Saturday, September 15, 2012

#404 - READER | Demon stalks man and his family for years

Ripley Erin Greeff stumbled across this blog while seeking answers about a demonic entity that appears to be stalking him, and asked if I could shed light on his situation—probably, in the hopes that I can allay his concerns.

In an e-mail received this morning, he wrote:
This is going to sound crazy; I was going to ask if you knew anything about a tall, dark-hooded figure.
I've read and searched so many things online and at the library trying to get answers. There's always people that encounter something similar but they don't get answers either—just more questions; [but], I noticed you had blogged about how you can see a demon, [and] I was going to see if you knew what kind it would be based on what it looked like.
My brother and sister have seen it in a moving vehicle. I, on the other hand, had an encounter at my mother's house a couple of years back in the middle of the night. My baby boy slept in the bed with me at the time. Don't know if that helps.
If you don't find me competently cooky, and know anything about these things, please write me back ASAP. My number is 1(580).273.6158. I am nurse aide [that] works nights; so, it doesn't matter how late you contact me back.
I'm sorry again for this weird message. I just came across your blog by accident and it helped me more than anything else had.
Thank you for replying,
Ripley Erin Greeff
My answer is this:
Most demons that resemble the image of man are at least people, and can be confronted directly in the absence of communication barriers, such as language differences, physical limitations that inhibit (or prohibit) speech, relative time flow, willingness to communicate, and, of course, their overall intentions.

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So, the next time you see it, simply ask. Walk right up to its face and ask it—point-blank—what it wants, keeping in mind that manners and courtesy are all-important, in that they bridge the gap between man and demon that is created by the wide distinction between the superior demon and the inferior you.

KEEP IN MIND | I use those terms only in the biological sense—the only way they could ever be used  when comparing demon to man.

Believe it or not, there are many demons who harm no one, and, in fact, enter into relationships with humans, some based on friendship, others on business, including other types of partnerships, even criminal syndication and politics; some involve sex, where love may or may not be a factor, but where children can be born.

READ | For more on demon-man sexual relationships throughout history, and, in particular, in the Bible, read Why some demons wear clothes; why others go naked.

Your situation, however, looks very bad. I say this because, due to the overall superiority of the demon mind and body, it is difficult for demons in general to think of humans as valuable enough to take care of in their interactions with them. Of course, this is true of many humans, too, in regards to other humans; but, it is more natural for a demon to feel and think this way, and to act according to that nature without a conscience.

So, set your expectations accordingly whenever you meet any demon, and realize that any overture a demon makes to you that involves interaction with it or a relationship of some kind usually serves the demonic agenda to conquer by assimilation and integration, and is probably not what it appears to be on its face.

Based on your description of the demon, it could be any number of demonic entities, as any one of the billions out there will wear a standard black, traveling cloak, primarily, to keep from freaking people out with their appearance; but, I'd say that this is an aristocrat in the demon world, who is head-hunting within your family (like when a rancher goes to a cattle auction), judging by these factors:
  • it makes appearances without fear
  • it does not cloak (in other words, make itself half-invisible)
  • it does not speak directly to you
  • it is shaped like a man
  • it wears a black cloak
Unless, like me and others, you have had extensive involvement with many demons over an extended period of time, you wouldn't know why the aforementioned combination means what I say it does; but, let's just say that it means you are being watched by a farmer of people, who is surrounded by a myriad of very, very powerful demonic consultants that are probing you and your family for data this particular demon will evaluate to determine whether you and your family meet his needs.

Take a look at the black-cloaked figure in the photos, below, which were taken from a video showing the Spectre of Death conferring with a giant demon head, a video showing it standing next to my window, and a video in which it is standing in the doorway to my old apartment:
Demon head on wall Spectre of Death standing in entryway
Spectre of Death in front of window Spectre of Death standing in doorway
It may also have already begun its work long ago, and is just checking in; or, it may be a potential buyer. Most commonly, people are used as hosts for transport and respite, which is called, "possession."

NOTE | To learn about the industry in which demons farm humans to other demons for the purpose of possession, read Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession.

My advice to you is to move very far away from where you are as soon as possible. You are in danger, to be sure.