Monday, October 13, 2014

Voices Demons: "Your family will be arrestable"

This is a jumble coupled with a ramble; like all my stories, there's a lot to tell. It took a lot of time and energy just to put all the other posts that are relevant on this blog in just one, and it's starting to get too large to hold readers' attention. I'll come back to it later; but, you can start digesting what I've posted so far right now, keeping in mind that, no matter what your or my understanding of the issues are, this was inevitable per Christ, who said:
They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law. [Luke 12:53]
I'm sure he meant the divisions arising from allegiance to Him versus, well, otherwise.

There's no such thing as a little or white or justifiable or necessary or harmless lie.
He who is faithful in a very little [thing] is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest and unjust in a very little [thing] is dishonest and unjust also in much. [Luke 16:10]
One of the days my grandma [see READER | Did your demons follow you to Indiana?] called me a pedophile by e-mail [see CRIME | Bogus attorney freezes mother's, crippled 8-year-old nephew's bank accounts], which she'd been doing on the exact same days my stalker would threaten my life, and, more or less, say the same [see Death threat mailed to former home; see also Fourth death threat contains another gory photo], I confronted her about it on the phone:

You can also hear us in the recording of the conversation in BIBLE | Demonic takedown strategy inadvertently backs Biblical doctrine.
WARNING | In it, I am pissed.
During the call, she hems and haws about who said what, and whether anything was said at all, and the like. She certainly didn't just come right out and say she called me a pedophile, and why. This phone call would not be the first time I asked and got no answer. I just asked today, as a matter of fact.

It was getting disturbing for two reasons, really: it was not just the name-calling itself—or by whom—but that it was tied to every occurrence of a threat, in that they would happen on or about the same day. Not only that, but the Voices Demons and their people used to taunt me with it, even though, for good reasonnot so much anymore [while on the subject, search for pedophile on this blog].

The types of threat that got FBI attention, and which my grandmother considers trivial and unimportant
Coincidence? No such thing. Besides, the timing was always on the dot: when the stalker struck, so did grandma—or, get this, my brother, or, apparently, my aunt (more on that later).

I made a note of this routine occurrence long, long ago in Bizarre communication usually follows demonic attacks. Oops! Did I forget to mention that all three of these things would happen at the same time? In that case, catch up on all the threats in Fourth death threat contains another gory photo.

FBI currently investigating threats
Now that you're familiar with the history of these threats, fast-forward to the federal complaint made on my behalf by another man. He reported these things to the FBI [see Victim of same cyberstalker suggests joint complaint to FBI], which is now actively investigating one of the stalkers; and, as you will hear straight from the horse's mouth later in a video, an arrest is imminent.

Unfortunately, they are not making a connection between my family's participation in certain events surrounding (and, I think, involving) the threats, explicitly stating that there is no connection. I intend to remedy that fallacy.

When I told my family this today, they actually tried to have me arrested for something you might pin on a belligerent child—a rage incident. Here's the police woman that responded, driving off into the sunset after advising my family that this is not an arrestable offense:

NOTE | A "rage incident" did not occur today, although I agree that the recorded phone call does not help my case any; but, you know what? I got called a pedophile, so I'm okay with my rage.
Cop-calling tactic not new to family
Cop-calling isn't a new tactic to avoiding telling on themselves; and, it was understandable that they thought it would work. In the past, my mother had success in doing this [see CRIME | Phone calls expose mother's lie to police about attack by Tuzzo person], albeit with California police, which is the only explanation for that.

Family attacks when issue forced
As you can see from the video above and by the description of the earlier cop-calling event, forcing the issue causes potential problems: when I want to know who said what, inevitably, shit cracks off; but, this time, that was okay with me. I know the law well, thanks to extensive involvement with it over the past several years [see 16 murders, other crimes solved while fighting 36-years-to-life prison term in county jail]. Indiana police officers lack the corrupt connections of their California counterparts [see The police report from the false arrest perpetrated by Wells Fargo, Sunnyvale police gang-stalkers]; they are not unreasonable [see UPDATE | Police initially refuse to take criminal complaint against landlord], and do not break the law [see Demon-inspired jail/prison murder plot taking shape by actions of correctional officers].

It was also okay because I have the FBI on my side on this issue, and I knew it. Take a look at the texts I sent to the agent investigating my case, yesterday:

Basically, my grandmother confronted me with information I did not give a few days ago—again—and information that was inappropriate to have been given and/or shared with me [see READER | Did your demons follow you to Indiana?]. I understandably wanted to know who she had been talking to, and I refused to take no for an answer (something I learned from the Voices Demons themselves, as a matter of fact). Since that person was a family member (I guess), she refused to disclose the person's name; she knew the stakes. She knows the story.
NOTE | She confronted me with this information—again—and without my prompting or initial interest in talking with her, as Mercury became the planetary hour, on-the-dot. That's prime demon attack time; has been for a week now.
Here is her change-the-subject tactic at work:

WARNING | In it, I am pissed.
Here is her I'm-too-crazy tactic at work:

So, I got the FBI involved, which doesn't do crazy or stupid. They got the answer, and, eventually, so did I:

WARNING | In it, I am pissed.
"Your family will be arrestable..."
One of the many oft-repeated future predictions made by the Voices Demons has been, "Your family will be arrestable." Predictions made in this manner, that is to say, over and over, and at the oddest times, and which eventually come true, no matter how unlikely or irrelevant they may sound at the time they are spoken, are many. Even still, you never know what to make of them until they start looking more and more likely as time goes on, which is never soon, but eventually. They are never accompanied by an explanation; in fact, sometimes, even the Voices Demons act surprised at what they end up meaning at the time that becomes clear.

They've been saying this one for a couple of years, but I never knew what it meant until now. I mean, add up the connections between the simultaneous demonic attacks-death threats-antagonistic name-calling, and the criminal prosecutorial stakes, and my contentious family history (described above, with more below):
If, for any reason, they should be arrestable, it should be for these things, all of which occurred (and more) since I've been in Indiana:
Who called me a pedophile question, answered (sort of)
After having been kicked out of grandmother's house, I asked my mom to get to the bottom of the pedophile thing. She agreed. Here's what she came up with the next morning:

WARNING | In it, I am pissed.
Why, then, did I not get this explanation—which must be the most pathetic lie on earth—when I asked for it. Why did they repeatedly dodge this question? Why did they, apparently, believe it (listen to the phone call with my grandma, in which I ask her to explain where she heard it, and why she called me it in an e-mail). This is a lie by people who did not appreciate getting questioned by FBI, and it is a lame one at that.

Here's the e-mail from my grandma [see CRIME | Bogus attorney freezes mother's, crippled 8-year-old nephew's bank accounts] that sparked the phone conversation with her, and what my mother is referring to in the video above, by the way (compare the two stories, and you'll see what I mean by bullshit):
James Schmedel Mar 13 (2 days ago)I called your mom and she said you know how to fix the problem. But other than that it’s all I can do. I hate it that you are without a phone, how are you able to write emails? I did not tell her to turn you phone off. 
After some of the nasty things you put on facebook I’m not sure you need a phone. It is a felony for you to have sex with underage boys, and why would you want the whole world to know. When you put things on facebook it never goes away, it’s out there forever.
Today, I'm supposed to address this issue and others with the FBI by phone. I'll post an update to this post immediately afterwards.

FBI deflects proffered info re family's involvement with stalker
The phone call with the FBI:

WARNING | In it, I am pissed.
For those interested in seeing a psychological examination of me by a psychiatrist, see below [see also Psychiatrist OKs camera's psyche]:

As you can see, the diagnosis is for Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD—not Bipolar Disorder. That's a wildly different issue, with vastly different treatment plans and causes. There are no symptoms of paranoia (about what, anyway?); just concerns of low energy and depressed mood as a result of the rape of a demoniac and the cop-beating of one.

Options for further shakedown
In the future, I will have another option to further shake out hidden information, i.e., my family's involvement in anger management rituals and the like, in that the stalker whose arrest is imminent is likely to want a sentencing mitigator in his case. He will have one—a big one—if he simply rats out his collaborators, namely, the family members so mentioned in the above video.

I know from personal exposure to problems like these that when a victim in a case in infinitely grateful for the cooperation of the defendant in quelling further occasions of crimes similar to the one said defendant is accused of, that sentencing judges can be swayed by that gratitude.

Barring further FBI investigation into my family's involvement, this is definitely an option for the future defendant from my standpoint, and from a factual standpoint, if you go by this particular e-mail from my stalker [see Cyberstalker advises pending death, cites reasons for societies' demonic allegiance; reader passes on Jesus' compassion (i.e., charity, forgiveness)]:

This snippet from an e-mail sent by my stalker is just meant to show that he knows I have a grandma, and that she's been playing the in-the-know game with me. Why not my dad? Or my mom? Or a significant other? Or a brother? Or someone else? It's the people he talks about, and the knowledge they purport to possess through him, that connects him to my life and my family directly. (Of course, it helps to put all the other facts in there at the same time; but, I digress. I'm not really here to convince, just to tell the story somewhat credibly.)

How to avoid being criminally prosecuted for your anger
A good anger management plan is essential to avoid the very anger managements issues of which demons and their people strive to take advantage; the failure to have me arrested at having been angry at a family member over having protected the identity of one of my stalkers stems from my very strong, God-given anger-management plan. Here's a summary of what God teaches on anger, which also sums up that plan:

On the consequences of anger:
For man’s anger does not promote the righteousness God [wishes and requires]. [James 1:20]
Cease from anger and forsake wrath; fret not yourself—it tends only to evildoing. [Psalm 37:8]
A man of wrath stirs up strife, and a man given to anger commits and causes much transgression. [Proverbs 29:22]
Do not be quick in spirit to be angry or vexed, for anger and vexation lodge in the bosom of fools. [Ecclesiastes 7:9]
He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is hasty of spirit exposes and exalts his folly. [Proverbs 14:29]
On the benefits of subduing anger:
He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, he who rules his [own] spirit than he who takes a city. [Proverbs 16:32]
Good sense makes a man restrain his anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression or an offense. [Proverbs 19:11]
On avoiding anger:
Make no friendships with a man given to anger, and with a wrathful man do not associate. [Proverbs 22:24]
A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger. [Proverbs 15:1]
Fathers, do not irritate and provoke your children to anger [do not exasperate them to resentment], but rear them [tenderly] in the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord. [Ephesians 6:4]
Be angry, and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath. [Ephesians 4:26]
On the characteristics of a true child of God, as they relate to anger management:
I desire therefore that in every place men should pray, without anger or quarreling or resentment or doubt [in their minds], lifting up holy hands. [1 Timothy 2:8]
A [self-confident] fool utters all his anger, but a wise man holds it back and stills it. [Proverbs 29:11]
But now put away and rid yourselves [completely] of all these things: anger, rage, bad feeling toward others, curses and slander, and foulmouthed abuse and shameful utterances from your lips! [Colossians 3:8]
Let all bitterness and indignation and wrath (passion, rage, bad temper) and resentment (anger, animosity) and quarreling (brawling, clamor, contention) and slander (evil-speaking, abusive or blasphemous language) be banished from you, with all malice (spite, ill will, or baseness of any kind). [Ephesians 4:31]
On the characteristics of a child of Belial, with respect to lack of self-control and anger:
Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger (ill temper), selfishness, divisions (dissensions), party spirit (factions, sects with peculiar opinions, heresies). [Galatians 5:20]
On characteristics of God’s anger, which one should mimic in all respects:
For His anger is but for a moment, but His favor is for a lifetime or in His favor is life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. [Psalm 30:5]
But He, full of [merciful] compassion, forgave their iniquity and destroyed them not; yes, many a time He turned His anger away and did not stir up all His wrath and indignation. [Psalm 78:38]
The Lord is long-suffering and slow to anger, and abundant in mercy and loving-kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, upon the third and fourth generation. [Numbers 14:18]
On your right to be angry:
What right can a sinner have to yield to impatience or anger, when mercifully corrected for his sins? [Psalm 38:12-22]