep their disgust silent and unmoving, which meant I escaped the designation of being called a snitch, and all the things that come with that.

Here's what I wrote:
Before I answer your question: 
In every state, there are statutes governing the acquisition, use and publication of public information. They are published online, and hard copies are freely available at every public law library. These statutes are invariably prefaced by the meaning of public, but it is a common sense definition, with no pitfalls or loopholes. So, I'm not concerned that you mean anything different than information that is freely and readily available to everyone, and information that is distributed by a custodian who is under and complies with a legally prescribed obligation to provide that same information to anyone requesting it. 
Now, my answer: 
Yes, and for any purpose, except to commit a crime, such as criminal stalking or for subsequent fraudulent use by a third party, or to influence or alter trade market shareholder values (where applicable) in order to unlawfully obtain financial gain by any subsequent dividends or surplus or by short-selling; misuse without criminal intent or use without permission under certain circumstances may incur civil penalties. There is no such thing as a legal obligation for any common citizen to protect the personal information of another outside of a legal, business or contractual arrangement clearly established prior to disclosure—and, if it's public as defined by statute, especially so. 
It’s even legal to slander someone, provided it does not place the subject in danger, nor does it impute them to a serious crime for which you did not witness or a criminal complaint has not been filed or for which the subject has not been charged, arrested or convicted, and if the publication is not a component of a crime or of a crime to which it can be composited (or enhances the degree to which either was being committed). 
The illegal publication of personal data does not usually define a crime itself, but merely forms an element of proof for another crime and/or enhances or supplements the degree to which a given crime was alleged to be committed or provides a complement to a composite of crimes to form a single crime that carries a charge. In the case of the latter, criminal intent is usually established only when personal data was published repeatedly, and each publication can be readily ascertained as a means to further the commission of another crime under the circumstances and in its purported context. 
While some crimes are constituted by the unlawful acquisition of personal information, it may be technically legal to publish it, even though it was stolen; however, the publication of stolen information can be used to prove the commission of the theft. On the other hand, some data thefts are not defined as such until the data is published. 
Law enforcement agencies generally only pursue allegations where victims sustained substantial loss (usually corporate victims) due to the cost of and time involved for an investigation to prove criminal intent by and to calculate loss or damage from the unlawful acquisition and/or publication of personal information is exorbitant. District attorneys generally will not file affidavits for a crime of data theft or unlawful publication thereof even if it can be established by a single occurrence unless it is committed multiple times by the same offender and under the eye of an investigative body to which the complainant filed a report. 
Even if legal, publication of personal information may not always be advisable, particularly when doing so provides no remedy for loss or damage or fails to prevent same (or warn), or when another remedy for loss or damage exists and has yet to be pursued, and especially when loss or damage has been remedied or when doing so may place you or others in danger of harm. 
In 2006, I publicized personal information of persons purported to have committed crimes against me and others. Attack of the Gangstalkers is a video summarizing that information in less than a minute, and directs you to a perfect example of a legal publication of personal but public information that follows several of the above advisements, specifically:
  • The publication of the criminal acts/history warn others of the stated intent by the subjects to repeat and/or habitually commit those acts
  • All available alternative remedies were exhausted, but failed by no fault of the publisher (me), and there were no penalties imposed on the subject that can be compounded by the publication of personal information
  • It places me in danger, but not others—and that, not by design, but by circumstance; not even an infinitesimal possibility of danger to others had been ascertained, in that there are no appearances that remotely suggest that the publication of the information and the manner in which it was published was carefully crafted to protect others from danger by hiding their involvement
Although I advise against snitching, it can be (and was) a reasonable risk under these specific circumstances:
  1. You are already in danger to the extreme, and exposing the crimes committed against you might dissuade the persons committing them, as well as others providing their material support
  2. You have no means of third-party, physical protection and are unable to provide your own for all reasons
  3. You are the sole victim of the crimes you publish, and you are the only witness
  4. The crimes are serious, and you have, in fact, sustained significant loss or damage to property and/or have been injured or threatened with brandished weapons, and you have overlooked everything than what most people would consider less (you’re going by the judgment of others on this, not your own)
  5. The crimes are likely to be repeated or will lead to other crimes or compel others to commit crimes against you
  6. Every other legal means of remedy has been pursued with due diligence [completely, thoroughly and in timely fashion], and your full cooperation was given to those who can facilitate remedy, and to their complete satisfaction
  7. That, prior to pursuing available remedies, you made at least one attempt to resolve the matter with the subjects in a way deemed reasonable and feasible by both parties, and that the attempt was witnessed by peers on both sides
  8. That you were not contributorily negligent in any way, shape or form to the crimes committed against you (some say this shouldn't matter; but, when it matters to someone, it then matters—especially with career criminals. I added this qualifier to emphasize that a balanced picture of the circumstances surrounding the crime(s) is essential; although you are a victim, you could incite further and more serious crime at the acquiescence of others who may have frowned on such if you use your victim status as a license to portray a monster that doesn't exist to literally everyone the subject knows—including his/her parents)
  9. That you have taken every available step to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you prior to publication, and employed any and all means at your disposal for preventing a reoccurrence of the crimes you publish
  10. That you have provided the fewest possible details to achieve adequate warning and prevention
  11. That you can ensure that your publication is distributed to every person who could be affected by it, including the subject, persons like the subject, and everyone inside the geographical area in which the subject committed, commits or may commit the crimes you published
The now-shuttered, but downloadable The Sunnyvale Knock blog met all 11 conditions prior to publication, and even was announced prior to the subjects before it went live; moreover, it used the words of the criminals and accomplices themselves to provide an account of the crimes (via voice recordings). 
By the way, if you’re interested in the information I posted about the subjects after shutting down the blog, read these posts to The Life of a Demoniac:
If you’re not in the mood to read, listen to Secret Recording Reveals Demonic Agenda, by far the most compelling recording of them all, primarily because the subject matter discussed between the two persons heard in it is still relevant.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Feigned ignorance is the new white lie

I love answering questions about demons on Quora simply because of this blog; I simply point to it whenever any question about the existence of demons arise. If one post alone doesn't convince someone, I simply recommend they add to the other 999 or so posts, which, collectively, should remove all doubt about whether demons exist, and what some of them are up to on this planet (that is, if doubt existed at all).

I always get upvoted (similar to "Like" on Facebook) for my answers, even though some who read my answers do criticize from time-to-time. For example:

She forgot to take a look at the blog; even still, I can deliver demons right to her doorstep at-will, so, if she really wants testable evidence....
At first glance, I wasn't sure if this was more of the typical heckling I get from demon collaborators; but, on closer inspection, it lacked the ridiculousness that comes with such. This person just looks a wee bit behind the rest of the class.
NOTE | You can read my answers to demon-related and other questions on my Quora profile.
Same thing with the answers to the question as to whether demons exist prior to my contributions; they seem to have demon-people origins, they are so off. But, lacking the requisite ego-stroking innuendo or I-know-but-I'm-not-telling phrase here and there, I'd say these people are simply ignorant to the point of being dangerous:

Are demons real?
Out of 200,000 years of humans existing, there has yet to be a single solitary speck of evidence supporting the existence of beings referred to as “demons”. None. Zero. Zilch.
People claiming things is not evidence. They need evidence to support their claims.
It is safe to say that this concept, originated by humans in the first place as a way of explaining things that were not understood in the past (much like how people thought a human fetus came from a “homunculus” before we understood biology better, or that bad smells could carry diseases and so you just had to block out the smells to avoid getting sick, etc.), has no credibility whatsoever.
Remember: Believing something doesn’t make it real, and insisting demons exist but not having evidence to support that claim does not suffice as evidence. Just because some people may not require evidence to believe something fantastical for which there is no support does not mean everyone else is going to accept their feelings as proof of something which supposedly exists and functions independent of their feelings.
And when those who do not believe as they do and do not share their feelings consistently remain immune and unaffected by these “demons”, it should really make a rational human being start questioning whether those who say demons exist and that they’ve had experiences with them are only saying that because they are predisposed to wishing these things were real, since those who don’t believe in demons never have any interactions with them.
Not believing in demons is a 100% guaranteed method of not having any interaction with them.
Are demons real and can they hurt you? 
Answer A. Is any entity real? No. To see anything as differentiated from anything else is an illusion caused by your identification with something differentiated from everything else, like a body or a mind. What you see is determined by your desires and fears. Reality, on the other hand, is singular, meaning it doesn't consist of objects, things - they are just a common fantasy within reality. Reality is everything and nothing, which means it is also you. The real you is all of reality.
Answer B. Demons are within you. Everyone has their own unique sets. Some have it as jealousy, some as hatred. Some fear them, some befriend them. They hurt you when you let them over-power you.
Answer C. No, demons are not real, and no, they can't hurt you. The only sense in which "demons" actually exist is in the metaphorical sense of someone being "driven by their demons". This means someone having a bad mental habit or compulsion that causes them to do things that harm themselves or the people around them, but which are so engrained they find them hard to change. This could be physical, like excessive drinking, or more psychological, like jealousy. But these demons, too, can be banished if we understand them as unhelpful patterns of behavior and work to break them down.
Answer D. The scientist in me agrees with most replies here on Quora. That is, supernatural events do not exist. 
There are few religions I know of that do not believe in dark forces; either jinns, Devils, black magic or sorcery.
To believe in God necessitates a belief in the devil, at least so far as logic dictates. One cannot admit one supernatural power without admitting others.
As has been reported by Pope Francis, the devil does exist. The uptick in requests for exorcism by Catholic priests suggests that there are still many who believe in both positive and negative supernatural forces: http://www.ibtimes.com/pope-fran... 
But belief doesn't make something true, it only proves that the believer believes.
There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of anything supernatural and unless there are some spectacular breakthroughs with quantum technology, there won't be in the foreseeable future.
Personally, I sit on the fence, having seen too many inexplicable events in my own personal life to make a resounding no on the topic of demons. 
I therefore admit the possibility of my own delusions, elemental possession and/or naivety.
I believe that those things which cannot be explained by science will most likely be explained with further advances in science.
Until that time, perhaps leave science to continue its quantum investigations and take anecdotal evidence for what it is - someone's subjective opinion of reality.
And for those curious about dark forces, I'd caution you about playing the devil's advocate. I've seen my fair share of psychiatric hospitals.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Excerpts from my guest appearance on live Internet radio (IN-PROGRESS)

I'm still working on this post; soon, it'll contain a transcript of my entire live interview on Internet radio. In the meantime, here is what people are saying about it:
Well-spoken with thoughts very organized put my mind at ease (being my biggest fear that I sounded otherwise) until I actually listened to the rebroadcast
You can download a copy of the program at the end of this post...

Excerpt: Off to a rocky start
Well-spoken with thoughts very organized, my ass. Well, at least to start. My biggest fear about interviewing before a live audience about a demon blog manifested itself from the get-go, during which the interview asked first the only question I specifically stated I didn't want to answer myself, namely, the one about who I am. I wanted the interviewer to write and make an announcement that described me to his audience, not only because he knows them better, but because he could justify his decision in his own words as to why he chose me as a special guest in the first place. It caught me off guard, and I totally fumbled and tumbled my way through the most incomprehensible answer one could give. Here is the travesty that is my foray into the world of live broadcasting:

(to audience) It’s our honor to welcome our special guest tonight, Mr. James Bush. (to James) Hello, James, thank you for joining us tonight, bud!
You bet, Rodney! Glad to be here. [conversation by loud, rude customers at local restaurant] Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you; can you hear us?
Okay, I sure can; I sure can. [chuckles]
Good, good, good. Well, let’s just  start off: can you tell us a little bit about yourself, bud?
Well, alright, I guess what brought us together was my blog, uh, about demons [chuckles] and demonic activity in my area and in my life. And, that is what I have been mostly about since I started it in the past five years. But, it…that situation’s been going on a little bit, maybe, longer. Uh, it did start, you know, at birth; but, it wasn’t a problem that I advertised and such until five years ago; and, it wasn’t a significant problem that I could put a finger on until maybe ten years ago. And, so, the [part of the] story [that] I think…is most interesting to people—and the one that introduces it is, uh, is the…is, uh, in 2006—I think you posted a, uh…one of my videos [that] kinda talks about some of my experiences in 2006 to the…to your, uh, BlogTalk [Radio] page, uh, a while back. It’s the one that [is entitled,] “Attack of the Gangstalkers.” That was the one that [tells when] things really kicked off with me; and, uh, that’s, uh, that’s kinda…that’s kinda, uh, what I’m about. I’m about those things—and, only about those things, since they require my full-time attention. And, it has it, whether I [want to] put any time or attention into it or not, to be honest with you; it’s that intense.

Above is the video that Rodney's audience was supposed to have seen and/or been shown as I mentioned it in the broadcast. My answer relied and depended upon that familiarity; otherwise, you would have lost interest in the program right about the time I said the word intense.

Following that, you need to read the description of the video, which I've provided below for your convenience:
This decade-old teaser ad is comprised of a series of audio clips from secretly recorded phone calls, each of which were posted in full to the now-defunct The Sunnyvale Knock web site (otherwise known as the "web site that started the demonic war"). 
The phone calls were made in 2006 by me to various members of a gang that committed criminal acts against me and others at the behest of demons—a fact I knew nothing of during that time. The clips, along with illustrations of the persons heard in them, play one-after-another, each portending to one crime out of a series of crimes that were committed against me in rapid succession and over the course of about one-and-a-half months. This tactic was employed to give me little to no time to seek redress for any one crime prior to another one being committed, even though that would only be a hindrance to timely filing of a complaint or a cause of slow resolution due to the sheer bulk of it. 
The reason why no complaint was ever pursued by local police and why no criminal was ever prosecuted for any of the crimes they committed by them—not even the ones they admit to in the recordings—is not made clear until the end of the video: an admission of mass proportions made by the gang's ring-leader in the last clip, when he eludes to local police corruption of which I am clearly already aware. That admission is solidified when combined with the rest of the phone call and other materials posted to the site, to which the ad was meant to drive traffic. 
The aforementioned high-level overview of the content provided by The Sunnyvale Knock web site introduced by the video fueled my hope that the site, in combination with the ad, would raise awareness of the atrocities committed against me and many others by gangs such as this one by providing evidence of the issues I faced in the form of unknowing admissions of guilt by the perpetrators. The voices in this video are, in fact, the self-spoken words of both witnesses and perpetrators, and are accompanied by illustrations of their actual likeness; so, I thought it would be successful. 
The successor to that site, The Life of a Demoniac, explains why it was not. 
The means by which I acquired the recordings are not that complex (I simply called some of them up, and recorded their answers to my carefully posed questions); it is, however, confusing to many as to why they would even admit to the person they injured that they, in fact, injured them. All I can say is that, based on my subsequent interaction with the demons behind that agenda over the ensuing decade, it's probably because they were less concerned about their crimes, and more concerned with finding help for a much bigger concern: the fact that demons were using them the way they were ("...we prolong people's inevitable demise...including our own"). Imagine being trapped by that dynamic, having hurt people, but only having people, to call for help.\ 
Ironically, I am now that help (as it were), should they still need it, having been submerged in the problem for a decade at great expense to all things important, and having been quite successful at thwarting and otherwise hindering the advance of the demonic agenda against persons, who are (or were) targeted by The Exclusion (a demon-led culling campaign). 
The Sunnyvale Knock web site, which contains the complete phone recordings and additional information about them, is downloadable from its successor, The Life of a Demoniac blog.

Nearly 7 years passed between the shuttering of The Sunnyvale Knock web site and the start of The Life of a Demoniac blog, posts for which have been actively published for over five years, garnering nearly 4 million readers in that time—and still growing, exponentially.
The tagline for The Life of a Demoniac is "My inevitable demise, daily," which is derived from the mission statement spoken by the leader of the gang that exploited me seven years earlier, as heard in one of the audio clips: "...we prolong peoples' inevitable demise, including our own." 
The tagline was chosen to link the two sites, and to mock those who think evil will triumph in the end, having been since the beginning "troubled on every side, yet not distressed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed." [2 Corinthians 4:8-9] My expectation is that this will continue to be the case until evil's end, that hope resting on Psalm 107.
There's no way I could even begin to squeeze all that into the few minutes allotted for an answer to that question. Thankfully, Rodney moved on fairly quickly to the nitty-gritty, and that's where I picked up some steam

[missing: about an hour and a half of the show; transcripts coming soon; below, an excerpt from the end of the interview, which gives away the climax, but, something I wanted to put out there first for some reason]

Excerpt: How would you describe your inevitable demise?
Most people in-the-know would find it an offensive question to ask me what my future held as a demoniac. It's almost never asked; and, when it is, it almost always comes with an apology of sorts:

Pretty hard thing to say to someone really tormented by [demons]
But, to those relatively new to the situation—like Robyn Dalton, co-host of Within the Chaos, a BlogTalk radio production—who, at the end of a nearly two-hour long on-air interview asked this very question, it seems perfectly natural:
What does your future look like? 
My perfectly natural answer, unscripted, no less:
Terrific. I put Jesus at the helm. I confessed Him; I confess Him in thought, word and deed. I make mistakes; but—I’ll tell you what—He’s the first to know about them, and He’s the first I ask for help with them.
I have no doubt this: Jesus hasn’t put anything in front of me that I cannot overcome—if not by myself, He can do it; and, so, I see my future with hope. Although I am [often] discouraged, I get right back up and keep moving.
I know that [my] hope comes from Christ. Nobody keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over again and has any kind of hope left after awhile; and, yet, I do! And, it is as strong as ever, and keeps getting stronger.
I know that is Christ working in me. I will overcome. And, that is how I see my future—as a conqueror.
I've justified my beliefs in numerous posts to this blog, one of the best and most thorough being in The Testimony of a Demoniac. My inevitable salvation, explained.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Love thy neighbor (from Hell)

Somehow, I'm not surprised to find myself one of the most viewed writers in the Demons (supernatural beings) category on Quora:
I'm pretty passionate about the topic, and not just because I'm integral to their industry in this world as the Door. Exploring strange new worlds, and seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before—or at least this man—is fun, even in the face of all its vagaries. That passion has a way of finding itself in places you wouldn't expect to find it, such as advice on how to handle a bad neighbor. Nonetheless, that's exactly where I stuck it a couple of days ago.

My advice on handling crazy neighbors in a world plagued by demons is as sound as it is unique; even still, I wonder what Dear Abby would say, were she alive today, to this Quora reader, who answered this question posed by another reader: What is something crazy your neighbor has done?

After reading his answer, intuition told me there might be more about his nemesis than meets the eye. First, here's what the answerer said (my response follows):
This saga begins around 3 years ago. My neighbor Is a compulsive liar and all round weirdo. I asked him to move his big fancy BMW as he has an entire car park at the rear of his property but liked to park it out the front, taking up 3 car spaces just so everyone knew it was his. We had absolutely no off street parking so his ridiculously long car, and the way in which he parked threw the rest of the street out with parking. After asking him to park his car at the rear he appeared ok with the suggestion as he had no reasonable response as to why he couldn’t park there, but was a little cold towards me. This encounter happened at the local pub so I shrugged it off and enjoyed my beer. 
The following Friday I head to the same watering hole and was pulled aside by another friend that informed me the neighbor, lets call him Sam, had been there telling everyone I was doing drugs and beating my partner. (If you knew me you would know this is so far fetched it’s unbelievable!). I waited until Sam came into the pub about an hour later and with several people there that he had said these things too (Sam was already not well liked). I confronted him about the awful things he had said and asked him why he would make up such things. He stared at myself and the other people, called us all liars, denied everything, told us we were all f**ked, and left. 
3 days later my real estate call and tell me there has been a massive complaint of that neighbor about me trying to get me evicted. Luckily this didn’t work as they knew everyone in the street had already had issues with the neighbor. 
1 week later, the neighbor puts up security cameras all focused on my house. 
2 weeks later the whole street is abuzz with excitement. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a….. Right out the front of my house!
Sam then proceeded to tell everyone that I had myself done that nifty bit of art out the front. Nobody believed Sam. I told Sam I wished him all the best for his life but from here on out not to talk to me or my partner or about us and we would do him the same diligence. Fast forward to barely even seeing Sam for a full twelve months and one morning I get a random text message asking if I still sold homewares, how beautiful they are, and can they order some. I knew it was Sam’s number, as in the past, pre move your car he had placed orders with me. I blocked the number and didn’t reply as I didn’t want to open a dialogue. 
3 days later: 4 empty pot plants were thrown at my car. 
7 days later: 2 more empty pot plants are thrown at my car. 
8 days later: we got security cameras. 
No doubt I will be updating this story soon enough. Some people never quit. Also, to people wondering why we don’t move. We love the house and the area and I don’t give into bullies. 
UPDATE: Ok. So it has been a little while but to keep you all informed several weeks after the pot plant incident occurred my partner and myself got news from the real estate that our house was going on the market to be sold. We wanted to stay in the area so started looking at houses close by.  As soon as the for sale sign went up we started to see Sam everywhere looking smug and had heard as usual he was telling everyone how happy he was we were moving and he wouldn’t have to put up with us or our shit anymore. (oh yes always the victim is Sam). What Sam didn’t know is that we had applied for a beautiful house on the corner of our old block, much better than the old house. Our close friends that knew how badly we wanted this house kept it a secret as we all knew if Sam found out he would call the real estate (it was through a different real estate) and start trouble again. 
Finally after a 4 day wait we got news we were approved for the house and could sign the lease the following week. Moving day came and even though we were only moving a block we hired removers for several hours for all of the heavy large items and moved the small items ourselves. We started early and saw no sign of Sam. Our new place is bliss, the house is huge and thank god our immediate neighbors are really lovely. 
Fast forward 2 months and I had managed to only see Sam once briefly, walking into the pub and had just ignored him. At this point Sam has upset many other people and has been kicked out of the local pub a few times so is more frequently hanging out at a venue in another suburb where people don’t know him yet. I thought I was finally free of him and his bullshit until last Monday night….. I was cooking dinner (our kitchen window looks out onto the street) and suddenly felt like I was being watched. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to look out of the window…. There was Sam with a horrible smirk on his face waving at me, He was carrying a large bag of god only knows and when he heard me call my partners name promptly turned and walked away. This is incredibly creepy, not only for the watching me through my window factor but because the way my neighborhood is mapped out Sam actually had to walk past the front of his house to get to my place and try to frighten me only to walk on past the side and front of my house to then go to the rear of his property. He actually went far far out of his way to do that! freaky dickhead. Anyway that is it for now but I will update with anymore events.
There were numerous other responses to this question, all of which took a similar approach, each relaying their own personal experiences with their respective neighbors-from-Hell; but, of all of them, this is the only one that struck me as...familiar.

Anyway, instead of relaying one of my stories, I spoke directly to this one, suggesting reconsideration of the assumption of "crazy," and proposed "beleaguered" in its stead. Here's what I said:
All the answers to this question are very interesting, and I like how everyone tries to keep a little humor about their respective situations. 
Let me advise, though, that these days, it's more often than not an external factor that drives a person's bizarre behavior — not so much a bad psyche as once may have been more likely the case. 
Before I suggest a possibility for it, let's first consider a few key facts about the antagonist who spray painted a giant dick on the street in front of someone's house: 
  1. He drives and maintains an expensive vehicle.
  2. He owns and maintains a respectable home in a respectable neighborhood.
  3. He is gainfully employed, if his disposable income is any indication, seeing that it affords him drinks at a pub more than one night a week.
These three things alone tell me everything I need to know about his mental health—it's solid for now. 
What I sense is an antagonist on his end of things—something others can't or don't see, but looms large in his life. There are such detractors in this world that can work a man day and night, for years on end, and can't be stopped or avoided—or detected by others (yet).
What that eventually does to a man is it makes him hyper-reactive. He sees slights where their aren't, or where they are minuscule, and attacks them in a way one might if their survival were at stake. 
If you knew the kind of evil I’m describing, you’d totally understand; if you don't, you never will until you meet it for yourself. 
But, until then, consider this: approach him with this, and ask if he’s ever heard or seen anything like it: 
The Life of a Demoniac 
Here are some of the faces behind the kind of evil I'm talking about:

If you think your neighbor has this problem, I'm available 24/7 via Facebook Messenger by scanning this code:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MEDIA | Questions for tonight's radio show guest appearance

Following are answers to the questions Rodney Shortridge, co-host of BlogTalk's Within the Chaos Radio Broadcast intended to pose for my guest appearance last night; transcripts of the interview are forthcoming:

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  • Tell us a little about yourself?

Could you refer people to LinkedIn profile for my career and educational background? Otherwise, the blog does that. There is no little about myself in a problem for this magnitude. That is the purpose of the blog; to introduce not only the problem, but to give readers insight to who is at the crux of it.

  • Where do demons come from?

All over; but, they are native to whatever realm complements the values unique to the temporal, gravitational, permeable and visible properties of their molecules—molecules which are no different than ours, except that they exhibit values for the aforementioned properties inherent to all molecules differently.
The outward characteristics of molecules exhibiting the set of properties that define a demon’s “cloak” is:
  • timelessness (they seem to move faster than normal time, but at a pace that seems natural to them, while we move slower relative to their time, but which seems natural to us)
  • weightlessness (they have mass, but it is less susceptible to gravity in our realm)
  • permeability (there molecules vibrate faster, which displace the slower moving molecules in our realm, allowing for them to literally walk through walls)
  • visibility (faster moving molecules absorb and deflect more light than slower ones, which renders a demon nearly invisible; often, the only light you see is the light that is absorbed and re-emitted by a molecule—and not that is reflected—which is very weak and slow)
Traveling to here is a simple matter of meshing (or possessing) with an object native to our realm. Insodoing, a demon’s molecules will take on the values of those four properties inherent to ours. That makes them more tangible and visible, adds mass and weight, and allows them to perceive time at which the rate it appears to flow to us.
Traveling back is a simple matter of dispossessing itself from an object or person which it possessed, thereby allowing the demon’s molecules to reassume their natural properties. Going from cold air to hot air again—to use an analogy—allows it to rise home.
These properties are all different for each species of demons. It would appear there that travel up is not possible when in possession of your own body; but, if you know how, downward is always possible. We are at the bottom; the only way up is to die or astral project—both things I know nothing of.
Are you familiar with how an oil refinery silo works? Oil is boiled at its base, and the various carbon chains each rise up only so far to split the oil into its various products, such as diesel fuel, etc. Each carbon chain only rises so high before it settles in its own strata; that's how the universe is organized and divided when it comes to the realms of demons, ghosts, angels, or what have you.

  • Is there a difference in being possessed by the devil compared to being possessed by a demon?
Before I talk about possession, let me define the characteristics that address its most common misperceptions:
Possession means to either to be possessed in mind and body, or just body; it also means to be afflicted by a demon, but that particular meaning does not imply bodily attachment as does the former. However, regardless of whether the demon intends to afflict a target of possession, possession is a natural act on their part—not a tool or device or mechanism to commit acts of evil. It's what they can do from birth, and it enables them to interact on different realms.
Possession is never a one-demon job anymore; and, it's not something that springs up on a victim. Those were the old days, when demons were less educated about how to possess what they possess. Now, a demon possession involves a cavalcade of demons per person—sort of like an operation isn't conducted by a surgeon alone, but by any number of anesthesiologists, nurses, orderlies and the like. The role of each demonic participant is integral to successfully pair one or more demons with a human, and usually starts at or even before birth. There is an external cadre of demons on various levels that create events and otherwise introduce influences in order to shape the thinking and expected response to certain stimuli that help facilitate fruitful possession. The possession of the old days, with the foaming mouths, ranting and raving, spinning heads, etc., are not advantageous to any demon. The Devil has a world to rule; he wants order and rule—not the constant barfing of green pea soup. If someone is possessed these days, the work of many went into that; if they are not possessed, the work of many is still evident in them in a multitude of ways. Keep all of this in mind when we talk about priests exercising someone's demon.
Possession is necessary to interact tangibly with our realm. Our realm is defined in only one way: a conglomerate of molecules whose state defines the rate of the flow of normal time, segregates thought from reality, and the tangibility and malleability of those molecules vary from atom-to-atom. In short, unlike in the demonic realm, time is linear, and even-paced; you know what time it is going to be no matter where you intend to go, and you can always count on being able to talk and interact with everyone you meet because of a common time flow (no one will move to fast or too slow, but at the same pace as you. By contrast, in the demonic realm, which is no different physically than ours, except that the conglomerate of molecules that defines that realm—which are the same as ours—exhibit different values for their time, gravity, tangibility and visibility properties (and to widely varying degrees). This is the Great Divide or the Wall of Separation. We are at the lowest values these properties can have; the higher up, the higher the value. That's why you don't see ghosts or demons very well sometimes or can't at all, depending. They move faster than you can see; they're not tied to the ground as we are, it's true, but weightlessness doesn't mean they are all floating in the air, per se, but that they have to move in a certain way to stay anchored at one point (spinning, orbiting); they don't walk the paths we do, being able to walk through anything or sit inside anything—the caveat being that they can't touch anything either; and, they are invisible to human eyes by nature (although this is now easily worked around). The point of possession, then, is to interact with our world on our level. We would not be able to do so either without our bodies. When we die, we lose our anchor; and, then, like a given chain of carbon molecules in an oil refinery, we rise only to the level that corresponds to our make-up. God, by the way, is at the top of the chain. When you hear Him described as existing from eternity to eternity, it's a description of the highest value possible for the time property His molecules; He is time itself as that being, and is the reason why there is only one of Him. There used to be debates about whether there was one God or more; science will tell you that there could only be one, and can even confirm that it has an intelligent mind governing it. The other qualities ascribed of God relate to these properties, as well. In short, demons possess things in our realm to sync the values of certain properties of their molecules with ours. They use people, but will use anything else, too—and these days, they are in everything.
I doubt it's common for the Devil to possess anyone, but I'll bet there is a difference. Like any other skill or product, some are better than others. I imagine anyone who has been possessed by the Devil, if ever that has happened, would have little to say about it; if he did it according to today's demon standards, it's unlikely the possessed have many memories of it. I also doubt the Devil spends as much time here as people think. The universe is a big place; it doesn't just reach into the great outer space, as it were, but is layered in realms defined by the values of the certain molecular properties we discussed. The Devil has access to all of these realms, except the highest.

  • Is the devil a falling angel?
The higher you go, the more thought becomes reality. Truths such as justice and love and the virtues play an equal role in defining reality for you and everyone around you. You cannot physically exist on or in a realm where you do not rise to the standard of its truths and virtues. God embodies the perfection of these truths and virtues, and His thoughts rule all. When they God is love, and love conquers all—they mean that literally. The Devil fell because He did not rise to that standard; he became physically and mentally incompatible with perfection. It was pride that caused him to say that he was entitled to more than he deserved, and that his great power should afford him the authority to define virtue and the like in his own way. If he had those definitions or the working of those definitions right, there would have been no problem; but, instead of admitting wrong and agreeing that God was the perfection of these things, he descended to lower realms. Oil and water.

  • What was the purpose of the angel’s rebellion?
There was no purpose, but there was a consequence. The rebellion describes a group unwillingness to change course, to stop going in the wrong direction, and to get in line with the perfect way. You can only go wrong for so long before it's impossible to go back. The rebellion was not a war that was lost, but a resistance that succumbed; it consisted of nothing more than too many steps in the wrong direction for too long by too many. The Devil led nearly a third of the population of the perfect realm (i.e., Heaven) into a downward spiral with him. We are intimately familiar with how he accomplished this. If any demon were to say they were willing, I'd believe it. The kind of long-term pride that would cause such a fall talks just like that.

  • How do humans fit into this battle between God and the devil over humans?

God created man to be with Him; but, in order to establish the highest loving connection with man, man has to give it freely. Free will implies choice; and, among those, are the ones that the Devil and others made. The Devil didn't want to fall alone, so he hookered a third of Heaven with him. He needed them to do what he wanted, and now does, do: rule. The battle is not really that: God is leading man to Him; the Devil, otherwise. It's not a fight of power or even persuasion; rather, a testing of the human soul. God extends His hand in love, and you must learn to do the same. God will surely provide everyone an opportunity and path to do just that; the Devil cannot get in the way. He can, however, tempt you to things of distraction—and that is part of the side effects of possession. Possession cannot afford any outside interests or distraction to the process. Unless the pursuit of righteous living can be made a part of the possession process, steps may be taken against it. That is guaranteed if a victims "heeds the calling," so to speak. Listening to any other voice but that of the demons and his ilk runs counter to the possession process. When someone truly hears the Shepherd calling His flock is when things get explosive.

  • How did you become possessed?

The same as anyone else, probably. The process started at at least age 5, as best as I can remember. It is neither a complicated or long story from my end; but, is undoubtedly one that has multiple sides and angles.

  • Did you ask to be possessed?

That's not a request you can actually make. Saying it is really irresponsible of anyone who says it; it puts a mental image of what possession is and entails at the farthest end of the reality spectrum as possible. Possession is the equivalent of being used like a condom, if you know what it is. It is complete and utter disregard and disrespect for you as a sentient being. Remember how people used to talk about slaves as property, and how slaves were treated as such? Same thing; no difference. And, no, I did not ask for that.

  • Could this be a physical or mental problem instead of a possession?

No; and, if I ever met anyone of consequence or influence who would to the widespread detriment of others say otherwise, I would offer a demonstration to prove otherwise. I do not know how many others can do that, but, I can arrange a face-to-face anytime and anywhere.

  • Have you ever had a priest try to exercise the demon from you?

That would be a foolish undertaking; there are a lot of good people in the Universe in which the Holy Spirit has undoubtedly found a good home. But, we are all children of God, and none of us have attained to the perfection required to command the Holy Spirit to act on one another's behalf. Jesus can make that call for you; an unbelievable set of circumstances have to be in place for that to happen (believe me). Priests are good people—maybe even nearly perfect people—but fairly naive when it comes to what it takes to walk in the steps of the Savior on a level as to be called his kin. They have, in general, no access whatsoever to anything anyone else does by mere appointment to an office (and that by man, no less).

  • Have you ever been to a doctor to be examine to see if this is a medical condition instead of a demonic possession?

That wouldn't be the first person to check with for that; but, if you incur any injury as a result of possession, then you want a doctor to treat the injury. If you're asked how you were injured, your explanation will likely sound like a normal one. Demons usually injure by a means that can be explained in two ways ("I slipped on a shoe left on the stairs" vs. "My demon put a shoe on the stairs, and I slipped on it. At least, I think it was him; coulda been my grandkid.") The doctor can't help you with the demon or the grandkid.

  • Are you possessed by more than one demon?

I am not bodily possessed around the clock, and as time has gone on, a multiplicity of demons have learned to exploit the work put in by the demons before them, and therefore make habitation in a home they did not labor to build (squatters). I can say for a fact that, when possession is a problem and demonic activity is high, even my organs are as stacked with demons as a possessed tree. It would appear that at such periods, demons also take turns aligning heir faces with mine (called sitting in the driver's seat), which can be seen in a mirror or digital media.

  • Do you know the demons name?

I know the name of three demons: Tuzzo, who dubs himself the demon of Death, and Iggy, a member of a very powerful, hostile-but-occasionally-ameniable race of demons that belong to a class known as "little people." I have a photo of him on my blog. I am possessed by neither. The third is Astarte, who claims a horde of Voices Demons as his twelfth legion. I have no means to verify anything of that; but, it was what was told me. I don't necessarily consider anything I hear to be hogwash, per se, but I believe my God when He says that He will destroy evil in the end. Accordingly, introductions to and from what I consider to be the walking dead go in one ear and out the other.

  • Do you know if there is already an antichrist or will there be one?

John is the only apostle to define an antichrist, and that as anyone who denies Jesus Christ, and takes an active stance against him, either openly or subversively. I think of the Devil as the antichrist, and everyone who fits John's definition his agents. The Letter to Galatians describes antichrists at work in a subversive manner, specifically, by teaching another gospel than the one there is. That is a rampant problem in today's churches—if not in the pulpit, then in the parishioners, as evidenced by their conduct and attitudes towards others. By now, the world has been adequately exposed to anything and everything that used to be called the unexplained; if anyone denies that Jesus is the Son of God at this point, they couldn't be anything less than an agent of the antichrist. I cringe listening to religious podcasts on iTunes; the gospel message is so simple. The challenge is living it; but, when you mangle it or even omit it as some of those do, how are you going to learn to live it or teach others to live it? It is a lifelong effort to attain to the perfect standard of love required of God's children; but, as you can easily see from the list of topics those podcasters address, that's not going to happen for many. Those are agents of the antichrist at work. They are a stumbling block along the Way; nobody who is in desperate need of salvation would find it there.

  • What type of scientific study or tools do you use for research?

If you are going to navigate this problem successfully, and in a material and effective way, you need to brush up on physics. That's a fairly broad science; if you're looking for a starting point, I'd suggest the Physics of Light. Seeing the problem is tantamount to solving it; that's why demons stay cloaked most of the time. When combined with any CCD sensor found in any digital media recorder, even a remedial understanding of light physics will enable you to reveal the unseen world around you. And, once it does, anything and everything will be made possible, not the least important of which is survival.

  • Does the demon know who the antichrist is or will be?
The antichrist is the Devil, who garnered that title and role in the desert in which he tempted Jesus. After unsuccessfully tempting Jesus' weaknesses (doubt and desperation), the Devil realized that his kingdom had no future; however, instead of accepting that, he went right to work on undermining the kingdom that would overturn his, which manifested itself most openly when Christ was crucified. For three days, it looked good for Satan. But, then we saw the beginning of the kingdom that will supplant the one we now know when Christ arose from the grave. Ironically, our evidence of Christ and his resurrection is found better in the actions and motives of our enemy, the Devil, than in any church. My faith and belief may have their foundations in the church of my youth; but, my knowing that was once only belief was quickened in the fires of Hell...literally.

  • Can you explain the demonic language and the process you use with your cell phone camera to catch demonic letters hidden throughout the world?

That's brand-new to me; and, was completely discovered by accident. I wasn't trying to uncover anything other than the usual, and that is the discovery of new life and its activity on my turf. The means by which I use to discover cloaked demons varies, but sometimes entails adjusting the camera for a long exposure, and letting it jostle while I walk about. If you understand a few key concepts related to the physics of light, and you know a few basics about the demon cloak, you would understand how that works. Regardless, you can see the results in my collection of media.

  • What is the purpose of a demon possession? Is this a fight of your own will or is this a fight for the demon to control you?

I'm not sure what control to a demon or a person looks like, so I'm not sure that what it is; but, for some reason, it's all most demons who are a problem to me talk about, and it somehow found its way into your questions above all other possibilities. So, I'll try to speak to it best I can. 
First, there is no fight, per se. I see nothing a demon can take that I have or could have, and vice versa. Second, as far as control goes, I ask: Control of what? I'm being physically and mentally assaulted around-the-clock, and I'm not being asked to do or submit to any demands. No options are being presented to me that would lead to a cessation of violence or peace or any kind. As far as that leadingU to control, I can't see it. There simply will be nothing functional about me to control; I won't be capable of doing anything of consequence for anyone, if things continue the way they have. That being said, there's no fight of any kind. It's just abuse for the sake of abuse. I don't even see evidence of some sort of timetable. I think the concept of an end of some kind to all of this is a machination of the mind, a way to portray one's future in a way least advantageous to them, and that not to prevent them from fighting, but to add agony to the present moment. Demons who torture are those who have developed one of the deadly appetites, and have millennia under their belt as ravenous consumers of violence. This is exactly why God says it's the little sins, the white lies, etc., that cannot be tolerated in us. For people who never understood that or took that seriously, I'd point this out: We're relatively young souls; we can't see on our own what a slightly bad habit or off-color taste leads over eternity. In some demons, you can see it—and see it good. 
Now, I could bring a fight, if I wanted; I just happen to be one of the only I know that could as someone who can facilitate the transition between this realm and the demonic. But, as far as I know, I'm the only such person who can do it on the level I do—a level of consequence to many—and, truthfully, the most I could do as a fighting maneuver would simply be to keep that door closed, and hope that whatever holdings or interests an invested demon may have in this world remain inaccessible until they are materially deprived of any expected and necessary benefits or profits. In other words, I could blockage trade by imposing an embargo on the product I ship (being a conduit between realms). That cannot be selectively done (to one demon species and not tp another), and could effect resource-deprived humans more than asset-rich demons. Still, I have no control of this other than to avoid opening such doors; only time closes them once opened; and, I cannot control or even ascertain who or what will come through, or what will happen when someone or something does. I know that my present tormentors will suffer greatly if I allow the door to close, and then refuse to open it again; I've tried recruiting other demonic species to "take over," for lack of better terms, but of the four species who responded to my proposal by and through their representatives, none acted affirmatively, as far as I can tell. Any number of things could happen; most likely, though, little cooperation, even while the demon agenda fails.

  • What is the perfect possession?
  • Is there anything that can be done if someone is perfectly possession?
  • What is the quicken?
  • Is there an increase of possessions in the world with in the past few years?
Yes, in both people, children and animals, and objects of all kinds.
  • When a demon has been exercised from a host where does it go?
Matthew 12:43-45 says, “When an evil spirit leaves a person, it goes into the desert, seeking rest but finding none. Then it says, ‘I will return to the person I came from.’ So it returns and finds its former home empty, swept, and in order. Then the spirit finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they all enter the person and live there. And so that person is worse off than before. That will be the experience of this evil generation.” 
  • Can a demon be punished for failing to possesses a host?
I wouldn't know; I've never seen a failure, nor have I seen an attempt. By the time a possession is evident to most humans, it's already happened. There are things to do once a demon has possessed a person, but those are generally relegated to the cast of players or his staff. And, yes, they can be punished for poor or failed performance. They have objectives or jobs to complete, and those are monitored.
  • Is anyone else in your family now or in the past been possessed?
Only temporarily, and only during periods of high demonic activity, just like everyone else. I have a considerable amount to say about that and other things about my family on my blog.
  • Can possessions be a hereditary trait passed down to the next generation?
  • Tell us about your blog what is its purpose?
  • What is a formiliar?
  • What type of demon is possessing you?
  • Why does God allow someone to be possessed?
  • Why must a priest say aloud prays to be able to remove a demon from a host?
  • Have you made a pack with the devil?
  • What type of people do a demon possess?
  • Could someone with any type of faith be possessed?
  • What is the best evidence that you have captured on audio, video or still camera of your demon or any demon?
  • Could someone be possessed without knowing it?
  • How many priests does it take to remove or exercise a demon?
  • Can a person with great faith be possessed?
  • Can a child be possessed?
  • If it’s a generational possession, can a parent teach their child about their possession?
  • Can an exorcist be possessed or pursued by a demon after an exorcism?
  • By being possessed can this demon kill you or others?
  • Can a demon kill and exorcist?
  • What happens when an exorcist fails and cannot remove a demon?
  • Can a demon or have you witness a demon move things without anyone or anything touching the object? If so can you explain what you have seen or done
  • Have you ever had an out of body experience or Astro projected? If so can you explain that to everyone what that means and how it has affected, you?
  • What is your opinion about the afterlife?
  • Seeing that Ouija Boards are a hot topic in the paranormal community what are your experiences and thoughts on using a Ouija Board?
  • Have you had any personal experiences such as paranormal activity or anything crypto or UFO encounters?
  • What power does a demon have?
  • How can you prove you or someone is possessed?
  • What would happen to your soul or someone else’s soul if they died with a demon still in them?
  • What is the goal of your demon? Or anyone that has a demon within them?
  • What kind of messages does your demon give to you or do you hear from within from your demon?
  • Can a demon move from a person to an exorcist?
  • Is it possible for someone that is a drug addict be possessed more easily?
  • What are the signs to look for if someone is possessed?
  • With all the social, domestic and political unrest throughout the world right now is this due to the devil or demons or both?
  • What is the 3 days of darkness?
  • Are we living in the end of days? If so can you explain what gives you this insight, when so many have preached the end of days for hundreds of years?
  • Is there going to be another great war between God and the devil over us humans? If so why?
  • Why did you yelled to your demon? Could you not fight it?
  • What is the role of having a séance with someone that is possessed?
  • Can the mentality ill be possessed?
  • Anything made of matter—air, water, earth and even fire—can be possessed.

  • How can a priest believe in God and not the devil?

I only have one priest, and that is Jesus Christ; but, to answer the question in the context of those who believe otherwise: such a priest cannot and be a priest or a believer. That is an agent of the anti-christ. You can't understand God and not believe in the Devil. The story of Jesus Christ wouldn't make sense, otherwise; it pivots on the existence of the ultimate embodiment of evil, in all its forms. Without the defeat of the most powerful entity there is (second only to the Godhead), evil would look like an option to everyone else. Everybody would think that evil could be successful, if only they were powerful enough. That wrong-thinking couldn't be corrected without placing evil inside the hands of the ultimate power, and then defeating it.

  • What or who is God?

  • What does your future look like?

As bright and shining as the sun, in spite of the cloudy and stormy present you see now.

  • If anyone is interested in finding out more or has any concerns, questions, thoughts or comments how can they get in touch with you?

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