Friday, April 12, 2013

#568 - Second stay of eviction granted on ebb of demon-peoples' power

As expected, a second stay of eviction was granted to until May 2nd, as shown by the following court order:

The first stay was granted last Wednesday [see ], which keeps a roof over my head while I struggle with the daily physical and mental assault by demons and their people alike, including one of the owners of the home, who was caught in a video once, hiding in the driveway outside my windows. In , you can see him suddenly dart out from between two cars, just as I point my yet-unfocused camera out my window.
NOTE | This is par for the course since the attack of the demons widened in scope to include the infliction of homelessness; since that time, in that another landlord also resorted to criminal acts at the behest of demons, which I believe would not have occurred otherwise [see ].
The granting of the stay shows that demons and their people are not only stoppable, but that they are vulnerable to justice, so long as justice is applied with vigilance.

On May 1st, a motion for a new trial will be made, which may allow me to overturn the eviction in its entirety: