Friday, March 29, 2013

#549 - PHOTO/VIDEO | Eye spider demon's anemone-like tendrils rise to skin's surface

By mere chance, I was able to capture on video the tendrils of an eye spider demon, which was ensconced underneath my skin, emerge to the surface, looking like a sea anemone:
The anemone-like tendrils of an eye spider demon, submerged beneath my skin on my back (between the scapulas)The same image, masked, to spotlight where the tendrils emerge; notice the nearly identical length and appearance of the tendrils, which looks like hair (but differs from that of my natural hair)
As always, the emergence of the tendrils looks best when viewing the video on an iPhone 5; however, if you compare the area of the back where the tendrils will emerge when it first enters into view to the area when they have emerged, you will see that the tendrils did indeed arise as described:

TIP | Set the quality of the video to 1080p (HD).
Also in the video, a cloaked sucker demon is revealed by the proximity and motion of the camera (two factors that reveal most invisible demons in digital media); it is sticking out of my shoulder (shown, below):
The Voices Demons are using it to "take muscle mass" and stiffen joints and ligaments and cartilage and what-have-you (I don't know the specifics; but, I can see and feel the results). In the full-length video, you can see a whitish-colored projectile shoot out from behind the toilet and into that shoulder.

Sometimes, the consequence of pulling out a sucker demon that has embedded itself in your body is either an electric shock or a burn. At the end of the video clip (above), the latter is shown between my eyes, above my nose:
A burn above my nose (forehead, center) marks the battlefield between me and the sucker demon embedded there; the fatigue from round-the-clock battles just like this one is evident on my tired face
Other notables include a mish-mash of demons here and there, appearing only in individual stills. One was chewing on my left knee, the one that is the most damaged, and most frequently attacked.