Monday, July 2, 2012

VIDEOS | Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos

The needle-fingered, gloved hands of a demon that spikes your brain with them as you walk away from him with your back turned can now (briefly) be seen in two separate videos, which are:
  1. Thing, in which my hand flies off my arm and grabs a cellphone before a smaller demon, which is snaking towards it from under my bedspread, does; and,
Those aren't stubby fingers; a glove has been cut in order to expose the needle-like digits
  1. Demon Intruders Attack, which was made by two demons, one being the needle-fingered one, while they dangled my unconscious body in front of my cellphone camera.
The needle-like fingers can be seen more clearly in this blurry still frame from
the video in which the demon is pulling my arms behind me
Although I have met it face-to-face on multiple occasions, I have only incidentally captured it on video three times; unfortunately, the third video was taken by a demon half-breed, probably during the attack at the law library, and has been not recovered.
Close-up of the still frame showing the needle-fingered, black-gloved hand reaching behind my back to suspend me by my arms
When he hits you with his needles in the head, you are rendered dumbstruck for hours. They leave no marks, as they are partially cloaked, and there is no sensation, other than dizziness and disorientation and inability to concentrate. Your face takes on a dumb look, too.
The head is a frequent target of demons, which was particularly evident by recent deformities
made in my skull and bloody wounds left on my scalp caused by a sucker demon attack
To learn more about my head injuries, which were caused by demons, read: