Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#506 - READER | Man admits to more than just a couple of random demon sightings; eyewitness recounts demon surgery in bathtub

The man from Australia who was concerned for his infant son's safety after having seen demons near his crib [see READER | Australian parents spot ceiling-crawling demon, Lullaby Demon in infant's nursery], recently disclosed the full extent of his dealings with them; but, only after reminding him that failing to do so was akin to betraying man and country—the guilt of which falls on many in San Jose and the Bay Area of Northern California, as well as on my own family and various persons who have posed as friends in the past.

In this series of e-mail exchanges, I learned more about the kind of demonic activity facing this man and his family, finding it similar to kind I faced in the past. I also expressed my concern that he was taking it just a little too much in stride, having had conversations with these ilk, and having never gone on the attack as one should. To underscore the danger he's in (and to undo the easing in of their presence that demons do prior to disclosing the full horror of their activities), I give him my eyewitness account to a surgery performed by demons on a man, who actually thought he was their friend, and not a victim like me (a common mistake in my part of the world):
On Thursday, January 31, 2013, Cheyenne Nealey wrote:
hi James,
iv also been hearing a sound that sounds like something rushing at me while im going to sleep either at my home or at a friends and something speaking to me, either your going to die soon or let me love you or like to see you try, and many more different ones.majority of the time its as im falling not sure what to think of this.... i cant talk to my partner or anyone else besides my friend anymore cause now they think im schizophrenic but not enough to be diagnosed as that, but i know im not...
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 22:45:57 -0800
Subject: Re:
It's a cloaked demon, probably half the size of a midget. Burn it.
The profile of an invisible demon's face, wrapped in (and revealed by) flame,
as it retreats back into the floor from which it attacked
On Thursday, January 31, 2013, Cheyenne Nealey wrote:
i will when i get a chance... how do i know when hes around when i cant see him? its also very quick sometimes i cant make out what hes saying and towards the end the voice quickly fades by the time i open my eyes...
On Friday, February 1, 2013, James Bush wrote:
You'll be able to see its reflection better than you will with direct sight. Try looking for it through the hole made by a partially closed fist.

Or, try a mirror with a piece of partially reflective glass in front of it. Point your video camera at the reflection of the area where you hear the footsteps.

Also, try puncturing a hole in a jar lid, and then tape the lid over the lens. Record through the hole [see video, below]:

Finally, mesh is perfect for finding cloaked demons. Record video through it, with the mesh at least three feet away from the camera.

Do not shine a light on the area you are recording; rather, away from it, and far from it, too.
On Friday, February 1, 2013, Cheyenne Nealey wrote:
your alright. ill give it a go...i was going through my pictures i sent you on here, the one with my back to the mirror have a look around my legs. i saw it on the phone and had to have a look on the computer. what ya recon if you get a chance to see it.
i was also looking at your blog pictures, iv notice some more of your demon buddies on there that you havnt pointed out, just incase you havent seen some of them....sorry to point it out if you have....
last night i stayed at a friends out, the mother went out so i got to stay in her room for the night (weve known each other since i moved to australia) and i think iv got one following either me or william, different from the one i seen in our bed room that first night i saw him. but iv seen this one around before in our house. very small like, humanoid thats attracted to mirrors and was on the wall looking at the mirror.
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 08:15:07 -0800
Subject: Re:
I'm glad you noticed the other demons in my pictures. I don't mention those unless I interact with them in some way. Plus, I'm not sure they are what they look like. Demons use illusions to disguise themselves like those for various reasons.
The blue face of a demon possessing a jacket - Photo 1 of 3 (click to enlarge)

The blue face of a demon possessing a jacket - Photo 2 of 3 (click to enlarge)

The blue face of a demon possessing a jacket - Photo 3 of 3 (click to enlarge)
The ones I do talk about are the ones that should be of most concern to people, anyway.

It's too bad you don't live with just your family. If that house was just yours, there are things you can do when you're not home to make your house very inhospitable to demons.

It'd be nice if you could get a separate place that is built apart from other houses (noise is a significant factor in driving them away; but, the level at which it is made would be a nuisance to your neighbors).
On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Cheyenne Nealey wrote:
i did a quick 2min sketch of what the thing looked like on my bed for you to give you an idea on what im going on about.

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, James Bush wrote:
By the way, you seem less concerned about your demon problem than before; I'm not sure if that's good or not.

Quite frankly, I should be hearing flaming-cans-of-hairspray stories—not bed-sharing ones.

Yes, that happens; but, these entities know how to behave normally, speak intelligently, and can mind their manners, respecting boundaries (such as someone else's bedroom) without trouble.

So, why are they being so rude? Either they are targeting you, or another demon has declared you a target, and the demons you've run into so far are just contributing their own brand of negativity to the overall experience inherent to demonic targets.

I know this because of my history as such; but, I'm not telling you anything that common sense doesn't already.

As I said before in other e-mails, you are cattle to them. They do nothing for you or with you, they have no place in their homes for you, they don't eat what you eat, and they don't laugh at the same jokes you do; also, their minds are more advanced than yours in both I.Q. and capabilities related to telepathic powers, as well as all of the other capabilities that allow them to function in the fourth-dimension (there are things you have to do there that you can only do with your mind, and only then with a very specifically trained mind).

In short, that means they think at higher levels, see things for what they are quicker, and communicate with each other very efficiently and precisely, as telepathy is not just saying words in your head. By comparison, we are slow and not very perceptive, and we take a long time to say what we mean, and, even, we're never very precise and rarely do we say anything meaningful.

Besides, we have many needs they don't, our diets, sleep, and exercise, for example. Meals, sleep and taking time to take care of yourself is an inconvenience demons find almost too intolerable in humans.

I could go on and on; but, you get the point, and I want to move on to how one applies this knowledge.

First, you have to apply that rule to every demon you meet—even the ones who "befriend" you, and are otherwise courteous. They will know why you don't want anything to do with even them; they see the differences between you and them much better than you do. You will not be breaking any hearts—believe me.

I can say is nothing but drama and trouble afoot; so, each one you see, burn to death. If you wait they will find ways to keep you from doing that down the line by distracting you with things they know distract you. Even worse, they build in number as each horde comes through; and, demons in a horde can number in the hundreds or thousands, And that's not counting the tagalongs, sightseers and audiences to events in which you are the unwitting and/or unwilling star.

If you have other relationships going on that you're not mentioning, that is not okay. Harboring, housing, caring for, working with, and otherwise acquiescing to any of their activities is the equivalent of supporting terrorism. You are betraying your country by not disclosing everything you see and hear... that is, if there's anything you're not saying.

You are at the very least exposing your community to extreme danger, in that a demon's agenda may not involve harm to you in the same way it does others. You may think that because they are nice to you—or not nearly as mean to you as they are to others —that is possible and preferred to a demon to act nice. 
Last week, I watched such a person who thinks in this way operated on in my bathtub by three demons. They had reached through his rib cage, and pulled out something big and pink; When I walked in on the scene, they were using their hands to put it back in. Another one slid leg skin that had been pulled back from the knee back over it again, as if she were putting a rubber swimming cap on her head (it snapped back into place with a wet-sounding slap). He was unconscious, but still, they had what appeared to be a giant otter-like demon gripping his lower jaw with its mouth, it's top teeth embedded under his tongue and its lower teeth under his chin.
This man was the one operated on; see images of his mangled face in PHOTO | Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically assaulted) guest 
I didn't see it happen; But I have seen enough to know exactly what it looked like when that thing came up on him. First, it shot up out of the water from between his legs, and when he opened his mouth to scream, it dug its teeth inside his mouth. That means he wasn't administered anesthesia; rather, it was the pain that knocked him out. It is the trauma that made him forget, I assume; he didn't talk about what happened later. Even while he was unconscious, his eyes were wide open in fear, like in this pic I took of him later: 
This look of wide-eyed fear was frozen on the face of this man as he was mutilated by demons right before my very eyes
Even if demons you know do not do this, they know it is done and they do nothing about it. That is as bad a mindset as the people who do it.

The same would apply to you if you befriended demons, even if you were not doing anything wrong, where people make that judgment.

If none of this applies to you, great; but, if it does, the people who have arty gone that route, all Have the same advice for you: get your money up front cargo never see it.
Search for 'sucker demons' and 'eye spider demons' on my blog. These filthy creatures can even be found on demon supporters, although demons claim that these entities are used as punishment for demon detractors. Because I know where to look, and how to pull them off, I can find any one of these creatures on any person who is had any contact with any demon ever. I've had many a fake date with a demon supporter set there so smug, Even while I pulled the things off of their skin. I had to explain to them why they were receiving electric shocks from the act of removing them; they didn't know what they were. In that way I think it's better to be a victim; At least I'm not conditioning and shampooing demons that look like hair, but eat the body. So I should can see the people demons purport to like, are there suckers most likely to be exploited by them. And I'm not saying this is wrong, but people will give strangers more trust than a demon will give its own mother. They're going to use that no matter what. It's just too much of a good thing to pass up, consequences be damned.
So that is why I think it is more than likely that you have met at least one friendly demon; and, if that's the case, I am sure they asked you not to tell anyone about your relationship, and gave you no "information that you just don't need," like what they were, who else they talk to, where they live, their names and so forth. In fact I bet they didn't tell you overall what they're doing, and havr otherwise made a game out of giving you clues all day so that you can try and guess. They may also have insinuated that you were involved in something that poses a risk to you, and that their involvement is required to help you, and is otherwise unavoidable until the situation is resolved. You may have surmised that yourself; but, believe me there is no such thing as a necessary demon-human partnership (and, as we discussed, they are not ideal for you or the demon. Sometimes, they may look that way, but, later, when you realize you're going nowhere, they will force you into the relationship—beneficial to you or not, and whether that poses a danger to you or not (your life is not worth living to them; they simply don't care about it. And they think that people who do care about their lives are simply ignorant about what it means to be what they are).
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This is all over the map; but, it should be the things that shape your attitude and approach to this problem. Don't brush a demon off; it is insulting on levels unimaginable to them. Rather, acknowledge their power fully by giving them everything you got. When you are fighting a demon, you do nothing else until that fight is over, No matter how long, how far, how hard or what.
None of the ones you can see like fire; so, purchase a hand-held, portable acetylene welder's kit, and then clean house.
On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Cheyenne Nealey wrote:iv gone through them and found them very intresting, specially the demon eye one. very smart and very noticiable on your behalf iv go to admit. iv been around people who has tagalong demons with them, and it isnt nice to be around for me, specially when i was taking drugs. when it came to the 'friendly' demon as you put it, we didnt talk i just shown i knew it was their and wasnt welcome on that particular spot for i am not a couch or a bed (not that they care i just put a point out to them). i havnt givin out information about myself since i was five, after that iv never done it again. if there is a price on me i wouldnt be surprised personally i was at war with another in the states that didnt following me to australia but followed me everywhere i went in the states among other demons but idk about them... but dont get me wrong i do talk to them but again as acknowledgment. i will not answer questions or ill just dodge around questions. but fully aware they get annoyed. and i wont give into them say or asking questions or telling 'to let them love me' thats disaster waiting to happen. also thats playing with feelings and situations thats going on. i know this game from people and other demon games i have come across.

and i look at it as this way, i dont care for them as much as they dont care for me when it comes to friendships. i do not trust them or they shouldnt trust me either. for war is war and war is a game if you tink about it.

when i was mentioning dreams before after my dream the house felt better, and for myself a salt bath.