Thursday, January 3, 2019

Emblem of evil resurfaces in Quora user's profile pic

Recently, a second person made themselves known as an associate of a horde of violent and malicious demons that sport the following emblem (or insignia), which has been firmly established as a positive identifier of their presence and mayhem:
A follower on Quora uses an insignia affiliated with several deadly hordes of demons, which prey on humans, as his profile picAdd caption
These earlier posts explain how I uncovered the association between the symbol and the demons who sport it:
From Authenticity of demonic insignia confirmedFrom Using insignia to identify the demon hordes
About Quora and the Life of a Demoniac
Since becoming a content partner with Quora, my exposure as experienced with demonic incursion has skyrocketed, garnering nearly 400,000 additional readers since January of 2017:
Quora pays money to partners who generate ad traffic on its siteSince January 2017, The Life of a Demoniac has garnered 364,000 reads worldwide

Partners are selected according to the number of users who read their answers and on the rating given by users' based on their perceived quality or usefulness.

Following is an example of the type of questions posed to me, and the format of my typical answer:

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