Monday, December 28, 2015

VIDS | Sucker demons (finally) crawl on someone else

Two videos made this week show a pair of shoes jumping at Long and a 5-foot long sucker demon jumping into Long. That kind of stuff usually happens to me, and me only—and that for years on end. Needless to say, seeing it happen to someone else who didn't specifically request it was surreal.

The shoe attack happened just a few days ago, during which both shoes in pair worn by Long each take a swing at Long's legs as he walks past them:

Apparently, the shoes were spring-loaded with sucker demons, who must have mistook Long for me, as—to point out once again—I am usually the only one with demon-possessed clothing.

Then, as if that wasn't astounding enough, two days later I inadvertently recorded a 5-foot long sucker demon, snaking up and between Long's legs (and, perhaps, beyond):

Most of the sucker-demon slithering—and the gaping-hole opening—happens within five frames
The video was made inadvertently, and when I left my laptop video recorder on as Long and I slid past each other in order to exchange places in the crowded room:

I am processing several hand-picked still frames taken from the second video for clarity, so check back soon. In the meantime: here are two versions of the same still frame, both chroma-mapped(TM) to reveal the various and tiny entities illuminated by chroma: one, oversaturated and over-contrasted; the other, less so. The image was enhanced using only copies of the blue channel from the original in a variety of layer blending modes; as demonstrated in Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything, this emphasizes the chroma by which such entities are best revealed:

It looks like a ruffle in Long's pants in still images; but, it's clearly a fast-moving, demonic snake in the video; above, is the oversaturated and over-contrasted version of its still frames (intended for seeing entities normally unseen)
The same still frame shown above, but with less saturation and contrast (for realism)
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