Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PICS | Inner demon, part II (and other odds-and-ends)

Post in-progress; odds-and-ends from the past 24 hours (think of these as pre-notes to the more complete notes that are the posts to this blog)...

My inner demon, revisited

Inner demon, Part II
Remember this face from The most comprehensive collection of demonic possession videos? Here he is again, resurfaced:

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From another video...
Different from other pics showing my inner demon is a near-total body transformation, which is captured in multiple frames in a number sufficient to present a ...:

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None of the above still frames look that great until you compare them to a still frame showing me (versus the demon); it's the contrast between the two that creates a clearer distinction between the two completely different persons, who happen to be occupying the same space:

Standing in direct light (from my iPhone camera torch), I appear as usual; the still frames above show what I looked like after stepping into shadow
As I move forward and out of the light, my face begins to exhibit the familiar Orlock features previously shown in [link]
As I move even further, the once-Orlock features warp into the beginnings of my inner demon
The tell-tale coating of chroma begins to appear on the surface of my skin, similarly to [link], as the transformation into my inner demon advances
The shape of my head changes drastically after only a second of exposure to shadow
The complete series of still frames showing the transformation between me and my inner demon are posted to my Flickr Photostream.

Twilight and the demon cloak
This video demonstrates that a possessing demon's cloak tends to express itself in its victims during periods of high demonic activity, and when the victim transits from light to dark (or vice versa). As I pass from the direct glare from a table lamp to the shadow cast by furniture in the room, I fade in and out, like demons transiting from non-cloaked (visible) to cloaked (semi-invisible):

This video is similar to the one in VIDEOS | Cloaked (or semi-invisible) demon people, in which a woman is shown to fade in and out as she passes in front of my camera; unlike with this newer video, a connection between her environment and her cloaking isn't clear.

Addition to known demon vernacular
When real and not a visual hallucination...the projecting demon calls what humans may regard and call visual hallucinations "casting shadows." [derived from the practice of "shadow magic"]

When a "Tuzzo victim" complains of injury due to acts of torture by demons and their people—even in their own minds (where thoughts are broadcast to Voices Demons)—it's called "taking sides in an argument," and the consequence of doing so is a physical act of violence (such as a "noggin' crunch," which are described in Demonic bombs, noggin' crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast.
NOTE | Ironically (or not so ironically when it comes to the Voices Demons), sighs of relief are punished identically to complaints about injuries they inflict.
Addition to known demonic torture (aka behavior modification) tactics
Demons have methods of convincing the mind that is senses danger in one's sleep (routine "bad" sleep is used by demons for what-the-hell-ever). In children, they induce nightmares; in adults, after determining what memories or situations stimulate emotions (as expressed by sound) that [impact the victim's mind even while asleep, and even without awareness or memory of the stimulus afterwards in the same way as if the situation was real and the victim was aware of it].

Things overhead of the Voices Demons
Things Voices Demons say to other people I'm not supposed to hear:

"Break him in, break him in, break him in to a new ha-ha..."

"Give him candy..."

"Take him down a peg..."

"When he's buzzing, hit him in the kidneys..."

"Bone him..."

"Hit his feet..."

"Heart attack..."

"Really work his feet...funky feet..."

"That funky feeling in his feet is Tuzzo-y to his ..."

"If he doesn't go to prison, we'll go bolo on this town."

"Okay, now make a wish and blow out the candles; that's what I used to say when I was a little girl."