Friday, August 8, 2014

VIDEO | Drivers launch demons from vehicles, passers-by from pants

On walks during periods of high demonic activity, the Voices Demons send a cavalcade of vehicles driven by demon people with abilities similar to that of the nurse at VMC that attacked me by summoning a demon into her hand and then throwing it on me [see VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon]. Soon after their call, the streets around me jam up with an endless string of cars, and then the barrage of demonic weapons are launched at me.

The frames showing the demon as it arcs through the air (click to enlarge)
This video shows the semi-transparent form of a demon arching its way from an oncoming vehicle to me:

It's not just drivers of vehicles, it's also strollers along the sidewalks. In this video, a man launches a demonic weapon, which looks like a glossy metal spike, and extends into the back of head, neck or back (depending):

In its normal form, it's probably the cord to his headphones; but, when employed as a weapon, it looks as it does in the video.

A glossy metal spike-like demonic weapon retracts from having stabbed either my head, neck or back, before turning back into the cord to the headphones hanging from a passer's-by pocket
Any string, towel (or rag), mop, broom, leg, arm and anything longer than it is wide—and otherwise with the same, general shape and weight or flexibility—and that can be easily carried and slung by a person, can be turned into a weapon like the one you see by anyone who knows how. Not only that, but the intensity can be controlled (to varying degrees, depending on skill and circumstance) and target areas can be specified (not just who, but where; and also when, for those specializing in the use of such weapons).

The weapons, when in use, are captured by digital camera in the same manner as capturing possessing demons, which is described in PICS | Possessing demon revealed in man's eyes, hands; and, like pics of a person's inner demon, the quality of the image is determined by the proximity of the camera to the weapon, as well as speed of the person deploying the weapon and/or the motion of the camera; and, of course, as with any picture, angle and lighting. The downsides are also the same, i.e., the speed of the weapon (how long it is actually visible) and motion blur.

Because the type of radiation emitted by the weapons makes a stronger impression on the digital sensor than visible light, a demonic weapon will appear fairly sharp in the image as compared to the surrounding objects, even when the still frame is blurred by motion.
NOTE | What a "demonic weapon" of this nature is exactly, and why (but not how—I know that much already) they are activated the way they are (a specific mental effort, coupled with a specific kind of motion) is unknown to me. They feel like semi-cloaked demonic entities held inside of cloth, but with heat, and not the electricity.