Friday, March 22, 2013

#542 - PHOTOS | Demon-possessed often victims of amputation

The demon-possessed, even those who are given weapons such as a spike-fingered hand to pierce people's brains and vital organs with, are nearly always unwitting victims of amputation, as is shown in this still frame:
The lower left of this demon-possessed human-collaborator was amputated and replaced in "real-time," the demonic term for the state in which time flows extremely fast in the space around them in comparison to the flow of time outside of that space; it looks sort of like bad special effects on a digital camera, but it is nonetheless what is happening
Actually, whether the willingly and cooperatively demon-possessed are truly unaware of what is being done to them probably varies. The man shown having his face replaced in PHOTO | Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically assaulted) guest was made aware of the fact afterwards, and was shown the images of his face being mangled by demons; nevertheless, he has made no mention of it since, and, to my knowledge, has done nothing to distance himself from dealings with demons:
To read an account of the surgical operations performed on this man in front of my very eyes, read READER | Man admits to more than just a couple of random demon sightings; eyewitness recounts demon surgery in bathtub
By contrast, I have been fighting demons tooth-and-claw ever since discovering the grizzly truth, albeit to little avail. I first discovered the specifics of the surgical manipulation of my face only recently, as shown in PHOTO | Cloaked pins and stitching attach face to head and PHOTO | Frontal cranial plate detached from head, looks like hobgoblin demon mask:
The skin of my face is temporarily pulled down so to provide access to my cranial plate for God-knows-what
These are not the only photos I have acquired of such atrocities; but, they are among the few that have survived confiscation.
NOTE | The only time crappy-looking, blurry still frames show things like the above is when demons are visibly on the prowl; by contrast, there are no such still frames produced when things are quiet. The reason for the image quality has been explained repeatedly on this blog; even still, if you don't understand it, ask.
Although it's unclear as to whether there is a connection between her amputated leg and her boots, I thought it prudent to mention that said boots appear to be possessed, as is made evident the demonic face protruding from the back of them, as shown in these still frames:
This image was sharpened, and the demonic face, masked, for better viewing [click to enlarge]
This image was sharpened, and the demonic face, masked, for better viewing [click to enlarge]
This image was sharpened, and the demonic face, masked, for better viewing [click to enlarge]
By the way, these photos were taken at the same place and at the same time as those shown in the following posts:

COMING UP | A still frame showing a demon emerging from this woman's hair (that is, if it hasn't been taken from my collection already).