Friday, December 18, 2015

PICS/VIDS | The Peeping Light Post

Granted, there aren't many windows to the apartment I live in, and the bathroom window was the only one reasonably accessible to the Peeping Tom that is the subject of this post, which happens to be a light post (more on that in a bit). The bedroom window, which was the closest window to me yesterday at the time of the intrusion, is hard enough to look through from the outside for a human, let alone a three-story high pole. It sits adjacent to an outdoor deck built on top of the roof of the second story of the commercial on top of which the apartment was built, which sits three-stories high. The deck doesn't extend all the way to the bedroom window as it does to the living room window; rather, a wooden barrier separates a drop of nearly one-and-half-stories to another deck between them, which is not accessible without bringing your own ladder. You could jump the distance, perhaps; but, you'd still need a ladder to elevate your eyes to the level of the bedroom window.

It's a lot of work to peer into the bedroom, outside, through its window, especially just to see (and be a nuisance to) a whole bunch of nothing; but, it's done, and done a lot. Yet, that's by people, though, and not light posts, for whom it is physically impossible due, in part, to a height and weight too great. That still made no difference to one particular light post, who, having undoubtedly seen day-after-day the multitude of persons accessing an otherwise inaccessible-to-light-posts bedroom window from his usual place on the sidewalk in front of the building, felt a need to satisfy his own curiosity that he could no longer control (even as God-approved and otherwise appropriate as that would have been to continue controlling).

Accordingly, like any other demon, the light post refused take no for an answer—at least from a window and a sense of common decency—how dare a human have rooms in which they expect privacy, and how dare all of them (or most of them) for agreeing to this amongst themselves?!—and, having its share of the intelligence and self-entitlement common to all of them by nature, took corrective action thusly:

A still frame from a video showing the light post, (not so) firmly planted into the sidewalk by cement, as seen from the bathroom windowAnother still frame from a second video also showing the light post in its usual installment, which, like the first (left), was made from the bathroom window on the same day as the light post took a gander not due it
A still frame from a third video showing the light post that same day, made along the line-of-sight from the bedroom to the bathroom window (if inside, that is; the reverse, otherwise)The same still frame (left), magnified to indicate that the light post somewhat fulfilled its obligation to provide illumination to the hookers outside by somewhat pointing its lamp towards the sidewalk, even if it did breach the proximity clause, daytime its only saving grace, somewhat
Another still frame from the same video shows the light post in a position further from the window than that shown by the still frame above The same still frame (left), magnified, also shows that the trees are further away from the window, but the same distance relative to the light post, suggesting that physical movement is only half of a demon's means of extending its view, bending the path of light, lens-like, being the other half
A partial line-of-sight allows viewing to the bedroom from outside the bathroom window, both three-stories high, but only for those who can fly, scale vertical walls of stucco, or commit multiple violations of trespass with impunity, which is done, and done a lot. The light post settled for the bathroom window, which, as I just said, provides a half-view of the bedroom (and, lamentably, all of the bathroom) if both me and any given peeper-creeper are in the right places at the right times (which, technically, is never, but, you get what I mean).

Video capturing peeping light post incidental
I wasn't trying to record light post-related demonic activity at the time I made the videos; rather, I was going for other things—cloaked things, if you must know; but, while reviewing them, I eventually noticed the light post and its act of questionable judgment. Since I was neither expecting nor looking for anything remotely like it, it wasn't as obvious to me at first as it is now. It's not that I couldn't remember a light post so close to the bathroom window so much as the enormous discrepancy between the camera view's magnification of the bathroom window relative to a light post that got my attention:

I thought was much farther away from it than was shown by the viewer that led me to look at the other videos made on that same day, which happened to be made for other reasons and happened to also show the light post, some of which shows the light post close to the window, while others show it in its usual position.

Videos evidence demons bend light to improvise binoculars
Moving light posts isn't news, per se, of anything long-time readers wouldn't expect, having been already been introduced to feral utility poles by video in VIDEO/PICS | Possessed utility pole strikes, tree demons (or sucker demon hive) attack during nighttime walk, which shows one bending over backwards—literally—to hit me in the head, leaving me with no memory of the event, being that half-cloaked matter was the weapon so used, as well as more benign ones, as shown in VIDEO | Utility pole follows me on walk. The way the videos suggest a demon-possessed light post might see far away places while, in fact, far away themselves, however, will be.

By their cloak, we know for a fact that demons alter the behavior of light as it reflected or absorbed by them by changing the state of their molecules, some even to the effect of illuminating their heads as they fly through a glare of light:

A demon either made visible by the light as he soars through its glare or made visible by his use of the light
Based on what is shown in the video, when combined with other observations (like shown in the image above), it stands to reason that some demons can bend the path of light to various creative ends as sort of an extension of their natural ability to cloak. Some can do so on a grand scale (such as wind demons), using makeshift lenses either from the air in the sky or the magnitude of their bodies to make, for example, the sun looks like it's following you or the moon to spin.

Posts containing images of demons using light to make an appearance include:

I believe they do the same thing on a variety of scales, too, making telescopes, binoculars and microscopes somehow, and that the disparity of movement between the bathroom and bathroom window as shown from inside the bedroom and the trees and light post outside as seen through the bathroom window can be explained in no other way, and for no other purpose.

This ability alone, in part, would explain more than any of the theoretical explanations can for their breakneck-speed advances in knowledge of biology and astrology relative to the comparatively glacial pace of humanity (which, to its credit, has manufactured tools that see even better and more than demons can, all but balancing the scales in some ways, depending on their practice and application of the knowledge added by such an advantage).

Update: Peeping light post hides in nearby trees
A second appearance by the peeping light post—at least an appearance in a place other than its usual—was captured on video on March 2nd, 2016, this time, nested in a nearby grove of trees:

The peeping light post makes a second appearance, this time, in a grove of trees (as seen through the kitchen window)
Like the first, the much longer clip of footage is split into two parts: one with the light post in it, one without, but both pointing out the same window, and at the same places:

The camera in this video is pointing out a kitchen window; in the last video, it was the bathroom window.

SCIENCE | Chroma is not just 'color noise'

A still frame taken from a video made, of course, during a period of high demonic activity, but also after a highly interactive period with high demonic activity, proves definitively that chroma is not just another form of the color noise typically found in digital media made in low-light environments, as is one misconception; rather, it is indeed an imprint on a digital camera image sensor left by the radiation molecules in a cloaked state emit. As is always the case with images and videos made when the Gates of Hades goes on a bender to beat all benders, people (or parts of people) falling within shadow—which does not necessarily mean dark, but also any area of relative darkness to the significantly brighter light surrounding it—inadvertently give away their demonic possessors (or parts of them), their skin taking on a texture that looks like a flaming fire, and that which it covers taking the form of the devil within:
Heavenly Father...please help me take a bite out of evil today......before it takes a bite out of me

A still frame from a video in which half my face falls in shadow; the other, lightThe original still frame (left)
The next image is similar to the above, in that, it should show my hand holding a glass of juice, but, rather, shows the hand of an inner demon—not its real color, of course, and minus any detail, except for its shape—thanks to chroma:

In spite of a protracted effort by demons, my hands and fingers are not yet as deformed as they look; they are also not covered by glowing red tendrils of fire, separated by holes blackened by the absence of reflected or emitted light (the cloaked molecules of a demon do not reflect light, they absorb it, and then emit it at a frequency invisible to human eyes, but visible to CCD digital image sensors)
This is the image that proves chroma in several ways. At first glance, long-time readers may see nothing more than what is shown by the myriad of other images like it: chroma revealing parts of a demon that are equivalent to that of the human it is possessing, and, as many have (and some still do), will dismiss it as color noise due to poor equipment and lighting; however, a closer look at the parts of the hand behind the glass demonstrate a quality unique to light waves, which color noise does not and could not possess, specifically, bending:

A still frame from a video made in low light during a recent period of high demonic activity shows that the concentration of chroma is heavier on certain surfaces—for example, human skin vs. the wallAn enhanced version of the original still frame (left), which shows that chroma wraps around and otherwise clings to the surfaces of objects—other types of color noise do not
To explain: it's true that both chroma and color noise generally saturate an entire image, and that they both change in density and intensity depending on the subjects and objects they cover, as shown by the contrast between the concentration of chroma on my skin and the wall:

A close-up rendering of the still frame (top), showing the differences in the size and shape between each of the three colors of "particles" that constitute chroma, and in the concentration of chroma among various surfaces; these observations hint at similarities between the EMF radiation causing chroma and visible light, in that each frequency of visible light travels a different distance, which may explain the greater size and concentration of the red particles over the green and blue ones of chroma
Color noise would never bend like light, as if it were a product of the subject or object it covered, whereas chroma, which is evidence of the product of a certain subject, is its own light, albeit light that only registers with digital cameras (which, for some reason, render it visible in images).

Processing images saturated by chroma using special imaging techniques......can reveal things that might be startling, but necessary to know
Again, this isn't gang-busters' news. The multiplicity of images in which chroma reveals a demon face where a human's face should be showing should certainly be enough to lend full credibility to the claim that digital media provides visual evidence that chroma is a type of EMF radiation similar to light (in that it leaves an imprint on an image sensor) that is emitted by the cloaked molecules of a possessing demon, and is not a more saturated, denser form of color noise. Where you see chroma, you're looking at a real thing, and something unique.

A still frame from a video made during a period of high demonic activity (when chroma is rendered in images produced by adigital cameras)All colors removed except red, which constitutes the largest portion of the chroma, and which reveals hidden entitiesSaturating the image with red (above) brings out the green/blue portions of the chromaRecoloring the saturated image using the colors in the original reintroduce its more realistic texture to the red portions of the chroma

Modern scientific theory and practice, applied
The scientific basis for the claims made about the properties exhibited by chroma in its interaction with digital sensors and the human eye is similar to modern scientific theories pertaining to light, and, in particular, theories pertaining to the interaction of light with matter that absorbs and emits it [see The Basics of Light]. It is supported by the equally modern practices of astronomers, who, as a matter of course, apply that theory (i.e., the absorption and emission of light by matter) to also see the unseen [see Imaging, Photometry, and Spectroscopy: the Primary Tools of Astronomy].