Sunday, April 7, 2013

#562 - VIDEO | Needle-fingered demon strikes again

The needle-fingered demon struck again last night, rendering me dazed and confused, and extremely weak; he was dressed in a black robe, and posed as a t-shirt hanging on a shower door towel rack in my bathroom:
The needle-fingered demon swooped down on me from above, having posed as a t-shirt hanging on a rack
Demons can shrink small or grow tall, depending; they can also deflate like balloons, which was first shown in Little Man Around the Be(n)d, which shows a demon falling flat after spotting himself in a mirror where my camera was pointed; the demon swooping down on me from above hung himself on a shower rack, posing as a t-shirt.

In spite of this, I was able to capture images of his spiked glove that are far superior to those captured in the past:
Various filters applied to the same image above, in order to assist those having difficulty distinguishing the demon from the shirt behind it
Not only are they clearer, but they provide better proof that demons blend themselves, the weapons they carry, and the acts they commit by blending themselves, their objects and their acts with elements in their surrounding environment to conceal all of these things from the target and other people around them.
As I turn my head, the demon lifts his head before striking from his position on the shower-door towel rack
The features of his skull-like face can be seen underneath his hood, even while looking cartoonish as all demons' do when captured on digital media at close proximity
That includes cameras, too. In these still frames taken from a video made of last night's attack by the needle-fingered demon, the spikes on the black glove, which are being inserted into the side of head, line up with the shower door handles perfectly:
The black-gloved, needle-fingered demon inserts hot spikes mounted onto a black glove into the base of my skull, entering from the sideThe spikes are inserted all the way to the glove; collaborators who rape victims elude to this when making them "go all the way down"
[see ]
If I hadn't made the comparison, you probably wouldn't see that the color and shape of the door handles and the spikes match closely enough to blend so seeminglessly; and, if you did, you would be well within your rights to say that I got hit by the shower door handles, if anything at all.

But, then, I'd point to still frames taken from another video claiming the same attack by the same demon made nearly a year ago, which show the spikes blending with coat hangers (and not just any coat hangers, but, motion-blurred coat hangers) [see ]:
That demon calculated the way my camera would process the image of those coat hangers while in motion based on the direction and speed I panned it, and then positioned his spikes so that they would be directly between the camera and coat hangers as he made his strike.

Then, I'd point to those made recently, in which the needle-fingered demon's glove rises directly in front of my similarly colored microwave, as shown in these still frames:
The needles from the demon are blended with what are assumed the glare of light off of the surface of the microwave, which are streaked due to the camera's motion and direction...
...however, the needles are bent in different directions, which is not the expected behavior of streaks of reflected light.
Moreover, two needles going in separate directions can be seen in another still frame...
...which is unlikely to happen twice (as a fluke), if the needles weren't really needles
But, a coincidence or two in a couple of images out of a thousand may not be enough for some; so, for those, I have the needle-fingered demon in action on video.

In addition to the first video showing this demon, in which my unconscious body can be seen falling backwards into his needle-fingered, black-gloved hands [see VIDEOS | Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos], there is the video made from last night, in which you can see him ramming his spikes into my skull:

For an explanation of how this leaves no marks and does not cause death, read:
Needle-fingered demon may be blessing followers with spiked gloves
It's probably no coincidence that the needle-fingered demon's appearance crowns a pile-on of similar head stabbings by human collaborators with demons recently [see PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs]. There's more to my theory than just the timing, in that the people who are involved with the demons I've encountered have a "cult vibe."

I can't describe it better than that, but these are the things about them that I can point out that might explain where that vibe comes from:
  • These people are stabbing people in the brain. You'd have to be dedicated to something weird to do that with packs of other people.
  • These people do not just stab people in the brain, but do so to a very select group of men and women (porn actors, gays, people with things they want to take, politicians, celebrities, people with unusually good looks and healthy and well-proportioned bodies, etc.).
  • These people hint that they are influenced by the Apocrphya, which are purported to be books of the Bible, although they are not included in any standard, commonly distributed versions
  • The Voices Demons refer to themselves as luminaries, which are characters of the Apocrphya
  • The scenarios (or skits) during which the Voices Demons and their human collaborators all have an Apocalypse theme.
  • The Voices Demons claim that God Hates Fags are in league with the religious organization sponsoring that site, as are many other demons; the veracity of their claim notwithstanding (why bother?), the sentiment of the Voices Demons is aligned with that of Reverend Phelps' in many regards [see  Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me ; see also
    Demons intend to "hem up" gays now working for them].