Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#379 - AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment

As I have stated, the entire Northern Bay Area of California is overrun by a horde of demonic entities that have segmented into a regimen I call, Voices Demons. Groups of demons belonging to this regimen stalk and harass a specific target, sometimes, around-the-clock, daily; this will continue unabated since onset, which has been many, many years for some people; however, that is not always the case. Make no mistake about it: they always stalk everyone they talk to. The decision to make "requests," provide "information," or otherwise communicate is always in the furtherance of the demonic agenda.

Because Voices Demons use a telepathy-based form of acoustic cloaking, it is rare that you will ever hear anything they say to a victim or collaborator unless they want you to; however, because it is only the power of the mind that creates the sound tunnel—it's still audible speech, even when tunneled telepathically—you can conceivably pick up the Voices Demons' side of the conversation if you are in just the right place. You will never hear the human side of the conversation, unless the human has the specific ability to create sound, and, in particular, speech, with their minds.
NOTE | If you ever hear a human do this, they are not human.
Last night, while at my apartment with a guest, I was able to record a portion of the Voices Demons assigned to him, as they harangued him for making his own decision to meet with me. I performed this rare feat, in part, because of my proximity to the target and the location of my strategically placed sound recorder, which sat on the floor against a nearby wall.
NOTE | Placing recording devices against a sound-carrying medium, such as the floor or a wall, will enable you to pick up sound as it travels through its tunnel and through the wall between the Voices Demon, outside, and the target, inside. That is, of course, when a Voices Demon, which is a physical entity, is located outside, and the target, inside.
The recording can be downloaded from DropBox [11.3 MB]. You will need headphones to hear the Voices Demons speaking, and will likely need to raise the volume the highest level (be careful) to hear them. The conversation is spread out over the

Below is an transcript of an excerpt of what voices demons (not mine, per se) were saying to my guest last night

It's pretty insightful into the relationship between the demons and this guy, but it is contrived and implausible, in that they know the guy is not an idiot, and isn't likely to leave my house based on their argument.
He goes by Jai; but, his Voices Demons called him, Christian
Clearly, he came over against their wishes, and they are making him feel as uncomfortable as possible, in order to make him leave. The way they are speaking to him shows the abusive nature of their relationship.
He doesn't like this place.
(They are telling Jai that I don't like my new living arrangement, and are implying that this is a factor in my apparent uncomfortableness; however, this is a type of blame-shifting. If I looked disconcerted in any way, it would have been due to the presence of demons. That reason alone precludes consideration of almost any other factor. Duh.)
He loves you.
(I sympathize with everyone so afflicted; but, that word probably has connotations to Jai that are off-putting, most likely, to demon-fabricated drama in the past. This is love: 
1 Corinthians 13:4-7; it never hurts to have done what these verses say. Still, demons work hard to confuse us, and many times they are successful. It sounds like they might have been with Jai here.)
Pedophiles! [repeats]
This is a dangerous word in the Bay Area, and has nearly lost its original meaning by and through the actions of demon-led people (gang-stalkers, juggalos, etc.). It is a label applied to a man marked by demons, and who has had, and will continue to have, problems insurmountable, and is to die a horrible death under the most egregrious of social ostracization rituals established by demons, and enacted on-call by citizens of the Bay Area. Therefore, it does not just label the person, here, it threatens any persons surrounding him. If you are a family member or friend, you will suffer the a horrible fate, too, but in a different manner, and a time staggered against that of the target. It is used here in this way—to threaten Jai that, if he likes me or associates with me in any way—he will be targeted, too (but, as I said, in the way unique to that of the associates of targets).
His porno is a fuck-up; he looks like a dog.
Apparently, Jai liked a video of me, which is why he disregarded their wishes in visiting me. So, like humans, they found a way to criticize my appearance, and then did so while he tried to enjoy his night at my place.
Pedophile cannot get his dick up. He doesn't like you. If the pedophile doesn't like you, you should go home.
It wasn't that I didn't like him, but, I had, like, 50 sucker demons slithering in my sheets and on my body, and other demon-related problems that can make erections difficult. 
Pedophile! [repeated multiple times]
As he continues to ignore them, they repeat their chant until they can think of something else to tell Jai.
I put coca in his butthole once; they had to take him to the hospital.
Here, they claim to have poisoned me with coca, which put me in the emergency room. That explains the tachycardia that nearly killed me last spring, at which time I had a vision of the future for those demon-allied, and the kingdom comprised by demons. Words and images can never express the feeling of standing at the mouth of Hell when it is too late to turn around, knowing that what you thought you believed was more of an acceptance or non-resistance to what you really consider a notion that is not firmly founded. All I can say is this, if you think that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that you walk in that faith, then you had better spend all the time you can affirming that belief and that faith before it's too late [Romans 10:17]. Otherwise, I guarantee you that, on that Day, you will doubt.
If blood is thicker than water, then why are you here?
Obviously, this is a childish, last-ditch pleading. The equivalent could be overheard on a high-school date ("If you love me, you'll do it with me.")
Pedophile! [repeats]
Still being ignored, they resort to a attention-breaking and disruptive chant while preparing another approach. Just try and be intimate or get and stay in the mood while several demons are shouting this in your head.
What a fucking tweaker! He's a pooter-butt! [repeats] He's such a pussy willow! Pussy-willow! [repeats]
Another criticism of his choice of partner. The labels ascribed to me here indicate that things were said about me before he met with me the first time. My respectful, accommodating and easy-going nature can be refactored into such to persons having not yet met me.
Have a nice day! Have a nice lunch, dear friend.
I don't why they are saying this specifically, but, it is probably something that was said at a moment in which he Jai was endeared to his Voices Demons. If this is the case, then they are implying a betrayal of loyalty, and are trying to induce feelings of guilt (while he is trying to have sex, which is what they do to me, every time).
Pedophiles are not people, you know. They are people; but, they are not cogent people.
Cogent is one of the words used over and over and over by the Voices Demons with which I am engaged in a fight. They plant it in every sentence they think it will fit; but, I am not privy to their reason. If history repeats itself, it is a word that they think will haunt me someday, somewhere, somehow. They're just full of themselves like that.
I wanna go! [repeats] Have a nice day! I don't think so. I don't think so, I said. Pedophiles don't think so, either. Pedophiles are good people—wow, what a concept!
There must have been a dialog between Jai and his Voices Demons here; I can't make sense of it.
If you had prostituted your ass out for a dope hit, I would not be happy. You're not a tweaker, Christian!
They are describing the act of advertising for sex in exchange for drugs, which did not happen. Jai called me to pick up his cigarettes and boxers from the other night; there was no arrangement agreed upon prior for sex or drugs; however, they may have labeled me as the type in the past, and are saying that this is the real reason they don't like me, since pedophile wasn't working for them with Jai. 
You said his name out loud!
One voices demon scolding another for saying Jai's real name aloud, even though I didn't, and couldn't have, heard it at the time.
Sock it to me one more time! Sock it to me one more time!
I don't know specifically what this means, but I know what the Voices Demons are doing. When they want another demon to do something for them, they repeat a non-sensical phrase over and over, and, most of the time, in unison. Shortly thereafter, the thing done by whatever demon that hears their unified chant, and knows what it means, does that thing.
We're going to positively masturbate him in a minute. He's going to hold your hand and cry. 
They are announcing that they have requested a sucker demon attack; that must be what chanting "sock it to me one more time" does. They have a number of these that they use around me to indicate that they are going to hurt me, or that another demon is about to appear and do the same. Some of these have already been mentioned on this blog, and, in particular, in Demons mock childhood abuse prior to committing acts of violence and Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks.
His motherfucking tunnel is old and gross; we put the Tuzzo on his dick once. It looks old and gross.
They are referring to the injury they caused to my penis, as described in Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable (see also Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006). My "tunnel" must be my rectum, which was severely damaged by the multiple sexual assaults perpetrated by four of their people this year alone.
Pedophiles don't deserve to be in society. There is a bigger picture here. 
They are justifying and referring to their demands that people help them incarcerate me by and through illegal acts using 'the ends justify the means' argument. There must have been an exchange of words between Jai and the Voices Demons, and he must have brought up the topic, which indicates his awareness of the demons' agenda, as described at length in Voices Demons: "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]".
Pedophiles are cogent people; but, they don't know their own worth.
Not sure; but, in the lilt added to these words, it means that money is likely being offered for Jai's cooperation.
Old lady
He doesn't talk to Tuzzo people anymore because he doesn't like us. Ridiculous! Dickless! He's dickless!
I have no idea what this is about.
The preceding is not a transcript of the entire recording; accordingly, check back often for updates.