Sunday, March 25, 2012

Video/Photo Editing Tip: Apply cross-hatch filter to images of demons and specters for contrast, depth

If you captured a hard-to-see, semi-transparent specter or demon on a low-quality camera, you can make it stand out more by applying a cross-hatch filter to the video or photograph using software such as Final Cut Pro or Photoshop.

The effectiveness of the cross-hatch filter, when applied to a specter, is illustrated in the newer version of Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Light; compare it to the original to see just how much it helps.

New audio editing technique reveals further dialog in "Noise Harassment"

Thanks to a new audio editing technique that eliminates noise and narrows the audible frequency range without noticeable loss in volume, I was able to discern a little more dialogue from the "Noise Harassment" video. Both the technique and the video will be posted soon. The additional discernible dialog is:
"Are you ready for the judgment of the Tuzzo people? 'Cuz if you're not, that's too bad, because we don't like fags, and we don't like you. So, there! What a fucking fag! Stick a knife to your throat, and I'll cut it for you."
I also tried this technique on another audio file, twice, in different ways, in which the demons can be heard conversing. What you can't hear in one file, you can hear in another. So listen to both of these:
NOTE | Without headphones, you won't hear much of anything but static and noise; preferably, you should use earbuds because you can push them in your ears deep enough to block outside noise, sort of creating a speaker/ear plug combo. A completely quiet room is also key.

Most of the voices you hear are going to sound strange. They include:
  • A Daffy Duck-like voice, that does most of the speaking. He sometimes talks to fast, and, although you can tell he's saying something, you won't be able to tell what without slowing down the speed on your media player.
  • A couple of voices, that are really deep and loud.
  • Regular human voices, which are not strange, but say some very strange things.
Sometimes, if you're new to them, the voices demons are hard to follow, because parts of their words are clipped, due to filtering that doesn't work well with the sing-song way they talks. Almost all of them almost "sing" their sentences, going up and down the scale with each word. I don't know why they do that, but it is probably to get you to listen to them without thinking about anything else; and, I think it is also a way they distinguish themselves from other demonic entities—not necessarily so you can tell them apart classification-wise, but I think that it's a way of putting on airs, or separating yourself by class or rank.

If the humans sound like they're not listening to the voices demons, it's probably because they aren't; but, I don't think they're trying to be rude. I think it's dangerous to listen to them; they can't help what they are and, therefore, what they do (their speech is like the Sirens, but for your brain, instead of your ship). It seems that all the humans I've recorded with voices demons in the mix, the humans invariably talk over them, switch topics on them, and mostly act as if they're not there. If, and when, a human hears a piece of information they find compelling, they may comment once. Rarely, are the voices demons ever asked questions, though.

Voices Demons recording partially processed - listen now

An audio file with the Voices Demons conversing at night, while I was in bed. You can only make out a few lines here and there, as it was made using my cheap cellphone, and processed by an amateur (me).

Still, it's a big improvement; it started as only static.

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