Monday, June 25, 2012

VIDEO | Man Conceals Ginseng Root Demon Up His Sleeve

A new video of a man concealing a ginseng root demon up his sleeve, which can only be seen in two still frames before it shrinks to the size of an actual ginseng root, and is then tucked up the sleeve of the man holding it.
I place a camera in a cleaning supply bucket in the demon-infested house I am helping to clean
Once the customer notices the camera, however, he quickly folds a like-minded ginseng demon into his sleeve
A ginseng root demon has the head of a giant baby, with a snake- or root-like body that tapers to a point. When shriveled, as it does inside the man's hand as he tries to conceal it from the camera, it looks like an actual ginseng root.

The video source can be downloaded from MediaFire.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demons Flee Scene of Attack

The original, uncompressed version of Sucker Demons Flee Scene of Attack is added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline calendar on March 13th, 2012, at 7:06 AM.

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This clip from a video of the aftermath of an attack by the Red Horde shows sucker demons illuminated by the glare from the nearby lamp as they flit past it in the air. They look like fast-moving, white bugs, but are actually hair-like strands of demonic filth.

There are probably over 20 in this video; you will have to watch it several times to see them all.

SCIENCE | Why some demons wear clothes; why others go naked

Amidst all of the running away from them and screaming at the top of your lungs, one tends to wonder after a time: what do demons wear?

The short answer is this: if they are humanoid, and considered important, mostly black, hooded cloaks.

Now, for some, that may beg the next question: what's underneath? The answer: the same. And, yes, the plumbing works (see note, below).
NOTE | Read Genesis 6:4. Nephilim, which were called the sons of Heaven, had children with human women. Angels, demons—same exact thing (not spiritually, but physically). Only Holy Angels are different. Here's the verse:
New International Version (©1984)
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Why does one need to know what's underneath a demon's clothing? Well, going back to the book of Genesis, we read that humans were naked—and just fine with that—until they became ashamed after acquiring knowledge of good and evil.

So, clothing is more than style; it's also a cover-your-shame thing. Style is secondary, according to the Bible, so, what's underneath is truly the next question when talking about whether demons wear clothes or not (for more about nakedness and shame, see #5 in the list, below).

Centurion demons, the man-like in body (very man-like, in fact—always decathlon-muscular), red-devil-in-the-face (but with various degrees of handsome and ugly—there are actually differences, and you could find yourself attracted to a centurion demon, although probably not after having read this site), wear soldier-like jumpsuits. They are colored the same as their skin below their necks—blue, with red patterns, similar to that found on various snakes.

The rest go naked. That's rare of demons that mimic humans in size and shape; as I stated, they always wear either a cloak or jumpsuit.

However, the ones who do go naked that look human-ish are invariably in Greek-statue shape, and have a type of skin that kind of acts like clothes, in a way (like fur or non-human skin). One demon variety who does not wear clothes has multi-hued skin that sort of glows in the dark; the colors are blue, green, and mostly maroon—almost identical to the colors found in the chroma that fills the air during periods of high demonic activity (which can be seen in a number of my videos).
NOTE | I have a video of my body half-covered in this type of "skin," and will release it shortly. Also, the first time I met this particular kind of demon was when I was five years old; that was the first time I saw a demon and saw boobs—both happening at the same time, by the way. It was also the first time a demon was right under the light switch I had just turned on in a pitch-black bedroom, and the first time said demon hissed like a tire at me, too, when the light filled the room. Somehow, I knew to turn the light off before I tore down the hallway, even though I was incredibly scared.
I guess, technically, it would be a shame to cover such beautiful and exotic skin; but, I think their skin is of such a nature that clothes would be redundant. Wherever they come from, it's probably not necessary because their skin insulates them well.

There are several other likely reasons why they don't wear clothes:
  1. These particular demons are incredibly nimble, like a monkey in a tree or a cat, which lends one to believe that clothes might hinder their natural movements.
  2. They always travel in the dark—never in the light. Unless you flip a light switch on them (as I did on that one fateful night), you'll never see them; so, modesty is not necessary.
  3. They seem both virulent and anti-social. They hiss angrily when spotted, never communicating in words; I notice that they spend very little time in our realm (seconds to mere minutes; passers-through, really), and never are accompanied or even mentioned by other demons. This suggests that they are isolated from other cultures—either willingly or unwillingly—and, therefore, cultural influences that compel others to wear clothes are simply not present.
  4. They may not be advanced enough to travel through portals with objects other than their own bodies. One part of moving through portals requires machinery, but the other part requires your mind. What's not a part of your body has to be accounted for in your "thinking," if you're able. Many species, possibly such as this one, learn things by having them done to them by other demonic entities. That means that, what they are doing, they probably were not taught; but, observed and emulated (I've learned a few tricks of my own this way, now that I've been zapped, burnt, etc. a few times by demons over the past several years; but, mine are different from demons, in that they do different things. I have no abilities whatsoever that are exclusive to just demons). It, then, would be understandable if they didn't get things quite right.
  5. They may not be allowed to wear clothes. Certain demonic races have been subjugated to others, and are not allowed clothes, or are simply not told about them, or simply cannot afford them. On that note: a demon has no shame when it comes to nudity; they will show you whatever, whenever. Shame of your nakedness, then, is purely a human trait.
Finally, there are demons who have arms and legs, but have weird-shaped heads, and are usually very small. They are hard to distinguish, one from the other, like Smurfs. And, they are always malevolent. These don't wear clothes, either.

But, none of those traits are the reason why. The reason is they are composed of a type of matter or energy that's clearly not purely physical. You can always tell which are these by sight, as they are either so black that they are almost blue—light actually gets sucked into them, it seems (in other words, they are true black)—or they sparkle like gray sparkle paint. What's more is, you can smell them. They have an electricity type of smell, that is so strong, it sours milk in your refrigerator and permeates all your soap products, even a bar of soap, all the way to its core.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Miniature Spectre-of-Death Demon Pulls and Shakes Pillow

The original, uncompressed version of Miniature Demon Pulls and Shakes Pillow is added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline calendar on January 3rd, 2012, at 12.19 AM.
Without the motion, the back of the demon's head is hard to distinguish next to the wall, so it was whitened in
this still frame; but, the video itself is unaltered, and the movement the demon makes is unmistakably its own
To view this movie, use Quicktime Player, and see more clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by and through their compression scheme that is applied to all video files stored on their servers. Click here to watch the video.

A miniature version of the Spectre of Death, i.e., a Miniature Spectre-of-Death Demon, first tugs, and then shakes, my pillow as I try to adjust it. It is (and has been) a nightly routine for demons to make sleep uncomfortable at a minimum, scary at best.

The portion of the video showing the demon shaking the pillow is repeated in forward and reverse so that the jerking motion of the pillow, which could not be natural under any circumstance, is more easily viewable. Only the back of the skull-like head of the demon is shown, as is the back of its cloak.