Friday, August 11, 2017

Reader acknowledges sobriety as ultimate solution to demon problem

This post contains a conversation initiated by a complete stranger via my The Life of a Demoniac Facebook Page today. It hasn't gone any further than what is shown here, yet was posted by merit of the fact that, unlike nearly everyone else for the past 14 years with the knowledge the reader demonstrates, he didn't act oblivious or ignorant things to the point of mocking when communicating with me. Even though he did tease a bit by abandoning the conversation at the point in which he did, it was still refreshing that he was not afraid to show his thorough understanding of the consequences of the problem and the means by which they are derived; and, best of all, he didn't skirt the truth on the most consequential aspect there is to this problem, specifically, that my dope = your inevitable demise, and actually (albeit very indirectly) suggests sobriety as his advice to me for helping myself.

Here are a couple of things I was surprised to hear him mention, things that most readers (or victims) don't know about or don't/won't discuss:
  • Pods. This is commonly known among demons and their people as a horde of Voices Demons that are assigned to a particular victim, and I've never heard it used except once, and that by an accident by the one who spoke it. He used the term and described how the pods (or Voices Demons) govern each other exactly the way Voices Demons portray it to me: i.e., that they govern each other, but serve a higher authority or common agenda. As far as being unable to turn their backs on that authority and agenda: they do often say they have no choice (but, also say they like what they do at the same time).
NOTE | I do believe that guilt plays a significant role in Voices Demons lives'—but, not for having injured victims as much as destroying their once proud, affluent, well-educated and highly civilized former selves, having now turned themselves into full-time torturers and murderers.
A couple of facts about pods while I'm on the subject: a pod can exchange victims with other pods under certain circumstances; they are but one section of an orchestra of demons at work on a victim; they generally take instruction from another set of unheard demons during periods of high demonic activity, and when demonic weapons are used on victims.
  • Voices Demons. I've never heard anyone call demons using any the pedantic names I've ascribed to certain species over the years on this blog; in fact, most people—even victims—tend to shy away from them for whatever reason. Voices Demons is only used in one place: on the blog (or is it?).
  • Opening the door. He seemed to get and accept how demons get their occasional, additional power in this world [see My dope = your inevitable demise], but then ascribed the same happenstance to himself, and, by inference and implication, others, which is not how it works. It's possible that every victim has been/is kept on the same craving/usage schedule, and it's possible that Voices Demons tell victims that their shame brings punishment by and through their acts in that way. So, it's possible, then, he and many others believe the same thing so long as they ignore the events during periods of high demonic activity that only elude (or plain flat call out) just one of the victims on the list). Either way, I can't imagine anyone even halfway in-the-know failing to see that turning my back (or dying on it) would nail the tangible, most egregious part of the problem. I also can't imagine anyone believing that demons would lose interest in great power and reach because I stopped being interested in them no more than I can imagine that anyone would believe that it's my interest or issues that draw them to me.
Still, it's all pretty simple: no dope = no power, no presence; and, I have yet to meet one demon or human who wants that. I seem to be literally the only one who dislikes things as they are and are going.
The rest is suspect, particularly his remedy for his sucker demon problem. There's no belief in the world that's going to dissuade someone on the demons' side of things that is going to sway things for their targets. It's not a thinking and believing and wishing problem: it requires action to make things go this way or that.

As far as turning his back on evil as part of his solution: that's not what will happen, believe this. You do that to bring yourself closer to God, and to achieve perfection as He commands [Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48]. That will be a solution, but one tends to mention that when that is the case (which he didn't).

Finally, I don't know what he thinks I'm doing, nor do I see how he thinks I'm on a mission to "save people." I developed a solution for seeing the invisible; that way, people can see where their health problems come from. People are wrong on that right now; Chroma would correct that. And, even if they were right, people still have to fix the problems themselves, which they haven't. People also have to be willing to see the cloaked demons and demonic entities (the source of most problems), which they have been reluctant to do, preferring instead to invest money into, say, seeking causes and a cure for osteoporosis that couldn't possibly be the cause or the cure than just use their eyeballs to see that those worm-like tunnels in people's bones are sucker demons implanted in them [see link to see just how dense and plentiful sucker demons are placed in and on people], thereby seeing the true cause and dealing directly with it when developing a cure.