Wednesday, November 11, 2015

AIDS | Attorney passes puck to adversarial county counsel

Didn't I say this would happen, and didn't I say don't let it happen in the e-mail to my attorney shown in AIDS | Crapo-case attorney fizzles, PACE-case attorney wonders aimlessly [see also AIDS | PACE-case attorney clarifies objectives, direction]:
I said that nobody would do a bit of work, and that any timetables and their deliverables would fall into a third-party's hands who maintains an adverse stance in the issue, leaving me at the (ahem) mercy of my adversary, and at their leisure, no less.

My expectations, which I have ever so clearly stated on numerous occasions, have remained unchanged, and are reiterated in the last e-mail, above.

Your responsibilities in this case
If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you have to realize that the onus is still on you to prosecute your case. If you have to reiterate your requirements and needs—even if it's to somebody who should know already—on a daily basis, do so! Persistence, in this case, is absolutely justified, and anything less than that makes everything that happens (or doesn't happen) totally your fault.