Thursday, April 11, 2013

#567 - PHOTOS/VIDEO | The demonic claws of a tranny, close-up

In the video, you can't see her claws come out; you have to open the original in a separate media player, and then skim it frame-by-frame. That's when you can see what the hands of the demon-possessed tranny-who-cannot-be-named shows what they are really made of—demon:
Spike-fingered demonic hand, with only one blade jutting from the thumbHook-fingered demonic handThe black sucker demon-like of the wired-fingered demonic hand
I'm absolutely sure I was going to get whacked by those things again had I not had my camera pointed straight at them as she leaned in for a good-bye kiss. Although I knew they were there, I didn't see them very well with my eyes at the time, which is how demons and their people get away with what they do.

As you can see from the video, you can't tell at all that those claws ever came out:

And, just as fast as they came out, is just as fast as they can strike. So, whenever you get a headache after walking past someone who made a pointing gesture in your direction, you might have been spiked in the head. That's even more likely if the pain is localized on the side of the head facing that person.

This is the same person whose inner demon first revealed itself in a secretly made video, as shown in VIDEO/PHOTOS | Tranny harbors demon in bosom; and, the same person whose conversation with a demon in her hand was interrupted by my camera, as shown in, VIDEO | Tranny's eyes go demon while hiding same, which also shows a disturbing brand of anger in her eyes:

Caught by surprise, having a conversation with a small demon held in her hand
For more information about persons possessed by demons that proffer the use of the highly injurious (but discrete) spiked-fingered demonic hands, read PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs [see also PHOTOS/VIDEO | Wire-fingered, brain-spiking demon attacks via possessed woman].

Blood test confirms suspicions re VMC doctor/demon connection

There were no side effects complained of or otherwise present, and there was no improvement or progression of the disease. There were no tell-tale signs of abuse, and all blood tests were normal. In fact, I said (and could rightly say) that my testosterone replacement therapy was working as it should every up to and including the day Dr. Krishnamurphy, VMC Tully Road Clinic, stopped the therapy for absolutely no reason, and said that I would have to see an endocronologist and have blood tests before she would resume the therapy. She stated further that she couldn't verify my condition using my medical records, which she said didn't describe any such condition [see ].

All of this is unnecessary for someone with a chronic disease such as hypogonadism; it doesn't go away, as my most recent blood test verifies (see page 3):

Having walked out of her office that February without any of my necessary medication, I was presented with a two-fold problem:
  • Appointments at the VMC Specialty Clinic are months apart; and, in my case, the next appointment was four months away; and,
  • sudden cessation in testosterone replacement therapy causes severe depression, particularly, in patients who do not produce any of that particular hormone naturally—a tell-tale sign, by the way, that demons don't like a man [see Demons prefer suicide to murder].
NOTE | Dr. Winslow did this to me twice, and, as a consequence, I attempted suicide twice, the first and only two times ever [see ; see also ]. All other doctors (and there have been plenty) have never hesitated to treat me appropriately for this condition.
Then there's the fact that demons were involved [see ], as they always are with respect to VMC and its patients [see ], and she did this at their behest. They said as much beforehand. It's part of their plan; they wouldn't have permanently damaged my genitals over 16 years ago [see ], just to have me sidestep that effort with testosterone therapy. They intended to deprive me of food and sleep, as well as expose me to violence, stress, and who-knows-what-else (but, which probably involves chemicals or radiation).

Their stated goal was to take away any healthy appearance, and to otherwise make me unlikable, visually. Insodoing, they have injured at least the following:
A two-pronged instrument was used to puncture the skin above my knee, resulting in an infection that caused severe pain and swelling; this was done prior to the attack by dozens of San Jose citizens, who, in addition to piercing my head with their spike-fingered demonic hands, targeted this knee, as well
Today, I went to Dr. Krishna's office to get my prescription, carrying my blood test results in-hand; but, I was turned away. She said through a nurse that I had been referred to another physician, which will take another month to see. And, when I do see him (and, I explained this to the nurse), my insurance will be terminated in favor of a different carrier if I see the other doctor, and the new insurance plan does not fully cover my testosterone prescription.

However, even after explaining this, and repeatedly insisting that I wanted to see a doctor right now due to my urgent medical condition, the nurse refused to budge, and now I am stuck with the same problem as before.

More later...