Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nerves, fingernails damaged from fighting sucker and eye spider demons

My hands are injured from a recent spate of attacks by sucker demons and eye spider demons, which lasted over three days this past weekend, mostly at night while in bed.

As a consequence of near-constant fighting, my fingernails have white-colored stress lines, which extend from their tips to the middle, from having been bent back while prying at these incredibly strong demonic entities; the pressure from the bending of my fingernails have caused tiny blood spots to appear underneath the fingernails, too:

My once well-kempt fingernails are now virtually destroyed by constant demon fighting

The damage can not only be felt, but seen, as well.

For example, the nerves in the first finger and thumb are almost completely number from having pinched both types of demons until their cloaks collapsed and bodies explode in a dim flash of red or yellow light (a video of a leg of an eye spider demon, pinched between my fingers, can he seen in Eye Spider Demon, Flailing Leg).

And, two nights ago, the top of my left first finger turned a yellowish-green color, and felt extremely cold and numb. This reoccurs every time the weather is chilly, especially at night. The top layer of skin on both thumbs and first fingers is number, although there is still some sensation beneath the surface.

Sucker demons and eye spider demons are not only lighting fast, but can evade capture by sinking into your skin:
An eye spider demon traveling beneath the skin makes a sick-sounding noise
They can also evade your sight by becoming virtually invisible, as shown in Sucker Demon Slinks Down Back of Neck on Vimeo.

Also, touching one for too long results in extreme pain from either heat or electric shock.

For more on sucker demons and eye spider demons, read about one months' worth of injuries and news caused by and related to these demons:

ESPAÑOL | Demonios ardientes con el fuego

One method of exposing a demon's cloak, and determining some of the physical properties of both the cloak and the demon themselves, is with a can of hairspray and a lighter.

Un método de exponer la capa de un demonio, y de determinar algunas de las propiedades físicas de la capa y del demonio ellos mismos, está con una poder de la laca y de un encendedor.
A stream of fire abruptly stops in a hard line as soon as it hits the demon cloak,
revealing the demon's position for the camera

Una secuencia del fuego para precipitadamente en una línea dura tan pronto como golpee la capa del demonio,
así revelando la posición del demonio para la cámara
This technique was first employed during the demon attack that occurred on March 13th, 2012, just before 8 a.m., in which seven large red-faced, devilish looking demons rose from my apartment floor, and charged me while I was just waking up.

Esta técnica primero fue empleada durante el ataque del demonio que ocurrió el 13 de marzo de 2012, momentos antes de 8 mañanas, en que siete demonios de mirada rojo-hechos frente, diabólicos grandes subieron de mi, y cargado me mientras que acabo de despertar.

The faces of two of the red-faced demons can be seen on Vimeo:

Las caras de dos de los demonios rojo-hechos frente se pueden ver en Vimeo:

The faces in these videos, however, are difficult to view, at best, due to lighting conditions and the nature of a demon cloak (it's very faint); and, that's where the hairspray and lighter come in.

Las caras en estos vídeos, sin embargo, son difíciles ver, en el mejor de los casos, debido a las condiciones de iluminación y la naturaleza de una capa del demonio (es muy débil); y, aquí es adonde vienen la laca y el encendedor adentro.

By spraying a stream of fire directly onto a cloaked demon, it will be exposed for a camera when it hits the cloak.

Rociando una secuencia del fuego directamente sobre un demonio disimulado, será expuesto para una cámara cuando golpea la capa.

The first time, before the demon has had time to adapt, it will wrap around the shape of his body, or, in this case, his face:

La primera vez que, antes de que el demonio haya tenido tiempo para adaptarse, envolverá alrededor de la dimensión de una variable de su cuerpo, o, en este caso, de su cara:
The lips, part of the nose, and the chin and cheeks are revealed in flames, as this demon descends into the floor

Los labios, la parte de la nariz, y la barbilla y las mejillas se revelan en llamas, pues este demonio desciende en el suelo
TIP | For those endeavoring on such a scientific mission: the hotter the fire, the more physical properties revealed. Opt for old formulas of hairspray, which have plenty of alcohol.
TIP | Para ésos que se esfuerzan en una misión tan científica: cuanto más caliente es el fuego, más físicas las propiedades reveladoras. Opte por las viejas fórmulas de la laca, que tienen un montón de alcohol. 
After the demon adapts, the flame, when it hits them will stop abruptly in a hard line when viewing the profile, as shown in the picture above, and in the picture below:

Después de que el demonio se adapte, la llama, cuando los golpea parará precipitadamente en una línea dura al ver el perfil, tal y como se muestra en del cuadro arriba, y en el cuadro abajo:
The flame looks normal when it is not impeded by the presence of a demon...
La llama parece normal cuando no es impedida por la presencia de un demonio…
...but, the flame abruptly stops when it hits a demon
… pero, la llama para precipitadamente cuando golpea a un demonio
You will also know when a demon adapts by the absence of sparks and blue-colored flame, which occur when the flame comes in contact with their skin.

Usted también sabrá cuándo un demonio se adapta por la ausencia de chispas y de llama azul-coloreada, que ocurren cuando la llama entra en contacto con su piel.
NOTE | The fact that the fire sparks and blue flames occurs when fire comes into contact with a demon narrows the possibilities of what a demon is made of when in physical form.
NOTA | El hecho de que el fuego chispee y las llamas azules ocurre cuando el fuego entra en el contacto con los estrechos de un demonio las posibilidades de un qué demonio se hace cuando en forma física.
What was also discovered about fire and demons: they are susceptible to fire when in physical form; but, not for long. If you are going to burn them away, you have to act before they adapt, and with the hottest fire you can find.

Qué también fue descubierta sobre el fuego y los demonios: son susceptibles encender cuando en forma física; pero, no para de largo. Si usted va a quemarlos ausentes, usted tiene que actuar antes de que se adapten, y con el fuego más caliente usted puede encontrar.

HOME | Locked out by new roommate five times in two days

My new roommate, apparently still unhappy about his encounter with police three days ago, following his obscenity-laced tirade over a locked front door, locked me out three times yesterday and once yesterday (read Demonic plan to oust me from new apartment backfires on roommate) for more about his near-arrest by police).
The chain lock was busted by my roommate when he kicked the door open last Saturday night
He did this by locking the deadbolt, knowing as many as four days ago that the key he gave me for it doesn't work. According to the landlord, who I called for assistance once I discovered this fact, my roommate hasn't given him a key to any of the locks at all since changing them.
Without a working key or the landlord's spare one, I had to spider-crawl up and over our decrepit patio fence, and then slink through the open patio door the first time.

The second time, he locked the patio door, so I had to trudge through the foliage planted alongside the building to reach my bedroom window, tear a hole in its screen, and then crawl through it.
For some reason, that was harder, but less dangerous. The other two times, I crawled through the window, as well.
On the fifth time, I beat the front door with my fist about five times. Apparently, it was loud enough to rouse a neighbor around the corner, get noticed by the Voices demons, who talked about it for an hour afterwards, and, luckily, my roommate, who had ignored my door knocks and phone calls all previous times.
During this, I was pretty surprised to learn how easy it is to break into my apartment. If it weren't for the horde of demons' constant presence and occupation of the place, I'd worry about burglars.