Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cut your beheadings down to none: How relocating disrupts demons' victims' "program," "drama"

I've never met a victim first beginning to recognize their demon problem as a serious one who thought the solution would be easy. Typically, newly awakened victims believe that it would be so difficult to implement, it would be outside of their means to affect it by themselves; however, moving—the ultimate solution to their problem at that early stage of its cognizance—is definitely within the means of most victims at that time, when resources are being depleted, but remain somewhat available, and while health and youth affords a greater endurance and stamina for undertaking a new life in a new town. Unfortunately, that is the hardest time for victims to take that step.

Moving can alleviate problems like decapitation by demons as shown (in part) by this still frame, which was taken from a video showing my head in the clutches of a demon's claw. He is reattaching it after having severed it, apparently (also shown on video, below) [search for decapitation-related posts]. Victims in the earliest stages of demonic attack are usually unaware that such atrocities can and do occur frequently, and their failure to perceive the true gravity of their circumstances results in a lesser motivation to relocate
First, it's a big life change right in the middle of every conceivable big life change already suffered , all of which are compressed into a very short period of time. In a matter of months, demons and their human counterparts can (and do) deplete victims of every resource and opportunity they have, which was the case with me. The following video sufficiently conveys the magnanimity of a demon-led effort to take everything you have [see also The web site that launched the demonic war]:

Second, the decision to move is never spur-of-the-moment except under the most extreme circumstances, the likes of those that occur to citizens of foreign nations, that you only learn of from CNN; but, even if it was, it's not one that can be implemented quickly. Yet, that's exactly what a victim has to do while it is in within their power to make that decision [see Back Home Again in Indiana], mainly, because that choice won't be there for long.

Working in favor of a victim is the plentitude of motivation the problem brings victims, which is felt as constant shock.

My head, being lifted from my severed neck in the arms of a small demon gripping the base of my skull, and looking upwards towards my head's eventual destination. The original still frame is shown right; a close-up is shown bottom-left. A highly sharpened and contrasted version of the original close-up is shown top-left, and was provided to enhance the distinction between the sever wounds around my neck (which extend down my spine), the demon's arm and face, and the empty space between my head and body.
That feeling, at least, enables victims at the onset of the cognizable portion of their demon problem (demons work against victims unbeknownst well in advance of the time a victim recognizes they have a problem even outside-the-norm) to consider relocation as an option they have to consider, but it's never enough to remove the all-to-common stubborn hesitancy to see that option as the only effective solution available to them, having never faced or even witnessed a problem of such a magnitude as to require such a big, drastic step. They can't seem to accept that they have encountered a problem that big, and that life has demanded that they change it in every conceivable way, all-at-once, and all-of-the-sudden.

A reader asks for best advice on handling demon-allied flash mobbingI advise moving, and explain why it is so effective
I'm hoping demonvictim12345@gmail.com will be different, and accept moving as the ultimate and only solution to the problem, which he describes in his own words here:
I haven't read your entire blog but is there any tips you can tell me or refer me to to help the noise harassment shit and related fear that a few others talked to you about? I am trying to stay off drugs and alcohol and am as always being fucked with extra hard for it. I have never really found any real way to deal with it effectively without being on something at least semi regularly. I also just lost the only real friend I had to the police who I now am pretty sure were deployed by them as part of a plan. I am not going to have internet access much longer from what I can see, so anything would be much appreciated
Those unfamiliar with the scenario he's describing should read all posts related to Anger Management Rituals. My advice to him for eliminating those altogether, which I have taken for myself to great success [see Reader: Did your demons follow you to Indiana?], follows:
Do you have the means to move? While it’s true the “problem” is everywhere, it’s greatly diminished in most respects by simply relocating—mostly, because the persons involved cannot/will not move with you. Only those who have to will follow you, but without the whole team, their “program” for you will not be successful.
The reason why this is the most powerful maneuver for people whose addiction has absolutely nothing to do with the demon problem (like yours, and unlike mine—I am the only door is because your program starts at birth and ends at death; the path is laid out before you are born. Those who are working for your program, who have worked for your program, and will work for your program are “hired” at that time (before you were born). Your program requires, then, that you be where those persons are; it’s easier and more reasonable to keep you in one place than to move all of them whenever you move.
Most of your program that you recognize as the beginning of major problems probably involved losing your job, losing your home, losing your car, losing your money all at once, and was followed by an inability to get back on your feet. The reason was to make sure you went nowhere they couldn’t or wouldn’t. 
In addition to that, take comfort that most wouldn’t move. They have the things they took, which were hard to get and keep, and aren’t portable, such as a home, or are too many to move and too important to leave, such as friends and family. Plus, person’s working the program circuit are in insanely high demand; they can easily find the same job, but with another victim. 
Another significant reason relates to a change in your environment. You undoubtedly have deep emotions associated with certain places that provide ready tools for your detractors to use against you whenever you return to those places. Your world probably is a mix of “good” place, “bad” place, “good” street, “bad” street, “good” person, “bad” person, etc. 
None of that applies in a new town. You can go anywhere, meet anyone without any encumbering emotions or anxiety. The world feels open, and you can decide how you want to feel where you are, and no one else. 
If I had the means to do it, I’d relocate every victim of the problem you describe before doing anything else, primarily, because regardless of how effective a plan for help promises to be, it can’t be carried out successfully by a person who has too much to deal with than they can handle, and too many persons who wield a powerful influence in their thinking and behavior, sufficient to distract them from nearly any goal. 
I hope this convinces you to move, and to do it now. The best distance is 2,000 miles in any direction. I’d say as far as Indiana, at the least, and all the way to New York.