Saturday, March 26, 2016

PICS | Amputation and disfigurement of limbs by demons

In this post...
...more images that highlight one of the most bizarre facts about demonic victimization, specifically, temporary amputation of limbs and other appendages. It contains never-shown-before...

...images of human dismemberment by demons...
...having been completely dismembered at the arms (with links to images of same for legs and, let's just say, others), showing them either still removed, or having been removed clearly at some point—and, sometimes, showing those that have only been removed for about 1/30th of a second. And, the limbs shown are not just mine, as is mostly the case on the blog, but others, too—the most recent being a man from Texas, who was recently able to capture the stump where his arm used to be on camera:

A man's arm, missing, captured on cameraSharpened, with a higher contrast [see also Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession victims]
My arm, in the severance My finger, also in the severance

...and, of disfigurement, too
The gallery also features limbs that have been disfigured; just like with demonic amputations, any grotesque modifications discovered only come after a frame-by-frame review of video made during periods of high demonic activity, having also occurred in under a second [see Clandestine surgical mutilation uncovered via demonic-activity video filter; see also PHOTO | Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically assaulted) guest]. Here is the same man shown above, this time, having captured some sort of mutilation to his hands:

The same man (above), this time, with mutilated handsSharpened, and increased contrasting and color correction for clarity and more accurately portrayed texture
This type of demonic activity is typically perpetrated by hobgoblin demons, who are known for little more than their unsurpassed surgical prowess and penchant for the most insidious cruelty imaginable. Not only can they amputate and reattach any body part, including heads (below), they do so to each victim repeatedly, without warning and without explanation [see Third death threat adds decapitation to penectomy; see also STALKERS | Second attempt by cyberstalkers to arrange fetishistic trick with male prostitute, propose genital amputation]; rather, they let their victims become aware of them on their own.

A reader, who, surprisingly, was able to capture on camera one of her beheadings (which, surprisingly, is the most common form of amputation perpetrated by demons against females) [see Demon people fail at attempt to use powers on their own; see also Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals] 
In fact, hobgoblin demons have never once demonstrated an interest in telling their victims anything at all about what they do to them, and have long seemed content that they should discover these things on their own, having demonstrated no preference as to whether they know everything, only some things or nothing at all. They swoop in, butcher, repair and then leave—nothing more.
NOTE | This is in sharp contrast to Voices Demons, who announce over and over and over again each and every thing they intend to do to their victims—even things they intend to do a decade down the road—and who also remind their victims what they've already done to them over and over and over again.
Victims, who usually have no memory of having theirs limbs amputated and reattached, will eventually discover it all in the same way, specifically, by digital camera. Being naturally and understandably inclined to see and show what's going on, digital cameras can always be found in the hands of nearly everyone possessed or otherwise afflicted by demons. Once discovered, victims piece together the specific situations and places and times and sensations and occurrences that in simultaneous combination indicate that something heinous took place. Such include, but are not limited to, the presence of hobgoblin demons (they show up for nothing more than what they are known for), the phase of the moon (always at first quarter, whenever demonic activity is high during that period), when certain physical maladies reoccur (joint pain, dizziness, etc., which are quite different than those experienced for other reasons), and, the horny exuberance of Voices Demons, if they are/were present, which is a unique brand of exultation exhibited only whenever their otherwise unsatisfiable and insatiable thirst for blood and violence is quenched.

Also, evidence of both, after the fact
This gallery also contains images showing evidence of dismemberment and disfigurement, such as holes in the skin, scars, stitching and staples.

Everything and everyone exposed to a high-volume of demonic activity bears some sort of scarring or degradation as a consequence of exposure to the type of radiation emitted by molecules in a cloaked (invisible, permeable, weightless, and somewhat timeless) state. That goes for whether the cloaked molecules comprise a living being or piece of equipment, such as demonic weaponry; however, there are significant differences that can be detected visually. Following is an image made by the man above, which perfectly illustrates the distinction between the kind of damage done to human tissue and that to other materials:

Evidence of corrosion and pitting to non-human materials by demonic radiation
What (or who) does this kind of damage is neither hard to answer nor pin-down, but may surprise many, in that it always includes at least one human and one demon, never just the one or the other:
A demon snarls at the camera pointed over this man's shoulder, who has suffered more than his share of physical assaults at the hands of demons and the people who harbor and support them
What isn't surprising is that the victims are always human, and never demon.

Elsewhere on this blog...
...are even more horrific images of this very same phenomenon, some as recently as this year, such as those shown in The side of my face, reattached [see also Frontal cranial plate detached from head, looks like hobgoblin demon mask], and some as far back as several years ago:

Blood, still gushing from one amputation victim's leg, is shown in one still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity several years ago [see PHOTOS | Demon-possessed often victims of amputation]
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